13 July 2002 – by Maguire
'Tis the Season to be folly, tra-la-la-la la la la la......

That's right folks, just as near earth asteroids return on predictable orbits the Demo-Zog and Republo-ZOG campaigning season is almost upon us.  Again.  The question that arises is what opportunities, if any, this season of astronomical lies and financial corruption offer to advance the cause of pro-white patriotism.   To answer this I think we have to keep our own long range goals firmly in mind.  My unchanged opinion on this is that we presently have two strategic missions and two tactical missions in hand.

Strategic Mission One.  Recruit white people to pro-whiteism permanently.

This is different from registering a voter or enticing a voter into the polls.  Because some of our agenda lies in the partisan political arena as presently defined the campaign season does offer an opportunity for this.  There is thus a reason to approach people about pro-white political issues.

Strategic Mission Two.  Finish up Ancient Regime delegitimation.

Today I spent several tedious hours wading through Federal Election Commission filings for one incumbent Republican mannequin on display on Capitol Hill.  As near as I could estimate 75% of his campaign funds come from outside his district.  His picture should be in the dictionary next to "carpet bagger".  The Jewish component from law firms in Washington and NYC was prominent, as well as individual names.  Then there were the remnant white elitists.  The very same people were giving generously both as individual donors and also as donors to multiple Political Action Committees who in turn injected money back as a bundled PAC donation.  These transactions total in the millions.

Of especial interest was the Haley Barbour factor.  Haley is an old Bush leaguer and a former RNC Chairman of the 1990s.  At least 25% of the donations were through the agency of Haley Barbour, relatives, employees and associates both as individual donations and as donations to PACs donating to that particular blow-dried head.  Barbour was a major player in "Duke-ing Duke" in the early 1990s.

What is all this money used for?  It's used to buy time on local media and also hire outside mercenaries ('consultants') to run the campaign.  There is almost no real local base.  This is the standardized model of political campaigns and incumbencies at the present time.

The proof?  Let's recall the aftermath in Florida in Y2K.  Both parties had to fly in Washington staffers to bulk out the 'mobs' of demonstrators in Palm Beach and Dade Counties.  Now that says a lot about the shallow roots the ZOGist regime in fact has.  In a state with a population of 17 million neither party could find sufficient numbers of local true believers.  The essential illegitimacy of both parties is already that great.  Then there's the old hat issue (here) of Media and who mostly controls that.

In the context of a pro-white political campaign blatantly exposing the above imperialist process of externally manipulating local elections must be a major issue and thus a specific vehicle of delegimation.

Tactical Mission One.  Destroy the Republican Party.   It cannot be repeated too often that the GOP is the political peer competitor for the leadership of white people.  The GOP, not the 70% non-white Democratic Party, is the organization that misleads white Americans down the primrose path.  It is the GOP in its manufactured guise as the "white people's party"  that politically validates anti-white racism, the immigration invasion and 'volunteers' white America to carry the Zionists' water and wood for them.

Tactical Mission Two.  Recruit local activists and start creating larger loosely but permanently formed groups of pro-whites.  Pro-white activism is a non-stop work.  The soon coming pro-white party of the future will be structured accordingly and will arise on the foundation of such local networks of activists.  It will thus have no similarity to the existing virtual political parties cum political brand name franchise operations known as the Democrat and Republican Parties.  Currently the individual candidacy of a pro-white activist can be a vehicle for crystallizing local pro-white patriots.

Independent candidacies that have the above 'Big Four' missions firmly internalized as their own real campaign goals can in fact offer a great deal of help.    Such candidacies are not going to 'win' in the 2002 cycle on ZOG's terms in the sense of taking official office.  Such officialdom awaits the destruction of the GOP.  So long as ZOG-GOP remains a serious player ZOG will always retain the option of doing a 'Duke'.  That is, 'they' can throw support from Demo-ZOG to Republo-ZOG or vice versa to frustrate the candidacy of a real pro-white American patriot.  This is what they did with Duke in Louisiana and they'll do it again as necessary.

We can in fact start 'winning' in local elections now and in the near future.  We 'win' so long we understand what our goals are and what the opportunities for advancing our goals such venues as 'elections' offer us.