Who Are the Real 'Revisionists'?
<> Maguire – 19 June 2001

Generations have now been raised up on the ZOG lie that Germany was solely guilty of making aggressive war in 1914.    This link http://www.lib.byu.edu/~rdh/wwi/1914m/franruss.html gives the precise terms of the 18 August, 1892 The Franco-Russian Alliance Military Convention:

"1. If France is attacked by Germany, or by Italy supported by Germany, Russia shall employ all her available forces to attack Germany.

    If Russia is attacked by Germany, or by Austria supported by Germany, France shall employ all her available forces to attack Germany."

    Whatever 'attack' or 'defensive war' means, or is publicly spun to mean, it is quite clear from the text that this Franco-Russian Military Convention was directed at developing a coordinated dual invasion of Germany from West and East, as ultimately occurred in  1914 and also 1944-45.

    For comparison see the various versions of the Dual and Triple Alliances between Germany, Austria and Italy.  http://www.lib.byu.edu/~rdh/wwi/1914m/tripally.html  The so-called Triple Alliance itself was a dead letter by 1905 since the Italians specifically excluded themselves from any arrangement that would involve war with the British Empire.   The various alliance agreements between Austria and Germany never reached the level of developing coordinated military plans.

     In contrast the French and Russians took specific concrete steps to prepare the coordinated invasion of Germany called for by the Convention.  The French invasion was ultimately known as 'Plan 17'  (http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/FWWplan17.htm).  Plan 17 was the final variation developed in conformity with the Franco-Russian Military Convention of 1892.  This operation specified a French invasion of German Lorraine and also the Ruhr by routes through the Belgian Ardennes.  (see note) In the prelude to the First War to Kill White People, it was the French government, not the German, who projected and planned a violation of Belgian neutrality.

    In the east the Russian operation to invade East Prussia eventually became known as "Plan 19" .  The final version of this plan, also conforming to the Military Convention of 1892,  was approved in 1910.  http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/FWW19.htm.  These two complementary invasion plans of Germany were in complete concord with the terms of The Franco-Russian Alliance Military Convention signed in 1892.   The French financed railway construction in the Russian Empire to facilitate the necessary deployments against Germany.

    These two invasions of Germany, including the French violation of Belgian neutrality, were both executed precisely according to the long prepared 'Plans' in August 1914.   The fact that superior German leadership and manpower quality defeated these numerically larger forces at Tannenberg (http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/FWWtannenberg.htm ), Lorraine and in the Ardennes is irrelevant to the French and Russians' own war guilt in preparing aggressive war. (note 1)

    Until 1905 Germany's Aufsmarsch (deployment) plan called for a defensive army deployment on both frontiers to meet the dual Franco-Russian invasions.  In 1905 the British Government began its own material preparations to send military forces to France to cooperate in the French Plan 17 Invasion of Germany in the event of war.  In accordance with that decision the new Secretary of State for War, Lord Haldane ( http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/TUhaldane.htm ), began preparing the Haldane Plan.

    This called for commitment of two corps of the British Empire's home army to the left wing of the French Plan 17 offensive.   Lord Haldane further increased the available invasion forces by reorganizing the English defensive militia into the Territorial Army designed for deployment to Continental Europe.  The British also took other measures in 1905 to increase their military weight against Germany.  These included recalling all battleships from the China Station and the Mediterranean.    http://www.warships1.com/BRpbb08_Canopus.htm

    In recognition of the above dangers, and with knowledge that Italy would not adhere to the Triple Alliance in this event, von Schlieffen prepared a new strategy in December, 1905 that is now called the 'Schlieffen Plan' http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/FWWschlieffenP.htm.  This plan called for concentrating 90% of Germany's army against France in the opening weeks of a war.  The intent was to quickly knock out France before the British empire and Russia could fully mobilize.   As the event developed in August 1914, the Germans beat the French by a few days in 'violating' Belgian neutrality (note 2).


    1.  In 'The World Crisis: 1914' Churchill denied any prior British government knowledge of French military plans before the outbreak of war in August 1914.  Yet even Churchill admitted detailed Brit-ZOG knowledge of Germany's 'Schlieffen Plan' no later than August 23, 1911, three years before the war started.  On that date General Sir Henry Wilson, Director of Operations of the Imperial General Staff, delivered a precise briefing on German war plans to the British Cabinet, including Churchill.  Churchill had no choice in his 1914 memoirs since the contents of this briefing had already been publicized after 1918 by other participants.

    Churchill thus invited his readers to believe that the British government had precise knowledge of its enemies' war plans and no knowledge at all of its allies plans'.  This dual admission and denial is of course crucial to establishing German war guilt and portraying Brit-ZOG as an innocent defender of international morality.  If the British Government ever admitted pre-war knowledge of Plans 17 & 19 then Churchill, Haldane, Lloyd George, Asquith, Grey and the Imperial General Staff would be exposed as war criminals plotting aggressive war with France and Russia against Germany and Austria.  Churchill further deceived his readers in 1923 by depicting the Russian offensive against East Prussia as the act of a valiant ally in response to appeals for help from the hard-pressed British and French.  It was no such act.  The Russians' August 1914 offensive was actually the outcome of plans and preparations twenty-two years in the making.

    To believe the official ZOG version of history (peaceful Entente, aggressive Germany) it's necessary to believe that the British Imperial government planned, prepared, budgeted and trained for nine years (1905-1914) to send troops to France to cooperate with the French Army without having the slightest idea of how the French would employ these forces.

    The only ones taken by surprise in 1914 were the white European populations concerned.  All of these various war plans were common knowledge among all the governments and other high international players by 1905-1906 at latest.  The Dreyfus Affair concerning the Jewish officer in the French Army, Captain Alfred Dreyfus.  Dreyfus was accused of treason in betraying the French war plans to Germany.   The British certainly had precise details of the Schlieffen Plan no later than 1911.  General von Moltke the Lesser appears to have made his weakening modifications of the Schlieffen Plan in response to specific knowledge of Plan 17.

    Similarly, the intimate positions of the Zionist-Bolshevik Jews Ernst Cassel and  Albert von Ballin, the bankster overseers of King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II respectively, provided abundant opportunity for war plan leakage to the Zionist-Communist groups.  These two individuals were the British and German "intermediaries" in the 1912 Haldane Mission to Germany to negotiate an end to the naval arms race and a reduction in international tensions.  Unfortunately these negotiations brokered by Jews failed.

        2.   An interesting historical semi-repetition of this sequence occurred in 1940.  Churchill made very ostentatious plans to violate Norwegian neutrality by mining Norwegian territorial waters and launch an unprovoked invasion of the port of Narvik, and possibly Sweden through Narvik.  Upon learning of these plans to attack Norway, Hitler forestalled Churchill with a pre-emptive attack prepared later but begun sooner.  Afterwards the career Jewish Shabbez Goy tool Churchill never ceased wailing over Germany successfully preventing him from doing what he started planning to do earlier.

    This same provocative sequence can be seen in the prior Brit-ZOG complicity to join the Russians and French in making aggressive war plans against Germany in the decade prior to 1914.  Plans and preparations are made, then leaked out by various agencies.  Germany finally adjusts its war plans in self-preservation against what Brit-ZOG and its allies were already planning to do before hand.  When Germany faced just two Great Powers its plans were strictly defensive.  When Brit-ZOG joined the Entente in 1905 Germany had to adjust its plans accordingly.  Such is German 'War Guilt' for The First War to Kill White People.

    Churchill later tried a variation of this diplomatic-military provocation tactic with the Japanese in late 1941, although he omitted this episode from his post Second War To Kill White People memoirs.  British Empire forces were prominently deployed in northern Malaya in late 1941 in pursuit of a plan called OPERATION MATADOR.  The code name is an obvious allusion to a bullfighter and the bullfighter's methods, which include waving his cape to his side to lure the bull off course.  OPERATION MATADOR was designed to lure the Japanese into violating the Thai borders first.  Churchill, forgetting that the Thais are Yellow Men, thought that Thailand could be lured into joining whichever side didn't 'officially invade' Thailand first.  The Japanese duly 'invaded' first and were thus the 'aggressors'.  Nonetheless the Thais adhered to their Japanese co-racialists.  The Japanese 'invasion' was actually a previously agreed transport of Japanese troops across Thailand to invade Brit-ZOG's opium plantation of Burma.

    This northern Malaya deployment was however the direct cause of the loss of Singapore and also of exposing white Australia to Japanese invasion.  In his memoirs Churchill tried to conceal his own complicity in this disastrous northern Malayan deployment.  Churchill instead blamed his generals for following what in fact were his own orders.  Instead of meeting the Japanese in well prepared positions further south the British Imperial forces were quickly defeated in encounter battles in hastily prepared field positions in northern Malaya.  In his memoirs Churchill condemned this northern deployment and the consequent absence of prepared positions around Johore.  Yet all this was done at his specific orders.

    This 'Matador' move to provoke an opponent into a false aggressive move has an analog from the American West in an old Mexican gunfighter's trick.  The pistolero who wanted to kill another man would toss his shoulder, thus provoking his target into appearing to draw first.  Meanwhile the pistolero intent on murder would complete his draw and win being both psychologically and physically more ready than his enemy.  This tactic thus preserved the surface legalities of 'self-defense'.  Few bystanders would be alert enough at the time to recognize what happened, or courageous enough afterwards to accuse a living victor of murder.  A modern day lesson for North American white patriots is to remember that Brit-ZOG's nickname of 'Perfidious Albion' is well deserved.