13 September 2001 – Maguire comments (in red) –

Why ZOG will not be able to stop further attacks of mass destruction:


There's so many highlights here it's hard to know where to begin. "Begin at the beginning, go through to the end, then stop." O.K.

...In the hours immediately after the assaults, he said, agents searching cars and apartments up and down the East Coast found suicide notes in New York that some of the hijackers wrote to their parents. (Care to publish the contents of these suicide notes, Uncle ZOG? They'll help us understand the enemy's mind, motivations and goals. No? Oh well. I didn't think you would want to. 1-5 odds the 'I' and 'J' words appear in all of them. How much of that action will you take, Uncle ZOG?).

Also recovered were credit card receipts showing that some of the hijackers paid for flight training in the United States. Another source, a federal agent involved in the probe, said that authorities believe 27 suspected terrorists in all received various kinds of pilot training.

(As I said, The Enemy Within).

The infiltrators, who carried Middle Eastern passports, (ed. this is like reporting "the guerrillas sneaked past the sentries wearing neon strobe lights and cow bells)belonged to four independent cells, said law enforcement and intelligence officials. They said authorities kept the nation's airports closed to commercial traffic for a second day partly to prevent the conspirators from fleeing the country.

(ed. This continuing closure seems reasonable enough. Given the people now hired for 'airport security' as well as passport control, they would only recognize 'racists', i.e. white men, as being at all suspicious or dangerous).

The investigation reached from Maine to Florida and across the nation to California. Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft said the FBI had mobilized 4,000 agents and 3,000 support personnel. He called it "perhaps the most massive and intensive investigation ever conducted in America."

(ed. We need to spend special thank you notes to immigrant Jew Abraham Foxman of the ADL, Morris Dees and Israeli Jew lawyer Mark Potok of the SPLC for letting America divert the FBI from its normal high-priority tasks of stopping desperadoes like Alex Curtis, Randy Weaver and Vicki Weaver with babe in arms).

Federal agents detained several people for immigration violations, FBI Director Robert Mueller said, but there have been no arrests. (ed. no further comment necessary on this).

FBI agents searched at least three flight schools in Florida and asked for information about former students who were suspected of being among the hijackers. Agents also searched unidentified flight schools in Southern California. The Florida schools included Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Huffman Aviation International in Venice and FlightSafety International in Vero Beach. Authorities said two of the suspected hijackers entered the United States on work visas. (They began learning to fly last summer at Huffman, according to their flight instructor, their landlord and law enforcement officials. In addition, federal agents were retracing the steps of suspected hijackers who attended flight schools in Vero Beach, Pompano Beach and Daytona Beach.

(ed. So were these 'Middle Eastern Terrorists' or 'immigrant American Terrorists' trained in America? President Bush II promised to punish not only the terrorists but those nations who harbor them. Apparently the U.S. Air Force must now further bomb the USA. I actually believe Bush will keep his word here and will soon unleash federal violence against white Americans on a variety of pretexts. Just don't hold your breath waiting for the major agencies of American Judeo-Marxism like the ADL and SPLC to be included in the chastisement.)

FBI agents apparently were drawn to Huffman after finding its name and an Arabic-language flight manual in a car left at Logan International Airport in Boston, from which two of the planes took off Tuesday morning before being hijacked. Rudi Dekkers said that two students, one identified as Amanullah Atta Mohammed and the other only as "Marwan," paid $10,000 each by check to attend his Huffman Aviation International flight school at the airport in Venice from July to November 2000. "They came in through the front door," Dekkers said, adding that they claimed to be Afghans who entered this country from Germany. "They said they were not happy with another flight school, and so they obtained their licenses here and left, and they went to south Florida for jet training," Dekkers said. "They were normal students and worked very hard. They lived nearby and bicycled here every day." (ed: just another Horatio Alger immigrant success story of hard-working non-whites. Makes you PROUD I say to be an American).

Charles Voss, the school bookkeeper, and his wife, Dru, took the two men in as boarders in their south Venice home for a couple weeks in July. Dru Voss said the men appeared to be in their 30s and were very secretive, claiming to be from Germany. She said that she and her husband eventually evicted them because they were unkempt and did not keep their bedroom clean. "I didn't really care for their attitude," she said. "Their personality was nothing to care for. They kept to themselves." She said they often would step out of the shower and shake their hair dry throughout the house. (editor. Horror! INTOLERANCE!! HATE CRIMES!! RACISM!!! THERE'S THE REAL TERRORISTS!!! EVIL NEO-NAZI RACIST WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!! Call back the FBI. Get Lon Horiuchi with guns a-go-go!!! Foxman, Dees!!! It wasn't Judeo-Zionist terrorism and genocide against Muslims that caused this. It was white people who provoked this! They were just hard-working diversity immigrants all the time reacting against evil white racism. Lock up these this married Aryan Nazi supremacist couple. Give'em the Tim McVeigh ride! That'll stop all this!!!!)

Alluding to Tuesday's tragedy, she added: "Do I feel bad? Do I ever." (Ed: See how incorrigible these white racists are? Even now they harbor bad feelings towards non-whites. There's the source of all evil in the world!)

Det. Sgt. Mike Treanor of the Venice Police Department said that FBI agents had obtained the two suspects' school records from the Huffman school and the Voss home and identified them as two of the men who agents believe flew the hijacked jets. "This one man, Atta," said Treanor, "was confirmed on one of the planes that hit the towers." It remained unclear how or when the men arrived in this country, but Treanor said that they appeared to have the proper papers when they enrolled at the Huffman school. "They had to show them work visas and passports and all the proper ID," Treanor said, "and they had all that."

Treanor added that FBI agents were drawn to Venice after finding the Arabic language flight manual in a car at the Boston airport.
Officer Chuck Lesaltato of the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said that the car in Boston also had registration papers that listed a Venice, Fla., address. Local and federal authorities said that, while the flight schools in Florida often are filled with foreign students, there is no requirement for background checks. One senior FBI official in Washington complained that "there are lots of flight schools out there. You don't have to be accredited to fly, and they don't do any background checks on people who want to learn how to fly."(Ed. 100% ranch strength bull crapola. This so-called failure to do background checks includes the U.S. Government Federal Aviation Administration student training system. All of these students had to have passports, visas, work/school permits and take numerous FAA written exams, check rides from FAA certified examiners and get student, private and commercial licenses, IFR sign-offs and type certifications in larger twins and turbine aircraft. There were innumerable 'checkpoints' along the way, not just in the FAA but everywhere else, including the borders and banks. Judeo-Marxism has simply castrated, neutered, mesmerized and hypnotized the entire system and all its personnel. What would have happened had anyone said on September 10, 'wait a minute, these guys are furreigners and suspicious'? The ONLY result is that said bureaucrat would have been accused of racism or said businessman sued for racial discrimination, probably by a Jewish lawyer. I repeat, ZOG is incapable of adopting effective security measures. With 'senior FBI officials' still talking this way today, my advice on personal survival in these times stands. The shock has not yet been sufficient to snap people awake from their ZOG-daze. There will be further attacks of mass destruction.)

Federal agents conducted additional searches across Florida. Search warrants were served on four homes in Davie and an apartment in Coral Springs, and workers at a restaurant in Hollywood were also interviewed. In Vero Beach, dozens of FBI agents questioned neighbors about several Middle Eastern men who were reportedly taking classes at the nearby flight school. Eight agents showed up at Hank Habora's house Wednesday morning and questioned him about his next-door neighbor. "They gave me a photo and asked if this was the guy, and I said yes."

Habora said he knew the man as "John." FAA records show that a Saudi Arabian flight engineer named Amer Mohammed Kamfar listed the address as his home. The man lived in the house with his wife and four children from February until two or three weeks ago, when he "left in a hurry" in a green van, Habora said. "They took all of the stuff they had and put it out by the trash: clothes, furniture, pots and pans, Tupperware," he said. (Ed: can you believe the foul lies put around against these fine people of color? They were donating to homeless people of color victimized by the Evil White Racist Society and its illegal drugs and AIDS).

He said the man often wore the uniform of student pilots at nearby FlightSafety, a school that frequently trains foreign pilots on jumbo jets. Habora, 55, said he wasn't surprised when the FBI agents knocked at his door Wednesday because he had phoned the bureau earlier to report his suspicions. "They were good neighbors as far as neighbors go," he said. "They were quiet. They kept the lawn mowed. They put the garbage out when it was needed to be put out." About eight miles away, FBI agents questioned Kenneth Reams about two Middle Eastern families who lived on his Vero Beach street. More than a dozen police cars lined the street all day. "My wife thought they were gone," said Reams, 72. "She hasn't seen the children in weeks."

(ed. These were just hard-working Family Values Republican immigrants like drop-out Air National Guard pilot Bush wants to flood America with.)

Reams said the men who lived in the two houses also were taking classes at FlightSafety. The men had been renting the houses for more than a year, Reams said, living there with their wives and children. "They seemed to be nice." The owner of one of the houses, Llonald Mixell, said the tenant moved out with his wife and at least three children a week before the hijackings. Mixell said the tenant, whose name he refused to divulge, was a commercial pilot from Saudi Arabia who was getting advanced training at FlightSafety. FBI agents also questioned Mixell on Wednesday.

(ed. The presence of these families was also the ultimate Middle Finger to the FBI and all of ZOG's Hollywood legendary security and intelligence services. These days these agencies are just degenerate political police forces aimed at American born white people. Military services and 'operatives' do not take families and personal dependents into high danger areas. They are only taken to secure zones.)

"Hundreds of people come over here from other countries for schooling," Mixell said. "They were excellent tenants. I never saw anything that would make me suspect anything." (ed. ZOG mass hypnosis will long endure).

The former head of the FBI's New York office, who led investigations into the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, said that within hours of Tuesday's attacks federal agents had talked to the families of nearly every passenger listed on the four airliners' manifests, isolated those who could not be vouched for by their friends and relatives, and pulled their bank, credit card and phone records, as well as their immigration and naturalization papers if they were from another country.

Lewis Schiliro, the former assistant FBI director in charge of the New York field office from 1998 to April 2000, said hundreds of agents in cities nationwide used that information to develop background "on those who stood out: who they were, where they stayed, who they called, who sponsored them, what phone calls they made." Schiliro said agents have pulled INS files, looked for links between the passengers listed on the hijacked planes and examined footage from dozens of cameras at the three airports where the terrorists boarded the aircraft.

(Ed. There is absolutely nothing there that couldn't have been done months and years ago for EVERY Middle Easterner in America and all other 'furreigners'. The reason it isnt' done is the FBI is normally too busy doing the bidding of Jew immigrant Abraham Foxman and the ADL and immigrant Jew Israeli lawyer Mark Potok of the SPLC in pursuing white Americans like Alex Curtis and SFC Steven Barry (US Army Retired) for 'hate crimes'.)

Federal law enforcement sources said scores of subpoenas were issued and searches were approved and conducted by late Wednesday, under the secrecy of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which permits secret electronic surveillance in the United States based on probable cause that the target of the surveillance is the agent of a foreign power.

"The fight against those who use the weapon of terror to menace and murder is necessarily hard," CIA Director George J. Tenet told employees at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. "The important thing for us now is to do our job," Tenet said, "to run to ground a vicious foe, one without heart or pity. A foe who has killed Americans but who hopes in vain to kill the ideals and values that define all of us as Americans. "The terrorists behind these atrocities, and those who give them shelter and support, must never know rest, ease or comfort. The last word must not be theirs."

(ed. That is so reassuring. yeah-sure-right. I very recently wrote in the past, based on long first hand experience, that the missions of ZOG-USA's Department of Defense and other apparats do not include protecting white Americans, or for that matter even protecting black Americans or American Indians. I take absolutely no pleasure or pride now in being so terribly vindicated by Tuesday's events.)

In Boston, federal agents, bomb specialists, firefighters and police officers staged a dramatic midday raid on the Westin Copley Place hotel. Wearing black hoods and heavy bulletproof vests, agents carried battering rams, AR-15 firearms and fiber-optic equipment, which can check under doors. They took into custody three people, who were later released. In Newton, Mass., just west of Boston, officers converged on the Park Inn at Chestnut Hill. They seized a car containing flight manuals and an instruction book on how to fly a Boeing 767.

(There's a lot more useless garbage along these lines. Locking the barn door after the horses have run out is long standing human custom that has survived Tuesday.)

Meet your Bush Administration National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice.   See /maguire/a1216mm.htm for a more detailed profile from December 2000 on this dazzling Bush Administration diversity appointment.

Condie comes to the position with the very highest international credentials.   Her major international relations professor was foreign born Czech Jew Josef Korbel.   Herr Korbel is also famous as the father of Madeleine Korbel (name later changed to Albright before she became Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration).  Josef Korbel further distiniguished himself as an ambassador for Czechoslovakia to Yugoslavia before the Second War to Kill White People.  Following the war Josef Korbel moved to America and became wealthy selling fine art and valuable antique domestic articles stolen from a Sudeten German family's home.

With personnel like this PERMEATING what I very loosely call the 'National Security Apparatus' is it any wonder at all that murderous terrorists have a free run of America or that your country is being blown apart unresisted?  People like these couldn't filter out people like those without also purging themselves.

I will put this next very plainly.   A lot of you state and local country club Republican elitists had better pull your heads out of your asses fast, put away the golf clubs and get busy attending to your PEOPLE'S business.  Their lives and your families' lives literally depend on it.   Awww, whatsa matter Mr. Whitebreads?   Afraid the Jews are gonna say bad things about you in their media?   Didn't grandma ever teach you "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?"  That NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR job is designed for someone who knows what he's doing, not some tap-dancing negress mentally living two decades back in the Cold War and who was appointed mostly for her diverse photo-op value.

(note:  I chose the title "Rice Crispies" back when the article was written in December, 2000.   I agree it's not at all funny anymore, is it?)  Maguire