Money donations to F.A.E.M.?

Whether jesting or no, what in hell does someone expect me to do with a donation? Sometimes I think such people really do not know how they can help other than by sending money. Perhaps some direction along this line is needed. (Robert to Maguire)

After scratching my head about this I've realized this is a conditioned psychological response ZOG has worked very hard to program into people.  It's been produced by a combination of Stimulus-Response (Pavlov) and Response-Stimulus (B.F. Skinner).  "Send us money and..."  This is the non-stop daily bleat no matter where you turn.  Send Robertson money and he'll send you to heaven.  Send the GOP-ZOG money and they'll give you a crime-free nationally secure state of suburbs with good schools and Negroes and Mexicans who behave exactly like white people.  Send Demo-ZOG money and they'll deliver the Millennium on Earth where all the whities and darkies are one big happy family living in the Elysian Fields.  Send the ADL or SPLC money and they'll end "hate" (meaning us).  Send the Zionists money and they'll deliver a new Kingdom of David, or Solomon.  Send that company money for vitamins to enhance your sex appeal and get the woman of your dreams.  Later send some lawyer and get rid of the nightmare woman the previous company got you.  Send Muriel Siebert money and she'll send more money back to you someday.

That was excessive but maybe needed.  Now in our case we simply behave like the uncouth at the Emperor's fashion parade.  And some look around them and say, why "those fellows are mostly right".  Then we hit the next problem.  This is the America That Never Was which was created by Hollywood imagery.   The epitome of this is the famous cliff-hanger scene when the cavalry comes riding over the hill.    So these two ideas collide and people conclude from their conditioned responses that if they send those FAEM fellows money the cavalry might come sooner.

The cavalry isn't coming like that, people.  And it never did.  You must be your own cavalry.  I recently saw some 19th Century drawings depicting Union Pacific track gangs building the transcontinental railroad.  When the Indians came, the workers put down the sledge hammers and picked up their rifles.  The tiny number of U.S. Army cavalry troops in the Old West were not diluted on defense like that.  They were mobile strike forces dedicated solely to offensive operations.  'Defense' was the responsibility of the 'Militia'.  Guess who that is according to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers?

So practically speaking what would we do with money donations?  A website costs between $16-20 a month.  The only time additional charges come in is if we use too much bandwidth.  Despite high readership (we're not saying how high) this is not likely to be a problem.  The FAEM format is 99% ASCII text.  This is bandwidth friendly.

So what would we do with more money?  Well, with more money we could add paid staff, contract with website developers, buy our own servers, add streaming video and audio and say the same thing a slicker way.  In other words, FAEM would start looking more like  This louder megaphone approach might (or might not) attract more people.  In our view this approach would not add more value in the form of content.  It would merely create an appearance of the same.  That has been Hal Turner's approach.  Another site with much outstanding material is now straying off on that path, sad to say.

As an initial training exercise in "being your own cavalry", we suggest a more economical alternative.  This is for readers to send more readers here if they find us useful.  Our only other use for donations would be to pocket the money and spend it on ourselves.  More trips to the restaurants, etc.  Robert and I are reasonably satisfied with what we have.  I myself have a second secret method for obtaining the money I think I need.  That's working with my hands as well as my brain.  When the Well of Maguire dries up from time to time, it's usually because this second activity has come to forefront for a bit.  Some of our ostensible leadership might want to try this system out just one a day a week or so.   For some, twice a month at first might be better so as not to overstrain themselves initially.

So what to do with money?  I suggest using it locally.  Find a deserving single white mother with children.  Or one of the growing legion of single white fathers with full-time children.  Or just deserving white children.  If you just HAVE to spend that money on a movement type I'll suggest buying some of Mike Hoffman's books and donating them to local opinion leaders.  Buy some of Davy Irving's books and donate them to local libraries.  But whatever you decide to do please make sure extra value for pro-whiteism is obtained.  I've already explained why extra value would not be realized from sending Robert and Maguire money.