11 July 2002 – Maguire's reply to Joe.
"The economic sled keeps sliding down the hill until it hits the icy river of depression and slips below the water. Lots of folks have been hurt and it will get a lot worse, and no one has yet figured out that a lot foreign investors have taken  their losses and skedaddled out of our market, and a lot has to do with a loss of confidence in our country."

Much of that kind of funny money will be back.  Simply moving already printed paper across oceans is a useless endeavor.  Money is merely a means of exchange.  It is not wealth in itself.  A nation's real material wealth is the sum total of usable goods and services it produces.  The foundation of this production is the population in any given locale.  Wealth is created by people and for people.  America stopped being that kind of real wealth generator a long time ago.  In its place arose a successor
stem based on being the money market, media megaphone and military arbiter of the world.  These 'services' are now also being revealed as inherently corrupt.

"Further, the president comes out with a stupid plan with limited oversight of corporate greed."

His friends don't want stricter controls.  It's like expecting John Dillinger to guard the bank.

"Mr. Gary Winnick of Global Crossing gave himself 100 million shares of stock and sold at $60 and only gives to Israeli charities."

The executive compensation committee of the board of directors gave him those shares.  The biggest result to date in the drive to 'clean up corporate corruption' has to been to "shoot the messenger", i.e. the outside auditors like Arthur Andersen with Enron.

"Corporate America cares not for this country..."

Why should they?  It's not their 'nation'.  One Man once said "wheresoever a man's treasures are, there his heart is also".  That's a profound common sense observation.  The Jews killed Jesus for saying that and many other things they didn't like.  By that standard 'America' is certainly not Gary Winnick's 'nation'.  The destination of his treasure say his 'nation' is the Satanic anti-Christ Kingdom of the Jews.  It's always the suckers fault for believing the lies of the Masters of Lies.  Old Roman law said caveat emptor.  Several thousand years of experiments have not improved on this economic principle.

"...the fools we have for  leaders will find themselves in the same sinking boat that they built for the masses."

I often wonder who are the bigger fools.  The ones at the top or the ones at the bottom who tolerate them, look to them and trundle off every other November to stuff a ballot box and expect to win a socio-political lottery prize doing so?  Cleaning all this up is going to require a little bit more than an Omnibus Clean Corporate Governance Act from Congress and some new SEC forms to add to the EDGAR public online database only a few read anyway.  It will require wholesale changes in personnel at the top.  Such personnel turnover is typically called "revolution".  In 19th Century America there were Constitutional mechanisms for accomplishing this peacefully.  ZOG's entire policy in the 20th Century was gaming this system to prevent such events.

It is not FAEM's purpose to be a daily market commentator or individual investment advisor.  But here's what I said privately to Robert last Friday about the July 5th market spike up:

"From my own formerly experienced viewpoint today's market rally has all the earmarks of being a short covering frenzy.   That's light trading volume and a sudden spike-up in prices in badly sold-down issues.  Basically the 'bears' who had already sold short long before bought back to lock-in their profits and repay their stock loans.  As the reports for the goyim said, the rally occurred in the most beat-up stocks and market sectors.  In individual stocks this sort of event was always the preliminary to a further sustained bleeding decline.

Coming on a short houred trading day following a holiday this also confirms another thesis of mine.  The typical seller is the individual, and more specifically the aging baby boomer.  Today that seller is away at the beach or where ever.  The remaining buyers are mostly institutions running on semi-autopilot, i.e. pension funds accumulate moneys and then add to their portfolios in proportions designed to keep them balanced according to their strategy."

I'll expand here just a bit.  For the stock market "individuals" includes stock mutual funds.  Most people incorrectly categorize mutual funds as being institutions like pension funds, insurance companies, college endowments, charitable foundations and bank trust departments.  This view of mutual funds is wrong.  The latter institutions cannot be forced by individual consumer sentiment to do anything.  A mutual fund can be so forced as part of its legal contract with each individual.

A mutual fund is merely professional stock portfolio management sold to the individual on a group basis.  The individual can exit the stock market any time by redeeming his mutual fund shares.  When redemptions occur the fund management pays the individual cash for his fund shares.  The first source of cash is the average 3% 'cash reserve' mutual funds keep for redemptions and also new stock purchases.  This is starting to sound like a bank and its 'reserves', ain't it?  (brutal grin).  Well that's exactly what a mutual fund is, a stock bank.  When redemptions equal new fund share purchases the fund stops being a net buyer of stocks.  When redemptions are larger than new fund investments said mutual fund becomes a stock seller.

"What do I do, what should I do?"  These emails come every day to me.  Read the FAEM archives.