07 October 2001
Health investigators clueless about anthrax source.


China Icebreaker and Semites' War Update:  Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaida


...Linked to the following plans that were not carried out: to assassinate Pope John Paul II during his visit to Manila in late 1994, simultaneous bombings of the US and Israeli Embassies in Manila and other Asian capitals in late 1994, the midair bombing of a dozen US trans-Pacific flights in 1995, and to kill President Clinton during a visit to the Philippines in early 1995. Continues to train, finance, and provide logistic support to terrorist groups in support of these goals."

   Commentary:   The southern Philippines Moros (Malays) centered on Mindanao Island are principally Islamic in religion.  Islamics make up about 5% of the Filipino population.  Al-Qaida's attempted high activity of  in this area is unsurprising.  Neither are their repeated operational failures.  The social structure features vast extended families in a country that is 91% Roman Catholic.  The principal languages used are English and Tagalog.  Both the Manila central government and US intelligence agencies have abundant linguistic skill in the languages that must be used by Filipino al-Qaida operatives.

   The operations to assassinate the Pope and blow up multiple airliners clearly suffered the same fates as all joint US Army-ARVN operations did in Vietnam.  Someone in the ARVN was guaranteed to warn family and friends ahead of time in the projected zone of operations.  Anyone with experience in Southeast Asia knows the key to operational success is to not inform any local of anything ahead of time.

     Of greater significance than the usual Southeast Asia tactical failures in joint operations is the active operational interest al-Qaida is showing in this area.  The Philippines are an area of intense strategic interest to China.  They form part of the offshore island barrier blocking China's advance towards Indonesian oil and Australian lebensraum.   These previous episodes show the extensive penetration al-Qaida has made into Islamic communities world-wide.

   Current estimates of Islamics in the U.S.A. range from four to eight million, 77% of whom were born overseas.    http://usinfo.state.gov/usa/islam/fact2.htm  Let's take six million as an appropriate mid-range USA Islamic estimate and multiply by 77%.  6,000,000 x .077 = 4,620,000.  Now multiply 4.6 million by 15 (undoubtedly a lowball estimate) to determine the number of close family remaining overseas in other Islamic areas.  Here's a cool 69 million.  This is the minimum size of America's internal security problem as magnified by potential external familial pressures.

   Wartime detention of all enemy aliens (and derivatively their expulsion) has already been ruled Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.  It was proven to be 100% effective in SWATKWP.  There were no recorded successful Axis acts of sabotage or espionage after December, 1941.  A few months after that court ruling though the U.S. Government moved to declare such wartime security measures "genocide" at Nuremberg.    The government now cannot adopt effective counter-measures because it is trapped by its ideological multi-racial/multi-cultural contradictions.  The failure to take effective counter-measures guarantees further successful attacks will occur.  This will lead to band wagon effects by different internal groups moving from neutrality to al-Qaida and also from the "American" side to fence sitting neutrality.  It's becoming ever more probable ZOG's Late Great U.S.A. is going to go down in this war.


"Isolated and unconnected...


Two people were killed and five wounded, including one American, by a remote controlled bomb in Saudi Arabia.  This occurred in a popular shopping district frequented by foreigners.  A White House spokesman said,

"We're collecting information, but at this point we have no reason to believe it is anything other than an isolated and unconnected event,'' said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity."

  Meanwhile a Palm Beach County Florida man has become the first U.S. citizen in almost three decades to die of pulmonary anthrax.  This event is also officially described by the U.S. Government as an "isolated and unconnected" case.    http://www.thewpbfchannel.com/sh/news/stories/nat-news-100471320011005-071052.html

   This pattern represents a classic Phase II guerrilla insurgency campaign.  The early days of 'Vietnam' featured these kinds of random acts of terror for which no one ever claimed credit.  The revolutionary purposes are to destabilize the existing society, wear out the population psychologically, discredit the existing regime and demonstrate strength to reinforce the insurgency's recruiting message.


  Even after the September 11 attacks Judeo-Marxists continue to resist arming flight crews.  This includes the great war chief Bush II.  Don't let anyone tell you bin Laden's followers are the only ones hypnotized by a religious suicide cult.

   I'm pleased to report there are some faint signs of fighting spirit in white males.  The Airline Pilots Association is calling for selective strikes and suspensions of service pending resolution of this matter.  Their new well-founded fear is of federal air marshals being overpowered and disarmed with the federal gun then turned against them.



"At about the same time that the C.I.A.'s August report was being prepared and delivered, the F.B.I. arrested a French citizen, Zacarias Moussaoui, on immigration charges. Officials at a flight school in Minnesota had called authorities after they became troubled that Mr. Moussaoui was trying to learn how to fly large jet aircraft, but had said he did not need to know how to take off or land."

"After his arrest on Aug. 17, the F.B.I. asked the C.I.A. and French intelligence officials for information about Mr. Moussaoui. French intelligence reported back that he had extremist beliefs and some troubling connections. Indeed, a French anti terrorist task force had an open file on him, saying he had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan several times. But American officials say the French did not provide any conclusive connections to a terrorist group like al-Qaida."

   This is the primitive level your Judeo-Marxist security services are operating at.  What more could anyone want?  CNN footage of bin Laden and Moussaoui discussing the time and place Moussaoui would martyr himself for Allah?  I'm losing track of the number of September 11 attackers who are now reported to have been arrested multiple times prior to completing their missions.  At least four of these immigrant visitors had been stopped and cited for driving without licenses.  Those dastardly fellows then contemptuously failed to keep their traffic court dates.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Atta himself overstayed a previous tourist visa and was still given another business visa at a U.S. Consulate to return here yet again.  Of course the FBI and the Department of Justice are desperately overstrained.  Just think of the thousands of Jewish and feminist person hours they spent on Alex Curtis and his two associates while inflating grade school vandalism into 'terrorism'.

   Of course the cockpit tapes will never be released even if found.  The NTSB lab won't hear "Allah Akbar!" before impact.  More likely these guys were laughing their asses off in the final seconds.