"Infiltrating Remnant White Elites?"


An ardent pro-white patriot who does do some good work recently offered the above advice.  The recommended tactic to adopt is to think big and move to the areas where these people congregate.  You are then to subvert these elites from semi-within by operating from a position as one of their coolie laborers, while you live cheek by jowl with the Mexicans and south Asians they're  importing to serve as gardeners and wait staff.  It was also recommended to take advantage of any opportunity offered to become a gigolo or prostitute, and seduce one their few children into marriage.

We first have to define what we mean by these terms.  Remnant white elites fall into three categories at the present time.  First are private sector elites liquid to the tune of at least $10 million.  Then there are public sector elites, such as retired generals like Thomas White, Secretary of the Army and ex Enron executive.  (note:  active public sector elites are eliminated upon the first suspicion of pro-white sentiments and are not considered here).  White elites have three principle concerns.  These are "me", "money" and "social acceptance".  Money and social acceptance operate as paired dualities at this time.  Social acceptance leads to money while money provides an opportunity for social acceptance among other people with lots of money.  This whole circle self-describes itself as "people of quality".

A key method of acquiring and retaining money is to widen the gap between net income and spending.  This has led to a desire to pay low wages as a method of reducing both business and domestic expenses, thus making the ZOG-buck stretch further.  Sometime ago it was noted by the "people of quality" that Mexicans are willing to work for lower wages than whites.  This has led to the widespread popularity of Mexican immigrant workers of all legal statuses.  It may be you can displace one of these greenskeepers by being willing to work for under their sub-minimum wages.  You will thus have "infiltrated".

Assuming you are successful in becoming an economic Mexican, your opportunities for evangelization will still be very limited.  Most country clubs discourage much interaction between the members and the workers.  Those that don't find the members discouraging such interaction.  Such interaction as exists is limited to the golfshop pro and also attractive young waitresses being targeted for quick flings.  Sometimes handsome young men are also targeted the same way by both elite men and women.

Social engagements and invitations to the private mansions are similarly limited to "people of quality".  In context these "people of quality" do not include grimy low wage golf course workers or sweaty marina hands proclaiming a movement whose goals include eliminating both coolies and coolie wages, and putting social policy priority on the white middle and working classes.  The remnant elites may be perfectly willing to privately screw you if you offer enough aesthetic appeal and evidence of no disease.  After this you will be "screwed" a second time and sometimes a third by being fired as a way of cleaning up afterwards.

Even if you do happen to obtain employment in such a residence you will discover your place is to be seen as little as possible and not heard at all.  This is especially true when the white elite "Republicans of quality" are socially gathered together casually demeaning working and middle class whites with such endearing comments as "rednecks", "tacky people who shop at Wal-Mart" and similar  sentiments.  They instinctively regard these people, members of their own political coalition, as their greatest enemies.  I've listened to this bile pouring forth from female GOP committee members too many times.  Ever hear the phrase, "tradesmen to the rear"?  They mean it.  I also heard the same people calmly discussing the pros and cons of investing in "reverse verticals".  This means giving money to someone, often an AIDS patient with a lethal prognosis, in exchange for being named beneficiary of their life insurance.  The profit gamble is whether or not the patient dies soon enough.   If you think such people are susceptible to appeals to patriotism or conscience, good luck.

As for the areas to be infiltrated, let's take a practical example from Presidents Numbers 41 & 43' favorite fishing hole; Gasparilla Island.  After a few weeks out there, you'll notice a small but growing consist of the self-favored race even in these strongholds of WASP Old Money.  Some of them have lately been flying their blue and white national flag from their beachfront residences as their patriotic part of "United We Stand".  So it's not true all foreign flags were replaced with American ones following 9-11.  Another instructive effort is to research the property ownership records in such areas.  The extent to which Federal Reserve connected firms with obvious Jewish management have taken over these lands is amazing.  Our "remnant white elites" are very similar to impoverished English aristocrats living lives of genteel poverty.  As seen in Number 43's Administration, they are just as receptive to co-option by the self-favored ones to serve as fronts for various business and political operations.

The point is the "Thought Police" and phone calls to the people listed here:  ( http://www.natall.com/who-rules-america/ ) are just that close.  It only takes one phone call to report that a remnant white elitist has strayed into Thoughtcrime by taking a pro-white worker seriously.   After that the Remnant White Elite loses that which she/he values most:  money, social acceptance (i.e. opportunity for more money and political advancement) and "lifestyle".  After this they start the dreaded 'slide' into becoming that which they despise most:  middle or working class white.  In their minds this is identical to death, which is why the Crash of 1929 featured people leaping out of windows.  The other remnant white elites will fly away from one so stained like a flock of spooked birds.   Dan Akroyd caught the essence of Remnant White Elitism in the film "Trading Places".

We are a movement of the white working and middle classes.  A major goal of 'revolution' is to displace existing elites with new elites to implement the goals of the revolution.  It is delusional to imagine we will find any help from the current remnant white elites until after the time we need it.  The most that's to be expected is some of their children will join us, some for ideological reasons and others from calculation.  Once we succeed the rest of these opportunists will attempt to flock to the new bandwagon.

We'll do much better down at the flea market than up on Nob Hill.

"Maguire"  14 May 2002


I want to make the case that it is not futile to infiltrate the rich towns. You are certainly right in your analyses about the elite remnant being so concerned about money, social acceptance, and "me". You are certainly right about their contemptuous attitudes towards the White working class.  You are absolutely right that our proper concern is with the White working class.

But infiltrating the rich towns does not at all preclude also working with the White working class. There are plenty of White working class in those rich towns, and they are highly susceptible to our message.  I wish I had thought to put this in the article.  When I visit a certain rich town and see my old friends who are waiters and tradesmen, they talk about how they are replaced by incompetent Mexicans, and how when it comes down to it, a White man still does a higher quality job.

White working class in elite, rich towns are probably some of the most ripe people for recruitment. They have higher expectations than the White working class in the multicultural sewer I live in outside of Boston. Around here the Whites are basically desperate and have accepted their fate. Whites in the rich towns have more fight in them.

What I am saying, Maguire, is that we need to monkey wrench those bastards. We might as well, why not?

You make the error of anticipating the outcome, and anticipating that it will be pointless and lead to failure. The rich person may screw you, but then screw you over, you say.  But you never now how things will turn out in real life. In my experience, they always turn out much more explosively than I would have imagined.

As you know, I'm a monkey wrench kind of guy, and one thing I've figured out is that you need to throw the monkey wrench directly into the gears, not simply rap on the motor mounts.  I'm trying to deploy our people straight into the gears, and one thing I can be fairly sure of is that they will cause a scandal and force people to think about our cause.

The adult wealthy may not be ripe for recruitment, but the kids DEFINITELY are.  The rich kids want to find some avenue of rebellion that is pure of co-option by the Jew, and White nationalism is about the only thing that fits the bill anymore.  This doesn't mean recruiting the kids directly; it does mean passing out literature and Resistance music to the 18 year old and
older locals, even if they are the "bad element" around town.

Simply being in the right place, in the vulnerable places, is very important.  Believe me, they aren't ready for this.  They depend on the White working class to respond to their 911 calls and put out their fires. Suppose we instill the fear in them that any White worker might be a White nationalist?  White nationalists are staying in places that are comfortable to them, which allows Jews and race traitors to operate comfortably in their places.  We need to "invade" the enclaves of the people who are destroying us, and force them to deal with our ideas.  That's something I have a track record of doing, and I believe I have hit on the formula for replicating my own actions.  I hope you'll publish this under your commentary on FAEM.
  Thanks. Kievsky

Hello Maguire,

When I first read Kievsky's pace at VNN, it seemed like unrealistic idealism.  After having read your take and his response, I figure I'll toss in my two cents.

About the only thing I totally agree with is his contention that some White Nationalists are operating in comfort far from the fray.  Pierce and his compound in WV jump into mind.  I think I mentioned to FAEM once before that if he was located in a shithole like Philadelphia or better yet, Pittsburgh, which still has a large white working class, his National Alliance would probably be bigger in terms of organization, media coverage, and "man in the street" sympathy.  Chucking "hate literature" on driveways in suburbia is not cutting it.  His ideas about invading and instilling fear are noble, however they are fantasia.

I live on the Jersey Shore and have seen the demographics that are no different from what he describes in New England.  Rumson is one of the major elite towns, bordered by middle class towns (Fair Haven and Little Silver) which are in turn bordered by working class towns packed with black and Mexican serfs (Red Bank and Eatontown).  The squeeze is getting more difficult here for white people – they are either moving upward into sub-elite territory or are being smashed downward into the mud.  The standard middle class is seeking greener pastures down South.  I am one of the ones being crushed.  The whites merging into the working class are by and large beaten people; divorce, job displacement, etc., has lead the majority of these folks into substance abuse, niggerball addictions and latina fetishes.  I have tried to evangelize to these types but it is not
working.  On the other hand, those moving up are now getting into the status thing, and as such, begin to think about what they have to lose. The middle class in NJ always knew the real score, and now for a different set of reasons, are choosing to forget.  The ones who are leaving are mentally healthy and know they are being ethnically cleansed from the Northeast.  As such, the elite areas or "Blue Nation", are not ever going to try to get on board the White Nationalist train until all the seats are taken.

I know for myself that I have no future in New Jersey.  I am considering South Carolina as a place to make my stand because of its lack of state hate crime statutes and draconian gun laws.  To me, that is an indicator of "high quality whites", the kind of people you can count on when the shit begins to hit the fan.  In Jersey, I know I can count on nothing beyond my own little social circle of fellow dissidents.  The multicultural cops here can't wait for the green light to form Cheka firing squads, believe me!

Like you said, what we need is a new elite, which can only come out of a political union of middle and working classes.  The best thing for a White nationalist to do is to leave these old money areas, as his labor is only helping to support the beast that is strangling him.

Best regards, F.M.