My War –  a collection of material written by the forgotten soldiers of that racial disaster known as World War II.
                                                   Entries are those of German men unless otherwise noted.
Material is posted as received.
A Chronicle – German civilian.
Wilhelm Bürvenich – German civilian.
Diary Entries – German civilian.
A comment – by an American soldier.
Photos-3 – Derichsweiler and Düren
Photos-5 – Obergeich, Düren and Schlich
Hans Zeplien – Grenadier
Capt. Hans Zeplien – Grenadier
Lt. Reichenau – Grenadier
Pvt. Böhm in Frenz Castle – Grenadier
Emil Weiß – Grenadier
Diary of Karl Schacht – Grenadier
3rd ParaDiv – Paratroopers
First Lieutenant Hans-Rudolf Noritz – Paratroopers
Alfred Schunke – Paratroopers
Staff Sergeant Hans Martens
A Report of the Battle.
Major General Denkert
Johann Trostorf – German civilian.
Albert Trostorf – German civilian.
Photos-1 – G.I.s in Germany.
Photos-2 – Germany. Italy
Photos-4 – Hurtgen Forest
Max Bork – Grenadier
Erwin Bergfeld – Grenadier
Corporal Steinberg – Grenadier
Capt. Otto Krannich – Grenadier
Anton Hall – Grenadier
Capt.Willi Arend – Grenadier
Lt. Gen. Friedrich Sixt – Paratroopers
Heinz Schnelle – Paratroopers
Hubert Gees – German infantry.
A Report with no title.
The Fights at Inde.
First Lieutenant Stöhr – a letter to his father.