For GOP "Conservatives":
                             On Oreos And The Fallacy of the Negro Conservative

        Fri, 29 Jun 2001

    A few days ago I had an extended discussion with a very intelligent, albeit semitically correct, conservative-libertarian free thinking professor of political science.  That debate has since grown into this article.
    I have no doubt many self-righteous GOP kosher-correct conservatives give FAEM the once or twice over. After that they leave shaking their heads and clucking their tongues over our 'narrow views' or 'unawareness' of the wonderful racially diverse world of Limbaugh-Gingrich-Kemp 'conservatism'.  This wonderful 'melting pot' of conservative people of all races will soon sweep the country!
    The GOP Limbaugh conservative points to people like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and others and says "See!  There are good negroes.  You white separatists are all wrong!  You're also evil racists and Holocaust Deniers and (fill in the blank)".  We certainly do serve a useful purpose in allowing kosher-correct conservatives to vent their rage at someone.  This helps them feel like they are still men since their masters prohibit them from vilifying their real tormentors.
    Well, we'll see who is really unaware.  Maguire is very aware that this world of negro 'conservatives' includes such extremely capable economists as Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.   Here's an excellent recent article by Sowell on the political use of faked statistics in the mass media (we're aware of a far larger use of faked statistics post-SWATKWP):
    Sowell previously has written on why even negro cab drivers in New York also 'racially profile' in avoiding negro fares, especially at night.  It's because male negro passengers are the leading perpetrators of armed robberies that often escalate into cab driver murder.
    Here's an even more 'radical' negro woman named Elizabeth Wright:  She's written very cogent articles on the injustice of denying Matt Hale a law license ( ) and Alex Curtis as a prisoner of conscience ( ) and how white nationalists are persecuted while black nationalists are subsidized.  She has another article about the inherent incorrectness of Brown v Board of Education.
    Her entire website is worthy of extended study, and especially the sections about Marcus Garvey.
    Now if such individuals were representative of even 40% of the negro race then our conceptions of racial separatism would have to be seriously reexamined.  And there is the fallacy Limbaugh style whites fall into.  People like Williams, Sowell and Wright are only speaking for themselves.  Are negroes as a group becoming more conservative?  The voting results say not.  Junior George got a lower percentage of the negro vote in Y2K than his daddy did in 1992, and George Sr.'s own negro vote was lower than Ronald Reagan's.  The GOP's percentage of the negro vote in fact declined throughout the 20th Century.
    The central mass of negroes themselves respond to Ice-T,  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Robert Mugabe, Kweisi Mfume and a host of others.  These are the people who know how to strike the inner emotional chords of the negro in the ghetto and manipulate him  as a political group.  Operationally there has been a single result whenever ANY area falls under negro rule.  It immediately begins a descent into barbarism (at least from a white perspective).  This is as true of Washington D.C. (self rule since revoked by the U.S. Congress after Marion Barry) and Detroit as it is of Rhodesia and South Africa.  A recent FAEM article pointed up another new-old problem.  This is the persisting gap in academic ability between whites and negroes.  The
moment quantitatively measurable academic standards were reintroduced in schools the white-negro performance gap instantly reappeared.
    Politically and socially the negro race en masse is simply not responding to the leadership of negro conservatives like Wright, Sowell and Williams.  It is certain the negro conservatives have a larger following among whites than among negroes.  Sowell, Williams (a frequent Limblow stand in), Clarence Thomas and J.C. Watts are thus not leading negroes at all.  They are dependent on, supported by and are leading GOP whites.  Their rise is no cause for joy because they do not presage a mass conversion of negroes to white morals or thinking.
    There is an insult used by negroes themselves to describe those such as Williams, Sowell, Watts and Company.  They call them "oreos", as in an oreo cookie.  This epithet means such people are "black on the outside and white on the inside".  The implications of this label, invented by negroes themselves to describe negroes deviating from a self-perceived negro behavioral norm, deserves profound meditation by white CONNEDservantives.  The fact this insult exists means negroes themselves perceive that there is such a thing as "black insides" and that these "insides" differ profoundly from "white insides".  They will get no argument over this concept here at F.A.E.M.  The idea that the racial differences are more than skin deep is one point of agreement we have with the vast mass of the negro community.
    Are there highly intelligent negroes?  Yes, Virginia, there are.  There are also unbelievably stupid Jews (Maguire has  known plenty) and also criminally violent low I.Q. whites.  The problem is not that Elizabeth Wright has dark skin.  The problem is that she is not representative of her race.  If she were, then FAEM probably wouldn't exist.  She represents a tendency two standard deviations to the right of the median central tendency of the negro population at large.  And there is the rub.  As intelligent and moral as she is, she cannot offset the damage done by the 49 Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and Ice-T's  that follow in behind each example of an Elizabeth Wright.
    Elizabeth Wright is promoted by no one.  One reason for this is that she is aware of and occasionally outspoken about the malign influence of organized Jewry upon the negro community.  Another reason is Mrs. Wright has definite black nationalist tendencies of her own.  The other more famous negro neo-conservatives do receive heavy promotion.  You can find most of them at the 'conservative' Jewish World Review website.
    Du-uh, I wonder why that is?  Care to take a wild guess, Limblow fans?