by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

February 1987

Nine years ago, the Jews had not yet exhibited their power over the lowly natives of their newest Promised Land by ordering the expulsion of Werner von Braun and Arthur Rudolph, the Germans who had made it possible to send vehicles into space, and the National Space Agency was still interested in scientific research. The craft that was launched in 1977 has now reached and passed Uranus, where it made observations of that planet and its satellites that have greatly enhanced our knowledge of our solar system. This was a scientific triumph of great importance to our civilization and race. It was noticed in a paragraph on the back pages of newspapers that devoted hundreds of columns to a trivial event, the destruction of the multi-racial show-boat called a "shuttle."

The observation of Uranus was made possible by the expert work of some scientists who, though doubtless demoralized by the conversion of the Agency to the show-business, remained at the controls of the intricate machine that observed Uranus. The machine was essentially a robot that obeyed commands sent to it from the earth. The numerous and delicately precise commands that were necessary to make the robot observe Uranus and its satellites efficiently are described in the issue of the Scientific American for November. The many details cannot be summarized or even adumbrated here, but a reading of the article cannot fail to arouse your admiration and restore your respect for the once great race that was capable of such an achievement. It will also give you a vision of what could be accomplished if, as Professor Van Allen urged, the "Space Program" were returned to scientifically useful work.

The promoters of the entertainment-business, naturally, were not chastened by the loss of the show-boat that they destroyed by their own fecklessness. All they want is a new show-boat with which to titillate and impress the innumerable individuals who are addicted to staring at their boob-tubes. And, no doubt, they are already dreaming of a series of romps in the welkin to amuse and propagandize hoi polloi – a nicely graduated series of stunts that will become as thrilling as performances on a flying trapeze in ordinary circuses and rise to a grand climax, the first copulation in space, which, needless to say, will be between a big black ape and a young and pretty white slut.