The WTO Twin Towers – Analysis
13 September 2001
I'm now spending a lot of time studying and trying to analyze from several perspectives.  Random observations follow:

1.  Real professional opinion is extremely diffuse, as it to be expected.  As one DIA analyst said, "killing Bin Laden will not stop these attacks."  This is obvious when the enemy is no more concentrated than the entire Muslim world.  This is rapidly putting a damper on war fever in professional circles.    Those most knowledgeable in the Department of Defense know just how deeply America has sinned in collaborating with the preceding provoking Zionist terrorism and ethnic genocide.  There will undoubtedly be some fireworks in the near future for purely domestic political reasons if no other.  This is the Fahrenheit 451 Media Show Finale.  In the book and movie when 'Cousin' couldn't find the real Montag a fake Montag was quickly delivered up and gunned down live on television.  This was done so the masses of asses woudn't lose interest in the show and start doubting Cousin's infallibility.

2.  Extremely rapid NATO response in 'support'.  ZOG Incorporated well recognizes threats to its international combine when it sees them.   This bloom of support, starting a mere two hours after the first reports and driven by a Brit-ZOG spokesman for NATO, was designed to nip any isolationist (i.e. neutrality) sentiment.  ZOG-USA is however extremely limited in its choices without stopping to act like ZOG and starting to act like an American government.  Too much anti-Muslim hysteria will not be good from several standpoints.  This would endanger the current project of creating a Greater Albanian Muslim state in Europe from Albania and pieces of Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia.    The second danger is causing large numbers of people to start wondering exactly WHY we are at war with all of Islam.   This would endanger the entire Zionist connection and also the entire current US national political establishment whose gonads are in the grip of the ADL and higher level entities.

3.  Diversity is Wonderful Column.  A substantial number of the personnel and much of their training are emerging as having been U.S. based.  We are therefore already dealing with The Enemy Within.

4.  Point No. 3 is rapidly leading to a conclusion by many current Judeo-Marxist elites to return to 'Business As Usual'.  This reaction is pouring in from many different corners driven by a diversity of reasons.  This will probably be the ultimate final real response.    And the real reason is purely to preserve Judeo-Marxist 'diversity'.  It will not be possible to single out Muslim groups for exclusion from the Jewess Ah! This is because too many people would start wondering whether other minorities' geographical exclusion might further improve their local quality of life.

5.  Monopoly Judeo-Media discussion to date has had one purpose.  At all costs prevent people from connecting our Zionist entanglements with having provoked the current retaliatory violence of mass destruction.


A.  There will be some obvious confidence building measures in the airlines.  These will include kevlar armoring of the flight deck partitions and probably a return to airborne armed guards such as we had in the 1970s before metal detectors and x-rays.  There will also be new hijack protocols for the flight crews to follow.  Up to now hijacks invariably ended with the survival of the overwhelming majority of passengers and crews after multi-day dramas.  The crews and passengers of the first two or three aircraft therefore had no different expectation and would have cooperated until too late.  Rumors are flowing that the fourth aircraft crashed as a result of struggle between hijackers and now alerted passengers.   Irrespective of this, that barn door is closed.  The question now is what has The Enemy planned next?  This was too well done, too coordinated and too widespread.  We therefore have to credit the central organizing power with the wit to realize airline counter-measures would be taken AND TO HAVE PLANNED/PREPARED FURTHER ATTACKS WITH RADICALLY DIFFERENT TACTICS.  'Surprise' as a military event is something that takes place in the mind of the opposing commander.  So far our Air National Guard drop out 'Commander-in-Chief' has been taken by surprise, allow with his much vaunted 'national security team'.  I therefore conclude that...

B.  ATTACKS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WILL CONTINUE.  It is very probably some are already fully prepared and simply awaiting some quiesence in the media.  'Terror' is a media event performed for political effect.  Further attacks at this moment would lose too much effectiveness, especially if they weren't as dramatic or more so.  There's only so much room in the media and in people's emotions.  Right now 'terror' is still being generated from yesterday's events and will continue to be for weeks.

Future timing is purely speculative.  It may be days, weeks or months but the next attack IS coming.  It is very possible the organizing power has also prepared something AS A DETERRENT against decisive counter-strikes.

Real security measures will also elude ZOG because of its underlying ideological premises.   It simply cannot undertake real preventative measures without ceasing to be ZOG since these measures must involve a racial component.  The following is purely speculative.  All of these tactics have been aired in the past so real operatives won't get any ideas here.  These future attacks will very possibly take one or more of the following forms:

—  Another wave of kamikaze attacks, this time with stolen executive jets packed with explosives, hijacked cargo airliners or suddenly inbound international flights.  JFK in New York, Dulles in Washington and Miami International are particularly vulnerable to the latter.

—  Nerve gas attacks similar to ones launched in Tokyo subways last decade by that Asian based cult.   The New York and Washington subway systems are especially vulnerable to gas attacks.  Tabun and Sarin are not that difficult to manufacture.  The formulas are well known.

—  Poison attacks against major water supply systems.

—  Biological attacks with smallpox or other toxins.

—  Natural gas fuel air explosions in major buildings.

—  A poisoning campaign against consumer food supplies.

—  Last but not least, the long awaited 'terrorist' (meaning non-governmental) nuclear bomb.


—  I'm ready to accept the current wave had an Arabic component.  Which Arabs and who they were working for is open to question but the targeting leaves no doubt.  When these guys strike, they strike identifiable Jewish targets.   The Judeo-Media never wants to highlight this aspect.  This is how terrorism experts rapidly determined Oklahoma City was not the work of 'Arab' terrorists.  The Jewish quotient there was far too low.

—  Principal danger target zones for future Muslim attacks include the Greater New York City Metropolitan area, Washington D.C., the Miami-West Palm Beach corridor on Florida's Gold Coast and Los Angeles-Hollywood-Beverly Hills.  These are the major concentrations of Jewish settlement and of powerful Jews in America.  San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago are a bit lower as secondary targets simply because of their lower Jewish population proportions BUT ARE STILL DANGEROUS.

— I have never subscribed to the Butler/Covington 'Northwest Migration' horsehit and still don't. That said, white people now need to  immediately and permanently evacuate from the above high threat target zones.  Don't become a Judeo-American victim.   The Judeo-Zionists have sowed the wind with their terrorism and genocide and are now going to reap a whirlwind.    If you cannot evacuate these prime target areas then to the maximum extent possible (and how much is your life and your family's lives worth?) at least take the following precautions which must now become an instinctive part of your daily life:

(1)  Avoid all mass transit systems and especially subways.

(2)  Avoid all large public gatherings such as concerts, sports events and parks.

(3)  Avoid all large public buildings.   You need only observe the cleaning crew coming in one night to understand just how useless the rent-a-guard security and badge system there is.  'Danger' is waved right on through wearing an 'employee security badge'.

(4)  Avoid rush hour concentrations of pedestrians on the streets.  These are masses and therefore potential targets of mass terrorism.

(5)  From this moment on treat all public water supply systems as already contaminated and non-potable (undrinkable).  Regularly stockpile supplies of bottled water for home use and consume the older supplies first.  Mark each for the date of purchase and consistently use the older containers.  If a poisoning campaign spreads to bottled water this will ensure others 'discover' that fact ahead of you.

Pending completion of "The Well-Regulated American Militiaman in 2001" I'll specify the guns part now.

Note:  Check all applicable laws before attempting to purchase weapons.  Your local reputable gunsmith can advise you further.

1.  Remington 700 BDL rifle in either .300 Winchester Magnum or .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.   The first caliber is the only commonly available round that remains a dependable penetrator of the now widely proliferating body armor that stops 7.62mm NATO ball (and all lesser calibers).  The second caliber is more penetrative but also much less commonly available.  Buy the synthetic stock version, not a pretty lacquered wooden stock.  This weapon is particularly important for younger men (18-30ish) who will be suitable for service in 'select militia corps' for regional deployment.  Older militiamen and women should consider buying and stockpiling one such weapon and 500 rounds of ammunition for future issue to a younger man.

2.  A pump action 12 gauge shotgun with a barrel length of between 18-22 inches.  The ammunition for use with this is 00 buckshot.

Pistols are fairly useless in my professional experience.  I know how to use them but they aren't nearly as good a weapon for the home and community defense militiaman as a 12 gauge shotgun.  But if you still insist on one for whatever reason, at least get a unarmored man-stopping caliber.  .357 Magnum is the very bottom of the barrel here.  Colt .45 ACP or .44 Magnum are much to be preferred.  Nine millimeter, .38 and all else below are for very weak women, children and non-whites robbing convenience stores.