15 August 2002
Mr. Maguire,

I enjoyed the discussion about Waterloo.  I have been to the battlefield – kind of like Gettysburg without the glitter.  Standing on the terrain and imagining the Prussians entering the field at the eleventh hour was a great experience.

Speaking of battlefields, I was at Manassas last summer and believe it to be on the endangered species list.  The main thoroughfares were being widened (I thought that was what I-66 was for) and there was not a white face to be seen outside of the battlefield park.  Manassas is Mexico now, just as parts of Arlington are Vietnam and parts of Fairfax county are India and China.  At some point Henry Hill will look like prime space for a housing development, and the non-white Prince William County supervisors will pressure their non-white Congressional rep to help scale back or eradicate the park.

I may be painting a dark picture, but I really believe these kinds of monuments are going to cease to exist in my lifetime.  Do you agree or am I going to far?

Best, F.

I think you are right on target unless current trends are changed.  And I mean actively changed by white people.  This cultural destruction is already happening on a very large scale to smaller monuments everywhere.  The grave markers of Confederate soldiers are overturned and vandalized with nary a peep from the Jew dominated media (or from Judeo-Marxist dazed white people for that matter).   The monuments and scenes of the Battle of Fallen Timbers and of the War of 1812 in the Indiana and Ohio area are classic examples.  A couple of years ago while on a midwest vacation tour I noticed what had happened to a place called "Historic Old Fort Wayne".  At one time not so long ago (late 1970s) a replica of this historic old frontier post had been built.  Now (in Y2K) the stockade was down, stacked, rotting and it's basically closed.  But across the river footbridge in "Headwaters Park" was a shiny new statue of either Tecumseh or Little Turtle (I didn't bother going close but it could only be one of those two given the area's history).  I noticed all this because we'd stopped in for a well-known "German Fest" being held at that park.  We looked around afterwards.

What we're witnessing is a process of silent cultural genocide.  And it's why cultural struggles for white cultural symbols and monuments, like the successful one waged in Mississippi over the 1894 Mississippi State Flag, are so important.  These are even more important than individual candidacies and can often pave the way for individual candidacies, as in Jim Giles case.  Orwell pointed out in "1984" that the key to controlling the future was controlling the past.  But it's possible for people to read that, believe it and then go right down the street and miss the daily operations of the real "Ministry of Truth" and the real "Thought Police."

The penultimate examples (and in my opinion real Cosmic Justice) are the "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum" and the national Capitol Mall "World War II Veterans Memorial" for American SWATKWP veterans.  The first, dedicated to foreign Jews who mostly lived through SWATKWP or never even existed, opened up for Shoah Business in 1993.  The second only started construction in 2002 and will not be completed until at least 2004.  In my opinion there's physical proof of who the real victors of SWATKWP were.

I remember two years ago when Wal-Mart had cardboard display collection points for pennies for this American World War II veterans monument (in which war Jews underserved and underdied, as they have in all American wars as shown by Mr. Earley).  For a quite a period of time guess what was located right next to this cardboard display to elbow in on the dollar action?  It was a rack of kike Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" videos.  Now there was even more real cosmic justice.  Just a year previously I'd heard senile Senator Robert Dole begging funds for the SWATKWP monument from guess who?  You got it!  Rich Hollywood Jews.  (Sorry if this hurts, SWATKWP veterans).

These are just the more modern examples of the nature of the people called 'Jews'.  There are similar reports literally older than some hills.  For instance, the Gospels report that one Jesus of Nazareth once healed ten lepers; nine Jews and a gentile.   Only the gentile came back to say "thank you".  Jesus rhetorically asked why only the Gentile was found to give praise to God?  Now whether you believe that as inspired scripture or contrived morality tale the moral is the same:  Jews are greedy ingrates.  If they won't say thank you to God why will they'll do better by men?

Young white men of military age, listen and learn.  That's the 'thank you' you'll get from the Jews if you are stupid enough to get sucked into fighting more of their wars.