by Prof. Revilo P. Oliver

October 1985

In LIBERTY BELL for May 1985, I commented on indications that the disease generally designated by the acronym AIDS, propagated by male homosexuals, seemed lethal only to our race and, probably, mongrels who had a significant admixture of our racial genes. In its August issue, INSTAURATION publishes, from an unstated source, statistics that classify by race 4,943 "Americans" who, on 30 June 1984, had died or were then suffering from the disease. The percentages given are:

White 58.18%, Black 25.23%, Hispanic 14.44%, Other 0.32%, Unknown 1.82%

The Negro population in the United States, taken as a whole, contains from 20% to 25% of White blood, and includes many quadroons and octoroons, who are more White than Black (and correspondingly intelligent), and since 'Hispanic' is now misused to designate mestizos, who have White and Indian blood in varying proportions, the statistics are about what one would expect on an hypothesis that the disease, perhaps endemic in a milder form among pure-blooded Congoids, is made virulent by some genetic weakness peculiar to our race and transmitted by some of our racial genes. Other explanations are possible, of course, but, for the reasons stated in my "Postscript," are less plausible.

Statistics will become significant when the classification of the victims is made scientific. The term 'White' lumps together radically different races, Aryans, Jews, Semites,(1) and others; and when we know what percentage of victims are Aryan, we shall then want to know how many are Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean, or Dinaric-Baltic. Blacks and Mestizos should be classified by percentages of White blood, since it is unlikely that the racial component of the non-negro blood could be ascertained in many cases. Most anthropological determinations would be approximations and there would be a large margin of error, but even so the results would be significant, if a serious study of the malady is to be undertaken.

Reports of research on this malady seem to be somewhat less inhibited in England than in this country. Americans who spoke on the subject in Britain recently said that in the United States they were under great pressures to conceal the gravity of the growing epidemic, lest knowledge of the facts generate some prejudice against the darling perverts.(2) (It might even check the campaign to make male homosexuality ever more fashionable among Aryans and especially Nordics, who are, of course, the target of the efforts to promote that form of race-suicide.)

The repression of which American research workers complained in England seems to have been discontinued, at least in part. The widely-read periodical, NEWSWEEK, featured a series of articles on "AIDS" in its issue for 12 August 1985, making it clear that "no one has ever recovered from the disease," that "the number of cases is doubling each year," that an individual may be infected for many years before the disease becomes virulent and produces its first symptoms, and that "once infected, a person is infectious for the rest of his life" and may even infect persons who will die of the disease before he is aware that he has it himself. The African origin of the malady was recognized, but there was, naturally, obfuscation to prevent recognition of racial differences. It was reported that a means of identifying infected blood and thus preventing transmission of the disease by transfusions in hospitals was BELIEVED to be accurate, but it was admitted that there was no certainty that the test was infallible. Females may be infected sexually by males or otherwise by contact with infected blood and then transmit the disease to a child in the womb.

The articles in NEWSWEEK will augment the concern felt by many Americans, but the majority will doubtless react as they do to mention of their present national plight: they will try to avoid hearing or reading anything unpleasant or, if they cannot do that, will steadfastly refuse to think about it.

The October issue of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is almost entirely devoted to articles about the "molecules of life," ribonucleic and deoxyribonucleic acids. One of these deals with the functioning of the immune system, of which the intricacy is baffling. No one seems to know, for example, how the lymphocytes produced by the thymus control the immune system – if they do! There is no mention of Acquired Immunity Deficiency, but the reader will infer that we do not even know what it is that the prion or virus of the disease destroys.

In Britain, concern over the smoldering epidemic has been greatly increased by the death in August of the Earl of Avon, who was the spokesman of Mrs. Thatcher's kosher government in the House of Lords. He was the son of Anthony Eden, for whom the Earldom of Avon was created in 1961 as a reward for his work in hastening the dismemberment of the British Empire and the reduction of once Great Britain to the Little Britain of today. Although their title was of such recent creation, the Edens did have noble blood, since they were descended from a cadet line of the Barons Auckland. The death of Anthony Eden's son was immediately caused, according to the death certificate, by meningoencephalitis, a deadly inflammation of the brain that often follows Acquired Immunity Deficiency, and it was finally admitted that his death was really the result of that deficiency (see the Sunday edition of the (London) MAIL, 25 August 1985). Baron Denham, who succeeded the Earl of Avon as Maggie Thatcher's spokesman in the House of Lords, told the press, when the real cause of death became known, that the deceased Earl had "a great number of friends who would be very upset." No wonder!


(1) It may be significant that there are no reports of an epidemic of Acquired Immunity Deficiency among the predominantly Semitic populations of the Near and Middle East, among whom homosexual perversion is, so to speak, practically normal. These are the countries that Sir Richard Burton, a diligent and experienced observer, called the "Sotadic zone," on which see his appendices to his translation of the ARABIAN NIGHTS. There have been many attempts to discredit Sir Richard since he published a book in which he did not stand in awe of Jews (thus sacrificing his career in the British consular service), but tourists in those regions who look beneath the surface know that he was right. Sir Richard, it must be remembered, was so fluent in the various dialects of Arabic, so keen an observer of the mentality of the Semitic races, and so courageous that he traveled throughout part of the Orient disguised as an Arab and, posing as an orthodox Moslem, he entered even places, such as Mecca, where he would have been killed, had it been suspected that he was an Aryan. He started from India, where his fluency in Urdu enabled him to observe intimately the descendants of the predominantly Semitic hordes that followed Mahmud of Ghazni (A.D. 1001) and later conquerors into India. Probably no other member of our race could have observed so closely the mores and domestic life of the inhabitants of the "Sotadic zone."

(2) Although some instances of male homosexuality are simply the results of biological degeneration, the perversion has been made so common in the United States and elsewhere by the intensive advertising campaign that is conducted through the press, the schools, and the pulpits. Even more fundamental as a causative factor is a society that has been so structured that many thoughtful and conscientious Aryan men refuse to engender children to suffer the horrors of the future that Americans are so zealously preparing for themselves. Incidentally, the articles in NEWSWEEK that I mention below remind one again that the prostitutes of the press are willing to prostitute even their mother tongue by using the adjective 'gay' to designate male homosexuals. Literate persons will not be deterred by the journalistic pimps and will continue to use English correctly.)