14 June 2002
"Martial Arts"

We've all been taught that 'Martial Arts' originated with the Japanese, or Okinawan (take yer pick), peasantry when they were disarmed by the Samurai.  You can study Tae Kwon Do (Korean) or the infinity of Japanese schools (Okinawan Shorin Ryu is my 'school').  If your mind exists in TV reruns then go for Kung Fu (just don't go to Thailand to face the Thai kick boxers).  The idea of unarmed fighting systems is not unique to the Orient.  White men in France practiced Savate as long ago as 1830.

After the basics of using your body as a weapon you can move on to various weaponry, none of which are ever as good as the weapons the various regimes ban for the peasantry.  These include throwing stars (most are too light-weight to penetrate very deeply, same as with 'throwing" knives), nun-chuks (very effective when used properly and staffs.  Quarter staffs are an ancient weapon used long ago in Sherwood Forest by white men.

I certainly recommend martial arts above "games played with the ball".  That's provided this martial art incorporates good aerobic physical conditioning directed to a purpose.  Such training helps discipline the mind in the same way as Jefferson once recommended by taking long walks with your gun.  Good physical conditioning also conditions the brain for further demanding tasks.  As always the key is is willpower, commitment, long practice and competent instruction.  And don't ever forget Rocky's mandatory 'eye of the tiger'.

There's a famous story of Chinese kung fu masters going to Thailand once to meet the Thai kick boxers.  These kick boxers were a Thai flea market version of the WWF.  If they didn't win, their families didn't eat that day.  Not one of Shaolin Kung Fu masters made it past the first round.  What was intellectual to them was physical survival to the kick boxers.

Martial arts can develop innate physical abilities further but they cannot create what doesn't exist.  So be aware of the limitations on 'martial arts' and the requirements.  These are more severe than what's portrayed by Chuck Norris or the dead chink drug addict Bruce Lee.  In real contact tournament fighting, which I've done, a lot of the 'moves' (or exercise sets called katas) were early revealed as impractical and quickly junked.  Many of the oriental schools viewed the start of actual tournament combats with horror.  One reason offered is because of the watering down effect.  Killing moves are obviously prohibited.  I suspect another reason was the 'acid test' effect of it on many styles and 'schools'.  Kung Fu is the most notorious among  impractical martial arts.

When I was in my late teens two sets of acquaintances back in the home town came into conflict.  The first set was the local 'karate mafia'.  The second was Army green Viet vets.  In the 70s these fellows were still in their primes.  The trouble was over the usual, broads and booze.  The karate mafia once appeared at the apartment door of one of the vets for a little personal terrorism.  Vet John announced he also had a black belt in "chink-chink".  "Chink chink?"  Pull back slide on a Colt .45 auto and let loose, chambering a round.  "Chink-chink!"  It's more dramatic in person, or maybe with a sound card.  Being mostly white the 'Karate Kids' got the message and scrammed.  About a hundred years ago some yellow karate kids didn't get the message at first and most wound up dead.

The Chinese "Boxer Rebellion" of 1900.

This was an early anti-ZOG Chinese nationalist reaction against the foreign treaty port system.  This system was first inaugurated by the Jewish Sassoon family of opium traders in the mid 1800s.  An early Brit-ZOG headed by Lord Palmerston rented the Royal Navy to the Babylonian Jewish Sassoon family to blow open Chinese ports for their opium trade. The Chinese government was trying outlaw this trade as a public evil.  The "Opium Wars" and Hong Kong were the result.  Lord Palmerston is also famous in Zionist history as the first British Prime Minister known to have considered the Zionist project in Palestine.

"A secret society, known as the Fists of Righteous Harmony, attracted thousands of followers. Foreigners called members of this society "Boxers" because they practiced martial arts. The Boxers also believed that they had a magical power, and that foreign bullets could not harm them. Millions of "spirit soldiers," they said, would soon rise from the dead and join their cause." See http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/fists.html .

Shades of 1890 "Ghost Dancers" at Wounded Knee!  One wonders if there was some Wandering Jew active at that time spreading these tales.

To the white mind then 'martial arts' were practiced with long range aimed riflery, the school of the bayonet, Dr. Gatling's wonderful aid for mass killing and cannon from Krupps, Schneider, Armstrongs and Watervliet Arsenal.  These tools were all brought into the field by toughly disciplined white soldiers led by elite (mentally and physically) white male officer graduates of military engineering academies.  A mob of runty opium smokers waving their arms and legs did not bear a 'martial' appearance to 19th Century white eyes.  These Chinese were therefore called 'boxers' after the drunken betting fight bouts sometimes staged as sport at saloons and off-duty in white military units.

The "Boxers" raised the flag of nationalism, rose up to slaughter the foreign devils and beseiged the foreign legations in Peking as it was then called.  Russia, France, Germany, the British Empire, Japan and the U.S.A. responded by sending regiments of infantry and artillery to raise the siege.  In numbers they were fairly small.  In result they were infinitely more devastating than Thai kick boxers against Kung Fu masters.  To them a 'knock out' meant 'dead'.  Again Chinese martial artists didn't survive the first round, these first rounds being literal ones of lead.

The U.S. Army 9th Infantry Regiment acquired its current nickname and regimental motto in this campaign.  "Manchus" and "Keep Up The Fire".

Krav Maga?  There's many good 'martial arts'.  The Jews have never been well-known in this field.  The websites are slick, as are the prices.  I suspect this is all another copy, mark-up and publicity market scam like the rest of Israel's second rate military weapons.  That is, it's running on gas and advertising rather than substance.  Perhaps some Krav Maga experts would care to prove their skills in the Thai kick boxing rings?  Then we'll know there's more there than a Jewish version of Kung Fu bullshit.