Some Reflections On The Pathology Of Leftism
And The Degenerative Influence Of Fantasy On "Anti-Fascism"

"I can remember a member of ARA giving a speech by bullhorn at the National Alliance's German Embassy demonstration last July. After the demo, the ARA guy, who was Jewish (half-Jewish, half-Welsh, actually), said that they had "beaten the fascists" and that "the fascists will never be back in DC – not for a long time." Of course, the National Alliance was back in two months."

"So what is the motive for this detachment from reality? Honestly, I would personally start by looking in the Jewish character of their movement, as their "anarchist" movement certainly does not derive from the principles of a Proudhon or a Bakunin. Like Marxism, or Freudianism, or any other of a number of Semitic lines of thinking, their theoretical foundation is "pure" theory – theorizing that has been conducted without any attempt to determine what practical effect its application will have in reality. When Marx hit against a reality, he would scream and rant and pull his hair until he was able to persuade himself that the reality didn't exist. When Freud realized that his psyhoanalytic theories were actually psychologically and culturally destructive, he reveled in it, and rationalized cultural destruction of other people as "good". It has been a habit of the Jewish mind for at least the past century and a half to not consider the practical effects their "wonderful" ideas have in the real world, and thus to charge forward blindly to the destruction of others, their society, and even in some cases themselves. While we should remember that Semitism is only the current manifestation of the principle of destruction, and that the activists of ARA would have been just as happy putting a dictator over France in the aftermath of the Revolution of 1789, we have to understand them as part of that particular intellectual current of development – the current of "pure" detached intellect versus holistic, inductive reason."

A long and very well-written think piece by Bill White concerning the "Anti-Racist Alliance" and its progressive devolution.  White's thesis of Jews not considering practical observations or subsequent effects is nowhere better illustrated than in the actual history of the Bolshevik experiment with Mordechai Levy's (a/k/a Karl Marx) theories.  All of the original Jewish Bosheviks were destroyed by the engine they had initially built to destroy others.  Not only did Stalin destroy tens of millions of white people but he also polished off over a million Jews.   This started with Lev Bronstein's (a/k/a Leon Trotsky) own persecution of early Zionists in russia, continued with Lev Bronstein's exile and assassination, expanded into the ranks of Lenin's original Politburo and gathered speed until the Great Wave of 1937 fell on the disproportionately Jewish Communist Party with its disproportionate numbers of high ranking Jews.  Prior to then it was non-Communists (i.e. non-Jews) who were falling into the black hole of Gulag, itself a construct of Jews like Naftaly Frenkel and Matvei Berman.

Alexander Solzhenitysn documented this in Volume II of Gulag Archipelago in the chapter titled "The Loyalists".  Now suddenly the Stolypin cars and Red Cattle Trains were kosher transports for a time.  The many names Solzhenistyn records in that chapter read like a Brighton Beach telephone directory.  Even so their fates in Gulag were on average less harsh than those suffered by the Goyim.  Far more were willing to become 'trusties' (i.e. join the camp administration in exploiting the zeks) and they found many sympathizers in the lower levels of the NKVD securitat and MVD camp administrators.

We cannot conclude from this that Stalin was 'anti-Semitic'.  His top lieutenants in this period all remained Jews.  Lavrenti Beria was an Abkhazian Jew.  He was only eliminated by Krushchev and Zhukov after Stalin's death.  Lazar Kaganovich died peacefully in Moscow in 1991.  Maxim Litvinov was resurrected during SWATKWP and sent to help author the "United Nations".

But a situation arose in which the Jews did obtain that which they had long prescribed for others and claimed to be seeking for themselves.  This was near 'equality'.  This more than anything explains the rise of the Jewish led 'New Left' in the 1950s (and the subsequent emigration into Neo-Cons) and the disenchantment of the Jew York City intelligentsia with 'Stalinism'.  So long as it was only tens of millions of Ukrainian goyim peasants being starved to death (this event was widely reported on when it was happening) the Jews of Jews York City weren't troubled in the least. "Can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs" was the sneering wisecrack reply.  This rationale lost its attractiveness once their own shells were being cracked on the edge of the skillet.

It has been alleged that Stalin and his lieutenants were preparing a pogrom in 1953.  Israel Shamir has reported another little  publicized fact of the time.  This was the Jewish reaction to Ben Gurion's visit to Moscow as Israeli Prime Minister.  Suddenly the 'wez all ekwal' Kosher Komrades were thronging the streets as open Jews to hail this open Jewish leader.  Having tasted and not finding 'equality' to their satisfaction the Rank File in Russia was ready for the next experiment.  This was Zionism.

Decades later this experiment too has turned out as white man Benjamin Franklin is alleged to have predicted.  Not only did most Jews not move to Eretz Israel because "vampires don't live on vampires" but apparently the vampires there can't subsist on each other.  The local Israelis are currently conducting two apparently contradictory policies.  1)  They are driving out native born Palestinians by a variety of pressures.  This may yet culminate in another mass exodus under cover of a ZOG-USA/Iraq war.  2) They are importing a deracinated multilingual polygot of 'guest workers'.   There is an inner dialectical unity to this.  It's called breaking up a cohesive resistant national mass (Palestinians) and replacing it with a mass of proletarians suffering from the disunities of a linguistic and genetic Babylon.  This policy is identical to but less advanced than the one being followed by Jewry in the Late Great USA.  It was the non-white immigration starting in 1965 (backed by USA Jewry) that laid the seeds for 9-11-01.

We see an unchanging collective face of Jew that presents itself in all these events.  This is the face of Wile E. Coyote.  We witness the constant fabrication of the most outrageous Rube Goldbergish contraptions.  These constructs invariably explode in the maker's face.  But unlike the cartoon coyote this real life Wile E.'s constructs inflict enourmous collateral damage on any community unlucky enough to be adjacent to the test range.

"Maguire"   30 August 2002