13 May 2002
A Tale of Two Idiocies



No revolutionary era would be complete without this sort of story.  A pair of self-defeating political currents collided Saturday at the most symbolically appropriate location possible; the Zionist-Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.  The story shows precisely why pro-Palestinianism is a losing cause.  It also highlights other racial realities of the current political spectrum.

In one corner there were the the bio-degenerates of the Judeo-Communist Anti-Racist Alliance interspersed with negroes.  Jews were on site to supervise this multi-racial group and keep them strictly focused on Jewish interests.  A front organization called The Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People sponsored the pro-immigration and pro-Jewish counter-demonstration.  The counter demonstrators' major contribution to the Palestinian struggle was to denounce and demonstrate against 'anti-Semitism'  – meaning opposition to anything Jews want – right outside the Israeli Embassy.  It's a good example of how the disease I call Welchism is an equal opportunity affliction.  They were also indirectly protecting their group immigration privileges into the Late Great U.S.A.

In the other corner there was a faction of ostensible pro-white and anti-immigration activists waving Palestinian flags.  Bill White of www.overthrow.com  has reported this group is now working with unidentified 'militant' immigrant Semites associated with the pro-Palestinian movement.  The Washington D.C. police announced ahead of time they would strictly enforce the "no-mask" law.  This plus the Israeli Embassy location helped the Mossad station to keep their normal weekend schedule by enabling the desk duty officer to double as cameraman in preserving the faces for posterity.

Meanwhile Gallup is reporting that 'pro-Palestinian' policies are favored by about 2% of the U.S. population.  This finding correlates perfectly with the number of Muslim immigrants plus the Nation of Islam.  The events of the Israeli Embassy counter-demonstration also track with results from France during Le Pen's campaign.  Rabbis and Ayatollahs united together to oppose French white people.

General Setting:   The 2000 Census reported the District of Columbia is 60% negro, 2.7% Asian, 7.9% 'Hispanic', 2.4% self-reporting as mixed race and 30% white ( per Census Bureau definitions which includes Ashkenazi Jews, other Semites and North Africans as 'white').  The white people who work in D.C. generally don't live there, aside from the Condits who live in places like Adams-Morgan to facilitate their interracial humping.  The whites commute in from Chevy-Chase, Silver Springs and Virginia.  The few whites actually living in D.C. are pure ZOG.  There was no hope of directly recruiting other white people.

Of course this was calculated as a ZOG media event.  The principle coverages were provided by the 'liberal' pro-Zionist Washington Post and the Sun Myung Moon owned 'conservative' pro-Zionist Washington Times.

"Pro-Palestinianism".   "The National Alliance circulated fliers among its members that displayed pictures of Osama bin Laden and the Trade Center with the heading, "Let's Stop Being Human Shields for Israel . . . Let's Cut Off aid to Israel now.""  These are not precisely a good fit with waving Palestinian flags.  At the current time the average Palestinian regards Osama as ranking just after the Prophet and ahead of the 12th Imam.  So is the purpose to oppose or support Islamic military activities?

I have tried to understand the mass political rationale for active measures for pro-Palestinian activism.  I just find can't find one.  Does anyone expect them to deploy military force on our behalf?  If they possessed it, they'd use it in their own interests.  Is it media access perhaps?  They have none of their own that reaches white people.  What media they control reaches other Islamics.  Meanwhile pro-whites in Europe are contending with their own mud-flood.  That one is Islamic, not Mexican.  Pro-whites in Russia are struggling with Islamic Chechen criminal-terrorists.

Meanwhile primarily white American troops are in the field against the mostly non-white drug dealers of al Qaida.  I agree they are being badly used by the government that orders them.  I would hope pro-white people will rise superior to merely copying the New Left's Vietnam methods in "monkey see monkey do" fashion.  The New Left was specifically targeting white soldiers from the working and middle classes.  Are these also the target now?  They're again the ones mostly carrying the actual battlefield load.

Counter-intelligence.  I see several scenarios for the "militant Palestinians" now reported to be reaching out to pro-white white people.

1.  They are active FBI, BATF or other ZOG agents-provocateurs.2.  They are actual al-Qaida operatives or sympathizers.3.  They are 'sincere' Palestinian immigrants not otherwise affiliated with al-Qaida, Hezbollah or Hamas (DOJ listed terrorist organizations).  This will last until Izzy Pilebaum picks up some relatives in the West Bank, or the Gaza Strip, at the behest of the FBI and its ADL overseers.  At that point white people personally engaged with these Palestianian immigrants will rediscover that "blood is thicker than water".

Reaching white people in the District of Columbia.  I can think of three locations better suited for conveying pro-white and anti-Zionist messages in that area.  All three have vastly more white people visiting during daylight hours, including hordes of white children and white teachers in this month of May.  These are the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln monuments on The Mall.   The writings of these three Presidents provide a multitude of quotes to validate anti-Zionist and pro-American demonstration messages.  These locations and messages also don't require self-muzzling yourself on the non-white immigration invasion question as is required when actively working with Palestinian immigrants.  Curiously enough these three Presidents' ideas are instinctively reflected in Gallup's findings concerning two-thirds of the American population's desire for real neutrality in the Middle East.   You can stay in sync with white European cousins and their interests.

But that's too easy, ja?