by Professor R.P. Oliver

November 1984

Truth sometimes appears in the strangest places. It may even occur in statements made by Jews when they are in an especially exhilarated mood.

The "Atlanta Journal and Constitution" on 4 March 1984 featured, in an article by one Randy Schultz, the exultation of our domestic enemies when they elected a Jew to the municipal government of Palm Beach. They estimated that about half of the population of the once exclusive island is already composed of Jews, whence it follows, of course, that they will soon stink the place up, as they have done in the once decent towns of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, obeying the strange compulsion that was most clearly described by Samuel Roth in his invaluable book, "Jews Must Live, an Account of the Persecution of the World by Israel on All the Frontiers of Civilization."(1) Roth was an honest Jew who, having been swindled too often by his fellow Jews and told that he must grin and bear it for the sake of racial solidarity against the hated "Goyim," finally defected from his race and described its fixed habits on the basis of his inside knowledge of his own species. We owe gratitude to his memory. (1. Samuel Roth's book was published by the Golden Hind Press in New York City, and is now extremely rare (guess why!). Around 1964, about half of this book of 319 pages was reproduced photographically by a "right wing" organization that took care to omit all the pages and passages that would have displeased those of its members who expected to hob-nob with Jesus ben Yahweh after they were buried. This truncation of Roth's work has been reprinted several times and is certainly well worth reading in itself; copies may be obtained from Liberty Bell Publications. I have long hoped, however, that some American publisher will reprint the whole of this excellent, authoritative, and indispensable study, which should be required reading in every honest course in ethnology.)

The article in the jewspaper naturally goes on to censure the perversity of lowly Aryans, who, though wealthy enough to live in Palm Beach, are still Aryans and don't delight in their masters' stench. And while joyously celebrating the progress made in breaking in to the Everglades Club, the Breakers, and other places in which the Aryan curs try to crawl away from the supervising eyes of God's Master Race, the happy Jews let slip one fact: "by one count, 23 million Jews came to the United States between 1880 and 1920 ."

That is a figure you should memorize, together with the dates, so that you can recall it whenever you see official statistics that report there are only about seven million of God's specially-created Masterpieces in North America and about twice that many in the whole world. In its early days, "Instauration" carried an article that noted there was a difference of about one million in the number of Jews in the United States as reported by different Jewish groups to reassure nervous "goyim." Several readers, who wanted to find some element of truth in the Jews' figures, suggested that by 'population' the Jews meant only male Jews who were the heads of families and members of orthodox synagogues.

Well, so now we know, thanks to their ebullience over their victory on Palm Beach Island, that twenty-three million swarmed into what was then our country "between 1880 and 1920," and, of course, we may be sure they multiplied fast as soon as they fixed their mandibles in the hides of their stupid Aryan prey. And if we wish to estimate the total now upon us, we must, of course, add the swarms who arrived before 1880 and after 1920.

We may be sure that Jews reached what became American territory as soon as there were "goyim" on whom to practice usury, but it seems that the first record of them dates from 1654, when a party of twenty-four or more arrived in New Amsterdam and naturally tried to swindle the gullible owner of the ship who had brought them, whom they had promised to pay for their passage on arrival. They were followed by an unknown number of their compatriots and made so much trouble that the governor of the Dutch colony, Peter Stuyvesant, tried to exclude the aliens. He was overruled and reprimanded, however, by his superiors, the owners of the Dutch West Indies Company, many of whom were wealthy Jews in Holland, and he was ordered to suspend laws disadvantageous to Jews on the curious grounds that (a) the poor Jews were persecuted in the lands from which they came, and (b) so large a part of the West Indies Company was owed by Jews. Thus was another Promised Land opened to the international race and, appropriately enough, on the site of the huge concrete jungle they have made into New Jerusalem-on-the-Hudson. By 1656, a Jew named Asser Levy was buying up parts of what is now the state of New York as far as Albany and perhaps beyond, and engaged in constant litigation in the courts, where, the Jews note with particular satisfaction, he "invariably" won his lawsuits. Judicial corruption is not a recent innovation. (2) (2. Although it is only marginal to the Jewish problem, this is a point of some importance, if you want to think about social realities. The great Italian historian, statesman, and political philosopher, Guicciardini (1483-1540) suggested that the existing system of lawyers and courts be replaced by an arrangement by which the contesting litigants met and threw dice, with the decision going to the man who threw the highest number. That, he said, would be a great improvement, since a just decision would be rendered in half of all lawsuits. He did not, however, suggest a means of preventing the use of loaded dice by the persons who usually won in the courts under the existing system.)

Wherever our race established itself in North America, its parasites promptly followed. They usually infiltrated in small groups. The first mass movement seems to have occurred in 1847, when a Jew bearing the common name of Castro led a small swarm of 5000 into Texas, where the alien oecist is now commemorated by Castro County, south of Amarillo, and Castroville, west of San Antonio.

Even if we had accurate statistics on the immigration of professed Jews before 1880, it would still be impossible to estimate with any confidence the total number of Jews in a given territory at any time. They are a hybrid race with an amazing ability, yet unexplained by the science of genetics, to assimilate the physical characteristics of the people among whom they have established a colony and to resemble so closely Chinese or Aryans as to be indistinguishable that makes them cultural chameleons. In one of his books, Douglas Reed reported his observation of Jewish business men who travelled between Germany and Italy and were Germans north of the Brenner Pass and Italians south of it, changing from one personality to the other as easily as a man changes his neckties.

Most of us, I am sure, have had acquaintances or colleagues whom we assumed to be members of our race, often for a fairly long period of time, until we were with them in convivial circumstances and their tongues were loosened by alcohol or they indiscreetly formed a cluster with other Jews and exhibited the characteristics of their race. Often we are as amazed as was the congregation of a fairly well-known Protestant theologian, Nicolas Antoine, when he suffered some kind of nervous breakdown and announced that he was a Jew. He boasted he had even managed to mock his audiences by actually reciting Jewish formulae when they thought he was pronouncing the words of Christian sacraments or sermons. That was near Geneva in the Seventeenth Century and it was never established whether he was a Jew who had been smitten with some irrational impulse to tell he truth or was an European whose theological studies had shown him that the "Old Testament" was incompatible with the "New" and had opted for the former, to the distress of his conscience.

In December 1979 the periodical "Instauration" published the following very significant letter from a subscriber:

The writer of a letter in your August issue estimates the number of Jews in our country at "twenty million or more." He is probably right. I grew up in the 1930s in a small town in Minnesota that had a population of four to five thousand. When I went east to a graduate school, one of my professors was an amiable Jewish scholar, whom I came to know fairly well. In a conversation one day I remarked that I had spent my childhood in a town in which there were no Jews. He smiled patronizingly. "They were there," he said, "but you didn't know it."

The estimate of twenty million, to which the writer refers, was, of course, much to low, if, as the Jews have now disclosed, twenty-three million swarmed in between 1880 and 1920.

Even the extent of Jewish influence over a society is not a measure of their numbers, for their race instinctively uses and intensifies existing weaknesses in the people whose country they have invaded. One clear indication of the growth of Jewish influence in the United States is their success in arousing the American itch to meddle sanctimoniously in other peoples' business, a trait that was brought to us by the Puritans as part of their essentially Judaic cult. In 1840, the American government in Washington had the effrontery to try to tell the Turks how "justice and humanity" required them to treat the Jews lodged in their country. By 1851, this insufferable arrogance had become so overweening that Washington actually began to harass the Swiss diplomatically to teach that nation how to behave with due reverence toward the Jews who had chosen to eat on it.

The Jews have always derived great advantages from the two religions they gave to the goyim, Christianity for the Aryans and Islam for the Semites, and the religions, furthermore, have usually, though not always, protected them from the resentment of the populations they were exploiting. Dissidence between the many reciprocally antagonistic sects into which those religions naturally divided themselves provided further opportunities for profit and manipulation.(3) (3. It may be worthy of remark that Lebanon, which was made an "independent nation" in 1920 in accordance with the principles of Woodrow Wilson's nightmare, must have been designed as a source of perpetual trouble. Its people are almost all Semites, more or less mongrelized. Of the many religious sects, which hate each other cordially, fifteen were large enough to be guaranteed places in the government by the "nation's" constitution, which also provided that the President must always be some kind of Christian, while the Premier was some kind of Moslem. Of the fifteen major sects, the more important are: Maronite Christians, Sunnite Moslems, Shi'ite Moslems, Greek Orthodox Christians, Druses, and Greek Uniate Catholics. The Druses are the most virile element in the biological compost heap; their fanaticism, no more absurd then the others, is a bizarre mish-mash in which Arnold Toynbee, in one of his silliest moments, saw "the pearl of great price for which a frustrated world is seeking." French troops and administrators maintained a semblance of order until they were finally withdrawn in 1946. The Jews in Israel began harassing Lebanon two years later. When the United States began to soften up Lebanon for eventual conquest by the Jews in 1958, the marines were ostensibly sent into help the President at that time, Chamoun, whom the Americans helped in their usual way, i.e., by overthrowing his government and installing his enemies in power.)

Of all the religions that have addled the minds of our race, none have been more mischievous than the jumble of widely divergent sects that the British lump together under the rubric 'Dissenters.' They are characterized by what Dr. Samuel Johnson (in his biography of Akenside) perceptively defined as "a zeal which sometimes disguises from the world, and not rarely from the mind which it possesses, an envious desire of plundering wealth or degrading greatness." Those proletarian cults, nurtured in urban slums, had a charm much greater than the appeal of crack-pots' discoveries of what the Bible really meant. They provided piety as a cover for skullduggery, and righteousness to mask envy and festering malice that yearns to humiliate and destroy all that is above its own baseness. This made it possible for rabble-rousers, egged on and partly financed by the Jews, to incite the venomous hatred of the prosperity and culture of the Southern planters, disguised as righteous indignation that black anthropoids were made useful as slaves. The ranting and lying of the Abolitionists made possible the formation of the Republican Party, which was dominated and largely financed by many Jews, of whom the most important were the eight Seligman brothers, who popped into the United States in the 1830s and scattered over its territory from New York to San Francisco, but always operated secretly as a financial unit. (Beginning as vendors of cheap clothing in small towns, they were so industrious that by 1879 they and their friends, the Rothschilds, held almost the whole of the bonded indebtedness of the United States; that will show you how talented the eight Jew boys were.) They selected as their instrument a backwoods politician named Abraham Lincoln.(4) And so, with the aid of their compatriots in the South, they succeeded in precipitating an invasion of the South, and rubbed their hands in glee as they saw Aryans slaughter Aryans and destroy the wealth of the South, reducing its civilized inhabitants to penury and opening the ruined land to the hordes of Jews who swarmed in to prey upon white and black alike, while their compatriots in the North exulted in the first government in Washington that was massively corrupt and was plundered on a scale that presaged the blessings we now enjoy.(5)

(4. This is not the place to attempt an evaluation of the character of Lincoln. It will suffice to note that he intended to ship the niggers out of the United States, to Africa, if necessary, but preferably to islands in the Caribbean and Central America, to reduce the cost of transportation. He actually did obtain from Congress an appropriation that enabled him to make a beginning by shipping 5000 to Haiti. While racially sound, this policy, as he seems not to have perceived, would have entailed a complete transformation of Southern agriculture, for it was no more possible to raise cotton without niggers than it was to raise wheat without horses. Lincoln conducted the war of aggression on the basis of a determination, perhaps sincere, to "save the Union" by denying the Confederacy the right that the American colonies had exercised when they dissolved the union with the mother country, a union that was far more binding, both legally and morally. The colonies complained of some taxation, which was trifling in comparison with the economic exploitation of the South by the greedy Yankees before 1860. There is much to be said for Lincoln as a man, having regard to the circumstances of his early life, but the abject adulation of him is simply part of the massive brain-washing that has been administered to children in the schools for more than a century to justify the horrors of what is mendaciously called a Civil War. I cannot here consider the Jews' claim, which seems to have been first made in 1865 and was recently revived, that Lincoln himself was himself a crypto-Jew. It seems most unlikely.) (5. It should be remembered that before the Republican Party came to power, "corruption", in the Federal government was limited to giving the comparatively few positions in Federal employment to one's friends and political supporters, who, in office, naturally favored their friends. The massive looting of the Federal treasury began with the Republican triumph. Typically, the Seligmans loaned money to the Federal government so that it could buy from them shoddy merchandise at vastly inflated prices for the "war effort." Unscrupulous Americans were, of course, permitted to join in the looting, thus ensuring their complicity. It seems unlikely that Jewish business methods, whether practiced by the aliens or by renegade Aryans, reached at any time during the Nineteenth Century their present refinement, by which, as was recently disclosed even in the press, the Army pays $3000 for a tool it could buy at the local hardware store for $1.98.)

The rich Jews put up the money to get that delightful war under way, but we should, I think, mention an especially "idealistic" Jew, Carl Schurz, who was one of the most energetic campaign orators for Lincoln and is said to have contributed greatly to his election in 1860. Schurz was rewarded with an appointment as a General in the Northern army of invasion, and when the South was ruined, he distinguished himself for his idealistic effort to promote legislation that would make it a felony and Federal offense for a white woman to refuse to marry a nigger who tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Come on, you bitch." The law failed of enactment, even with a provision that a white woman whose attorneys could convince a Federal court that she had some valid reason for refusing the ennobling copulation could escape prison, but it will be seen that Schurz was a man ahead of his time and a pioneer in "civil rights" legislation more advanced than any that has thus far been enacted by the Congress.

This will give you the measure of the Jews' influence by 1860, but while we may be sure that they were already numerous in our country, it does not permit us to estimate their numbers.

We may be sure that between 1860 and 1880, many of them, no doubt, disguised as Englishmen, Germans, Frenchmen, or other Aryans, but again we have no secure basis for estimating their numbers.

From 1880 to 1920, we have the Jews' count of 23,000,000, our first precise statistic. They doubtless continued to trickle in from 1920 to 1932, when the great influx began as snivelling Aryans welcomed "refugees" from Germany, where the wicked Germans were trying to recover control of their own country. If all of the famous six million, who arose from their ashes after Hitler incinerated them, did not stream into the United States, we may be sure that millions of their cousins did, and again we have no statistics. It will be recalled that at the time of the last census, the Jews forbade their American subjects to ascertain even the number of them that admitted they were Jews, and while the Jews themselves doubtless kept a fairly accurate count, they have not yet disclosed it. Perhaps, as they become more confident and arrogant in their ownership of this Promised Land, they will, in some moment of expansive glee, disclose it. So all that you can do now is make a guess by trying to extrapolate from the one figure they have disclosed.

In an article first published in two British periodicals, Spearhead and New Nation, in 1980 I estimated that there were, throughout the world, "from thirty to sixty million" Jews who were actively or passively cooperating in putting over such hoaxes as the "Holocaust" and "Anne Frank's Diary" on the stupid goyim. In the light of the disclosure at Palm Beach it now appears that I should have said "at least sixty million."

Such racial cohesion against other races is simply proof that the Jews are justified in their fanatical faith in their enormous racial superiority. From a strictly biological standpoint, the only test of the relative superiority of any species is its ability to survive and expand at the expense of other species. So far as we can predict now on the basis of present facts, instead of hopes and a sentimental Narcissism, Aryans are incapable of coping with such a race and are likely to realize what seems to be a subconscious death-wish, which could be the racial psyche's perception that our species, like the dwindling mountain gorillas, is biologically obsolete. Of course, it may be that our people will be rewarded for their righteousness when their ghosts float up to their Jewish Saviour in the clouds and are given a pat on the head and an all-day sucker in recognition of their humanitarian piety.