Experiences of Erwin Bergfeld

I was a Lance Corporal in 13th Company, GrenReg115 (heavy infantry guns – light infantry guns – and 12-cm mortars). I was in the 3rd Platoon.

On November 18, 1944 we reached Obergeich from Merode. Our position was to the right of the Hohlweg above Schlohstraße behind the gardens between the village and the forest. We had tow heavy infantry guns and one light infantry gun positioned under the fruit trees behind the houses. This is where we were until relief came on November 28, 1944.

I was in the dugout for the whole time, no relief except for one night during which I could sleep for a few hours in a basement in Merode. We were lying on coals covered by straw in a cellar. The vault was so low, or coals and straw were stacked so high, that we only crawl into our beds. Most likely it was the house of farmer Ignatz Hourtz.

On a certain day my comrade Sievers was hit in the back by a splinter. I brought him to Merode castle while it was still dark. Medical Orderlies took him over at the gate. We went back into our position.

I don't recall to have fired as much as one single shot with the light infantry gun. How Sievers had gotten the wound remained a mystery to me. I de remember seeing many American planes though.

The only gun that fired was the heavy infantry gun to my right. Our forward observer was Corporal Steinberg.

As I have already said relief came on November 28, 1944.