23 June 2002
"ZOG's Big Sister is Dead?"


"CHICAGO (AP) – Ann Landers, the columnist whose snappy, plainspoken and timely advice helped millions of readers deal with everything from birth to death, died Saturday. She was 83.  The death of Landers, whose real name was Esther Lederer, was announced by the Chicago Tribune, publisher of her column. She died less than two weeks before her July 4 birthday."

Let's stop the press here for a minute.  This event is a seminal moment for modern day Judeo-Masonic America.  It's more important than the passing of almost all Presidents and certainly any member of Congress in the last 30 years.  Psychologists and public opinion researchers have a wide consensus that for the last half-century 'Ann Landers' has been the single most influential force on the American mind, and especially the American female mind.

So who was this person?  How did she come to be?  What were her origins?  What formed her biologically and mentally?  What opened the doors that she entered?.

Who is Ann Landers?

To start, the woman whose death occasions these obituaries is not really named Ann Landers.  Nor was she the first writer to give advice under the pen name of 'Ann Landers'.  'Ann Landers' has now died twice.  The first advice columnist to write under the pen name of 'Ann Landers' was a nurse named Ruth Crowley.  This woman died in 1955.   This second Ann Landers whose death we mark today was originally born as Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer.


Esther Pauline Friedman-Lederer

So let's begin with the obituary for the real person.  It's already largely written here by US-Israel.org.

"Her parents, Abraham and Rebecca Friedman, were Russian Jewish immigrants who arrived in the United States in 1908. They moved to Sioux City, Iowa, in 1910, where two daughters, Helen and Dorothy, were born. Like many Russian Jewish immigrants of that time, the family slowly earned enough money to leave the poorer section of the city, first by peddling chickens from a pushcart and then, by 1911, by amassing enough earnings to buy into a grocery store. When Esther Pauline was born on July 4, 1918, her parents owned a small house in Sioux City. When she was in her early teens, her father became part owner of a movie and vaudeville theater. Active in the Jewish community of Sioux City, Abraham Friedman's civic stature grew as he acquired other theaters and diversified his business interests."

"Nicknamed "Eppie," Esther Pauline was born only seventeen minutes apart from her twin, Pauline Esther (later known as columnist Abigail Van Buren). The two girls experienced many important events simultaneously, participated in similar activities, and shared the same interests. The twins attended Central High (during their four years there they were refused admission to an all-girls club because of their religion), graduated in 1936, and matriculated at a small college nearby. After her twin became engaged to Mort Phillips, Esther Pauline met her future husband, Jules Lederer. She and her sister had a double wedding in their Sioux City synagogue on July 2, 1938."

This of course means both sisters' husbands were also Jews.  Ann Landers and her businessman husband, Jules Lederer, were divorced in 1975 after Jew Lederer decided to change wives in accordance with the Law of Moses. Jules Lederer was the founder of Budget Rental Cars among other activities.  There's nothing of Horatio Alger here.  Eppie was born into a well-heeled and well-connected Judeo-ZOG media family.  She married well and traveled in elite circles.  She mothered one daughter, a freelance writer named Margo. (check her writings for reminiscences of nannies, colored housekeepers, etc.)

So how did this Jewish princess of a ZOG media family (theatre owners and other interests) take over the position of 'Ann Landers'?  According to the mandatory Horatio Alger story that whitewashes all these people, Eppie got the job by winning a questionnaire contest at age 37 against 28 other 'contestants'.   Until then she was 'just a housewife'.  We're also told she concocted her answers by calling the Dean of Notre Dame University, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas and other people for advice.  Quick, everyone get out their rolodexes with the private numbers for Chancellors of major universities, medical schools and Supreme Court Justices.  The next 'contest' is probably starting right up.  And we're also told that, by pure coincidence and personal pique, her Jewess sister (Pauline Esther as opposed to Esther Pauline) also went into the 'advice' business.  This is under the pen name of 'Abigail Van Buren'.

Don't be taken in by this spin.  We've already seen this Jewish princess and wife of a multi-millionaire was hardly an 'ordinary housewife'.  Nor was the Sun contest anything real.  'Contests' were an old publicity scam used by the Field family newspaper owners and others in older times.  They ran one previously to pick the newspaper's motto.  'Eppie' was hired to be Ann by Marshall Field IV.  His father, Field III, was the heir of the Marshall Field family fortune, a prominent New Dealer, pro-Communist, pro-SWATKWP and founder of the Chicago Sun newspaper.  (A biographic sketch of five generations of the Marshall Field Family dynasty of merchant princes appears at the end.)

How did 'Ann' formulate her advice to the lovelorn, the confused, the sexually depraved and the biologically degenerate?  Some of the time we were told she sought out the advice of prominent qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers and others.  At other times she said she did it by pure 'instinct'.  On this explanation she did it according to the worldview informed by her combination of Jewish genetics and spiritual values imbibed by the anti-Christ and anti-gentile Babylonian Talmudic hate religion.

Both answers explanations are true.  'Ann Landers' advice was the collective voice of ZOG as filtered through her particular lens.  In the truest sense 'Ann Landers' is ZOG's "Big Sister".  That is, she was the personalized face the ZOG regime chose to display to its subjects.  Eppie will quickly be replaced, even if not under the name of 'Ann Landers'.

Genocide Against the White Race:  Diddling with the mind of the white female life-bearer.

Ann Landers is the personification of the Judeo-Feminist slogan that "the personal is the political".  Ann's advice was always 'personal', never 'political'.  That is to say, Ann's advice consistently struck at the root of human biology.  These are the relations between husband and wife, children and the larger family.

In keeping with the common Jewish fecal fixation (note: see my article in FAEM's Ad Libitum folder on the Israeli-ZOG troops' field sanitation practices in Palestine), this Ann Landers once dedicated extensive column space to the pressing question of whether toilet paper should be hung to unroll over the top or from behind.

'Ann' on social policy:

Abortion:  Pro.  At the end of her career 'Ann' routinely referred anxious writers to the Planned Parenthood organization.  More important was this Jewess's leading role in debunking the reports of an anti-abortion doctor concerning experimentation on still living fetuses and the thriving illegal industry in baby parts.


"In 1984 Dr. Olga Fairfax described these experiments in "101 Uses for a Dead (or Alive) Baby" in American Life League's ALL About Issues. When a reader questioned lovelorn columnist Ann Landers about these allegations, Landers viciously attacked Dr. Fairfax. "Never in my 30 years of writing this column," she hyperventilated, "have I run into such half-baked distortions, complete lies and twisted facts contrived to make a story sound believable." The popular media dutifully assured the public that Ann Landers had "proven" the prolife "rumors" false. The subject was immediately dropped."

Never mind she was not a doctor and certainly had no direct experience of the Jews' white baby killing mills was irrelevant.  Big Sister had spoken.  Minor medial ZOGlings took their cues.

Legalizing Prostitution.  Pro.  See http://www.sexwork.com/subcontents/annlanders.html for comments of support to the prostitution industry.  This is of prime economic interest to the Judeo-Israeli Organizatsiya.

Marital Infidelity.  In her early days, and indeed all through her career, she advocated "putting up" with infidelities. Her husband was notorious for running around and eventually divorced her for another woman.  And he did leave her, later spin to the contrary.   Doubtless playing martyr publicly appealed to her.  Whether she really had been one or was equally loose as in so many Jewish marriages is another question.  It remains to be seen whether a story similar to Laura Schlesingers' was ultimately behind Eppie's creation as "Ann Landers".

Instant Divorce:  In favor.  This contrasts to the cause based divorce laws of the America of 1955.   Stable families is a principal interest of both society and any race intending to survive.  In fairness, 'Ann' was capable of a mixed grill on this question.   Or she simply extrapolated her own experience.  Internet era advice ran a gamut to 'try to stay together for the kids' to a woman in sexless marriage with a man 20 years her senior to 'don't wait to divorce' to a woman whose husband kept his income separate.

Death Penalty.  Against http://www.constitutionproject.org/dpi/annlanders.htm.  This fits right in with long-standing Jewish-Negro social alliance.  Since negroes commit violent crimes at an excessive rate this legal sanction inevitably affects them disproportionately.

Sodomy and Homosexuality:  Ann was early in the field trying to normalize and mainstream this particular perversion.  Later in her career she was openly advising the practice of same-sex mutual masturbation as a way to avoid HIV.

Anti-Male Hater and Pro-Whore Economic Rights:


"One man wrote to advice columnist Ann Landers to tell the story of his 21-year-old sister who "despises men, but she wants a family." She got pregnant and said, when asked if she knew who the father was, "I picked him out. It was no love affair. He thought I was on the pill."

Ann's response, without a word deleted: "It was, indeed, selfish of your sister to do this, but don't make a bad situation worse by interfering. Lisa should get some advice from someone whose head is on straighter than hers. I hope she will talk to her doctor, a clergyman, a social worker or a counselor. She needs to know that the baby's father is legally responsible for child support, even though she deceived him and doesn't want his financial help. Show her this column and good luck to all of you."

On another recent occasion in February 2002 she advised a sister not to tell her brother that his soon-to-be ex-wife had really had a bastard.  As a result he was going to be soon strapped with child support payments for someone else's kid.  See http://unix1.aismedia.com/pipermail/ancpr-newsletter/2002-February/000055.html  Ultimately this Babylonian Jewess's line concerning men was indistinguishable from that of the other Judeo-Feminists (Friedan, Abzug, et al).  Taken as a body Ann's 'work' conformed to and was the expression of ZOG's program for anti-white racial genocide.  She represented what is well termed the Radical Center.  Her difference was in cant, tone and presentation, not in substance.

Behind the Face:  the Judeo-Masonic Cryptocracy that created 'Ann Landers':

Who created Ann Landers and then hired Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer as the second Ann Landers?  The simple answer is a man named Marshall Field IV.  Who was this man?  The son of the founder of the Chicago Sun, Marshall Field III.  Researching this question provided an interesting glimpse into one of ZOG-USA's dynastic families, the Field Family of Chicago.  Over time the policies of this family have been precisely what we would have expected of regime elites:


"In 1941, my grandfather, Marshall Field III, owned PM, a no-advertising afternoon newspaper in New York. The year-old publication advanced liberal ideas and supported Franklin Delano Roosevelt's policies.

"From its inception, conservatives attacked PM as a communist rag. In 1941, the attacks intensified when the New York Post labeled it a "New Deal" organ. Americans on the whole held conservative views. We had not entered World War II, and most people did not want to do so. But my grandfather felt Adolf Hitler was a great threat to the United States and was convinced we must enter the war."

The Marshall Field Family


Marshall Field I, 1834-1906

"In 1865 he became a partner in the firm of Field, Palmer, and (Maguire note: full name Levi Z.)  Leiter, the company that became Marshall Field and Co. in 1881. He amassed one of the largest private fortunes in the United States and pioneered in establishing many modern retailing practices."

Another source, http://greaterstatestreet.com/HIST-NOTE.HTM , identifies the financial nest circle that built Chicago's State Street in the 19th Century.  Among these men "were a score of merchant princes in the making. Here was a vast, rapidly growing country awakening to many needs. It was inevitable that these men should turn their talents to supplying such needs. This work brought them into State Street around which their work came to center. The founders or pioneers of State Street form a roster of nationally famous names. They include Potter Palmer, Marshall Field, Levi Z. Leiter, Leon Mandel and his brothers, Edward Lehmann, Charles D. Peacock, Charles Wellington Partridge, Otto Young, Charles Netcher, Andrew MacLeish, John G. Shedd, Harlow N. Higinbotham, Abram M. Rothschild."

(Maguire note:  Wall Street bankster Jacob Schiff's earlier career in the 19th Century was spent in the midwest in northwestern Indiana in close commercial connection with the above pack.  Later as a Wall Street bankster Schiff subsidized the Bolsheviks and Lev Bronstein (a/k/a "Leon Trotsky") with $20 million in gold.  Andrew Schiff, a great-grandson, is former vice-president Al Gore's son-in-law).

Marshall Field II


"His son, Marshall Field, 2d, 1868-1905, never made any move to follow his father into business. His early death from a gun wound was officially held to have been accidental."

Marshall Field III

"Marshall Field, 3d, 1893-1956, son of Marshall Field, 2d, was educated at Eton and at Cambridge Univ., then served in World War I. He engaged in numerous business activities until 1936, when he gave up all of them to devote himself to his various social projects. In June, 1940, Field helped found the New York City liberal newspaper PM. He was the publication's largest stockholder and, from Oct., 1940, its owner. He took no part in its editorial direction, but offered it financial support until April, 1948, when the paper was sold; soon afterward it went out of business."

"In 1941, Field started the Chicago Sun, and in Jan., 1948, he bought the Chicago Times and merged the two papers. Field took a more active part in that journalistic enterprise, ultimately becoming the paper's dominant personality. Through Field Enterprises, Inc. (est. 1944) he also published the World Book Encyclopedia. His charities included many child welfare organizations. Field's political and social beliefs are expressed in his book Freedom Is More than a Word (1945)."

Marshall Field IV

Hired Eppie when owner of the Chicago Sun, later Sun-Times.

"I was born the same year as the Sun (note: 1941). I lived in Lake Forest for a few years as a young boy, but after my parents divorced, moved to the East Coast with my mother. I visited Chicago for a month each summer to see my father, Marshall Field IV, who later took over the paper."   Marshall Field V

Marshall Field V

Chairman, the Field Corp of ChicagoAge: 60, Business: Private investment, Revenues (millions): Not available, Professional: Old Mountain Co., Civic: Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center; Art Institute; Field Museum; World Wildlife Fund; Chicago Community Trust.

In the Book '1984' George Orwell gave an interesting explanation of 'Big Brother'.  The vehicle was a description of Winston Smith reading a dissident's underground book, much as you yourself are doing now.  'Big Brother' was explained as not being a real person.  Big Brother was the guise in which the collective Ingsoc Inner Party choose to display itself to the world.  'Big Brother' could never die.

I cannot improve on Orwell's explanation of Big Brother for 'Ann Landers'.  'Ann Landers' was the female face in which ZOG chose to display itself to its subjects and especially its female subjects.  'Ann Landers' was a pivotal force in creating the apparent societal consensus to which the vast majority of women seek to adhere.  In the Field Family and their retainers, associates and peers we can see the merchant elites who used the image of 'Ann Landers' to display their social praxis to the world.

Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer is dead.  But 'Ann Landers' can no more die than could 1984's 'Big Brother.  The ZOG elites are already have her replacement at hand.