National Vanguard, March 1983

ROBERT MITCHUM is the star of the Jews' latest television propaganda epic on the Second World War, The Winds of War. He was also an interviewee in last month's issue of Esquire magazine, where he was quoted saying things which may make it difficult for him to find further work as an actor in Hollywood, if the recent Jewish boycott of pro-Palestinian actress Vanessa Redgrave means anything.

Mitchum. started by needling Esquire's Jewish interviewer, Barry Rehfeld, with a few comments about Adolf Eichmann. When Eichmann, a German official accused by the Jews of participating in the "Holocaust" during the Second World War, was kidnapped in 1960 by Israeli secret police agents and taken to Israel for a two-year show trial, Mitchum said, he and some friends talked about going to Israel wearing "I LIKE IKE" buttons on their shirts. Then he asked Rehfeld, "How do you say 'trust me' in Jewish?" Mitchum's answer to his own question was: "Fuck you."

Mitchum reminisced a bit about the Vietnam war, expressing his conviction that Americans could have won it in three days if the war effort hadn't been sabotaged by the media and the politicians. The Jew protested about the violation of "moral principles" which would have been involved in an all-out effort to defeat the communists, comparing the bombing of Haiphong to "the slaughter of six million Jews." Mitchum's immediate response was, "So the Jews say." He then indicated doubt that six million Jews actually had been killed, pointing out that many people were disputing the claim.

Why, then, had Mitchum accepted the leading role in The Winds of War, the inspiration for which came from the Talmud, according to Jewish scriptwriter Herman Wouk? The answer may be found in Mitchum's comment on his general attitude toward acting: "I don't care what I play. I'll play Polish faggots, midgets, women, anything. Any role."