Life in ZOG's Insane Asylum

A Sunday afternoon trip through a ZOG Newspaper 'A' Section

13 May 2001 – Maguire

            Front Page.
    Contents listing.  The first content listed is the lottery results, page 4.  I turn to it.  Cash 3...Play 4...Fantasy 5....Mega Money....ah there's the real lotto results three paragraphs down.  The previous 3 weeks' worth.  The lottery, God Bless Jeb Bush and all the other politicos.  More money for education they said.  An independent audit last year revealed the state legislature has reduced general fund education spending dollar for received lotto dollar.  Then they spent it elsewhere instead of cutting taxes.
    The front page top top headline says the Tampa Bay Devil Rays won't meet their payroll.  If Governor Bush invests now he'll be fully qualified for President.  A blurb for the entertainment section is a story on the TV show 'Boot Camp'.  The only place ZOG-USA conducts real military training anymore is for TV.  Meanwhile real Army basic training is now run on the principles of 'The Dating Game' and 'The Love Boat', with 'Jungle Fever' drill sergeants thrown in.  Another blurb for a story on teenage ZOGlings killing themselves in record numbers driving... a pitch for the health section story touting the health benefits of handwashing after shaking hands or using public toilets (I'm not making any of this up folks, honest).
    And now the real main story on page 1.  Mom's Day!  Oh.  Oh my.  This one will get the reporter and censor both fired.  They were probably pink slipped this a.m. before I woke up.  The above the fold photo is a young (meaning she can have more) white woman who had an apparently white baby boy last Thursday judging by the pics.  And to make it worse the husband was there, too.  The story is about maternity nurses.   I wonder if their mothers taught them to wash their hands?  It's actually correct to profile young mothers.  The boomer mothers sure don't deserve any positive publicity if the newspaper needs to run articles on handwashing.  One of the maternity nurses, also white and in the picture, has had 5 kids of her own.  Entire editorial collectives were shot for less than this under Stalin.
   The next story down is about a nigger Dolphin named Albert who died two years ago.   He "impregnated all three of his girlfriends shortly before his demise"...The picture shows all of Albert's offspring leaping in tri-unison at Oceanworld or someplace....  The far right column story (how symbolic) is more on the McVeigh execution delay...this is followed by news of Perry Como dying at age 87.  Shades of James Shelby Downard's 'Carnivals of Life and Death'.
    Page 2.   The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author died in his home gym of a heart attack...a Puerto Rican mestizess won Miss Universe in Puerto Rico....The Citadel finally welcomed back an apostate alumni who advocated a co-ed school decades ago.  In this case women couldn't possibly have hurt The Citadel.  Their graduates had the worst group reputation in the army officer corps long before they went co-ed.  Women might help raise it up.  More news about Rudolph Giuliani's divorce.  Giuliani's wife is seeking a court order to stop Giuliani's girlfriend, a jewess named Judith Nathan, from entering the New York City mayor's mansion.  Now why didn't Hillary think of this?
    On This 1607 the English Colony at Jamestown was founded.  Ask the Indians their opinion of the pros and cons of unlimited immigration... in 1917 the Fatima Legend began (P.T. Barnum seriously underestimated the birthrates) 1940 Winston S. Churchill placed the only honest Jewish job advertisement in history:  "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."  Goyim in England signed up in record numbers, too.  "The No. 1 teen killer:  Driving."  The accident causes listed are passenger distractions (curfews for daughters ended long ago), drugs and alcohol, cell phones, loud music and speeding.  Down breeding and absent/exiled fathers weren't listed as causes.  In the center of the page is a picture of two teens at a
Spring Prom dressed in gray duct tape..."Panel Urges higher taxes on cigarettes".  Twin girls in Anchorage Alaska are being held for causing a riot over in-flight smoking.  Guess this is a reason  for higher tobacco taxes.
    Page 3.  "Black businesses fighting to survive." sez the headline.  It seems not enough large corporations subcontract with negroid owned businesses.  "It's like they don't have any trust in the abilities, talents and expertise of our firms", says one negroid.  The censors responsible for today's edition will be charged with hate crimes beyond all doubt.  They went too far running stories about married white women having children and raising doubts about negroid business competence in the same edition, and the heavily read Sunday edition at that.  "Bush nominee has X-rated background."  Seems President Bush has named securities lawyer and internet pornographer Harvey Pitt to head the Securities and Exchange Commission.  That should get the SEC's frowsy website spiced up....a Confederate museum in New Orleans that hosted Jefferson Davis' funeral now faces eviction.
    Page 4.  Continuations from Page 1 about McVeigh, Albert the Nigger Dolphin, Perry Como and white child birth 2001.  Sez here 39 of 40 obstetrical nurses at a local hospital are mothers.   Don't ever let anyone tell you women aren't social peer group conformists.

    Page 5.  "Jurors mull options in Nathaniel Brazill Murder Trial".  What could these be?  Charge the prosecutors with a hate crime?  Blame the dead teacher for a lack of multi-cultural sensitivity and tolerance?   Further down is a story about a 'Doo-wop' singer who is an escaped murder.  He's been on the loose since 1974.  Seems he killed his girlfriend's two year old child 30 years ago in New Jersey.  The editorial censors on duty last night are probably in custody already.
    Page 5 school news.  An article says school officials are cracking down on school bullies and teasing since they've been linked to inciting school shootings.  Someone once said an armed society is a polite society.  How right he was.  Another article reports a mom and son were arrested at another local school for complaining about someone else's poorly behaved brat.   See what happens when you leave the iron at home when you go to school these days?  You don't get no respect.
    Page 6.  Legal news.  Two law school grads sue their law alma mater.  This will be interesting.  If they win do we consider their professors good teachers or bad lawyers?  A Jew judge in Miami sentenced a mestizo politician to six months probation for taking bribes.  That seems like a racist judgment that deserves to be overturned on appeal.  It's like convicting a cow for grazing.
    Page 7, World News.  "Castro praises Colin Powell."  The article says Powell previously praised Castro.  Cocaine Inc. has undoubtedly completed another deal.  "Somalis start fighting again."  Every day events like negroids in Africa killing each other is not news on the 'Dog bites man' principle.    "Israeli rocket kills two Palestinians in car."  Here's a second journalistic news criteria violation on the same page.
    Page 8.  Another porno industry news brief.  Hugh Hefner turned 75 yesterday.  At least they could put all that stuff in the business section.  Opium price support program continues.  "Myanmar (Burma) burns $1 billion worth of drugs."  More business section filler creeping into the A section.  Yet another article announcing China opposes US self-defense with an ABM system.
    Op-Ed.  The editorial is a reprint from the San Jose Mercury News. I was right.  The editorial staff was arrested last night before they could finish.   It says the US deserved to get kicked off the UN Human Rights and Drug Monitoring panels.  The John Birchers should be happy.  They're always saying 'Get US out of the UN.'  Some Chinaman supposedly said 'a long journey begins with a single step.'  Now that they're getting their way, the Birchers are probably still whining since nothing improved.  The dips are probably upset now over the loss of 'American power'.
    Underneath the editorial is a columnist reporting on Jews arguing with each other.  It appears the liberal Reform Jewish school Rodeph Sholom has banned Mother's Day commemoration, apparently because of complaints from a Jew sodomite who adopted a child with his homo partner.  A graduate of liberal Rodeph Sholom named Jonah Goldberg (he now writes for William F. Buckley's 'conservative' National Review Magazine) is upset with this policy.
    Another columnist says mothers today get little support and quotes a non-biblical Jewish proverb on their worth.  I wonder if she knows about the Talmudic quotations calling women bags of excrement and gentile girls 'filth'?
    Over there a Jew columnist from the Washington Post says "A mountain of tests is crushing the quality of our schools."  I sense he and I have genetically different interpretations of 'quality'.   Sure enough, he goes on to quote a statistician who complains about schools wasting time teaching the children to pass the tests.  Obviously the gentile schools should follow Rodeph Sholom's example.
    Lastly in the op-eds there's a column on socialized medicine headlined  "Medicare mess: Better to die than comply?"  ZOG may be getting ready to close off immigration.  The Soylent Green option therefore comes into play to fix the social security imbalance.