by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

December 1985

The reticence about Acquired Immunity Deficiency in the United States was ended by featured articles in "Newsweek," on which I commented in "Liberty Bell" for October, and in "Time" (12 August). The reaction of our professional "Liberals," with their organic hatred of their own race, was predictable: anguish over possible prejudice against America's male darlings and rabid indignation against employers who do not yearn to associate with homosexuals already infected by the disease.

It is now generally admitted that the disease is epidemic in Africa, where at least one species of monkey (which I suppose to be the "Cercopithecus sabaeus") is known to be generally infected and to suffer no ill effects, and large numbers of Congoids in east central Africa, estimated to be about 30% (1) of the total population, have the virus that causes the disease, but no statistics, so far as I know, are available to show whether the infection is lethal to pure-blooded Congoids as it invariably is to some of the White races. One peculiarity of the Blacks is that their females transmit the disease by ordinary sexual intercourse. That will assure even greater enthusiasm for real Integration in this country.

The "Scientific American" for December contains a long article by Jeffrey Laurence of Cornell University which identifies the particular kind of lymphocyte, designated "T4," that is attacked by the virus of "AIDS" and converted into an agent of infection that destroys the immune system, which is the physiological force long known to physicians as the "vis medicatrix naturae." Professor Laurence sweetens his article with a few comments that may give some reassurance to superficial readers.

The same issue contains a short, but highly significant, article (pp. 78 f.) about the research of Professor Myron Essex of Harvard. The most innocent and pathetic victims of "Aids" are the persons who contract the deadly infection in hospitals where they are given transfusions of infected blood, and commonly infect their wives before they know of their own infection. To reassure the public, the Food and Drug Administration in the District of Corruption announced that it had developed a test that was "99.8%" efficient in detecting infected blood.

It has been many years since alert Americans could assume that official pronouncements of their government bore any relation to truth that was more than coincidental. The great machinery of "democracy" depends on keeping its subjects content in their pastures and so befuddled that they imagine they have some influence on their herdsmen. Official statements are necessarily made for their effect on the serfs. As for the arm of concealed despotism commonly known and correctly called PHEW!, any optimistic hopes of integrity in it were finally ended by the highly indiscreet fit of departmental temper by which the agency took vengeance on an honest scientist on its payroll when he exposed the department's efforts to make a big promotion out of a rare and trivial malady it called "swine flu" and, from design or sheer fecklessness, to use that promotion to make Americans generally susceptible to some potentially deadly epidemic of influenza in subsequent years. Naturally, no observant American who heard the boast about the "99.8% infallible blood test" did more than wonder whether by any chance the facts happened to justify the political propaganda.

When Dr. Anthony Morris published the results of research that exposed the "swine flu" hoax in 1976, the enraged bureaucrats compelled him to accept "retirement," drove him from the building, dismantled his laboratory, killed all his test animals, burned his records of research, and imposed silence on his subordinates. Since Professor Essex is safe behind the battlements of Harvard, the Federal bureaucrats' fury is likely to do no more than give them apoplexy.

Professor Essex's modestly stated conclusion is that at least five per-cent of blood infected with Immunity Deficiency is not detected, even when all three of the available tests are used, instead of only one, as is commonly done in hospitals. The specific results reported in the "Scientific American" show how very moderate is the estimate of five per-cent.

Professor Essex became curious when blood from three males known to be infected with the virus (2) was given two of the tests most commonly used, with the result that it would have been pronounced safe for inclusion in "blood banks" in hospitals. And when he followed up his clue, he found that out of 719 specimens of blood that had been found to be infected, 218 appeared to be wholesome, since the infection was not detected by any of the three tests now in use, and of those 218, only 35 were identified as infected by the kind of test that is generally regarded as most definitive. You will not need to use a calculating machine to ascertain that the "infallibility" of the testing is something less than "99.8%."

In his article, Professor Laurence reports estimates that between one million and two million persons now in the United States are already infected with the virus that causes Acquired Immunity Deficiency and can transmit it to others. The incubation period may vary from several months to decades. "By one estimate, which is probably conservative, seven per-cent of the currently infected but still [apparently] healthy individuals will develop AIDS each year." By 'develop' he means that they will start dying from the incurable disease that will kill all of the infected persons sooner or later.

He also reports that the virus has been found in the saliva and tears of infected perverts, and it is a reasonable inference that it is likewise found in the saliva and tears of all infected individuals. The evidence now available indicates that healthy individuals will become infected if the enterprising virus has an opportunity to enter their blood-stream through even the slightest wound, such as a scratch on the hand or the bleeding of the gums that often follows use of a toothbrush, which is usually so slight as to be unnoticed or disregarded.

It would be nice, of course, if some means of controlling the contagion of Acquired Immunity Deficiency could be found, but the work thus far done has yielded only a frightening indication that there may be physiological reasons why no inhibiting agent can be found. (3)

A sane man will always be on his guard against the apocalyptic fantasies to which religious individuals (including many ostensibly irreligious "Liberals") are prone, and it is true that the future is essentially unknowable, but the most cold-blooded and rational man will foresee the ineluctable consequences, if a million persons now in the United States have already contracted an incurable and lethal disease but will not know they have it until they are ready to start dying from it, and will in the meantime unknowingly disseminate the deadly malady by sexual intercourse and probably in many other ways.(4) What is uncertain is how our enemies will take advantage of those consequences in their secret war against our race.(5)

Since Aryans are now afraid to mention the biological facts of race, lest Jews punish them for their disobedience, the racial aspects of Immunity Deficiency remain so confused that one does not know which conjecture about them is the most probable. The pictures in the press of persons who have died or are dying of the terrible disease all show victims who are, or at least seem to be, Aryan, but there are some indications that this is a planned deception. We do know that the disease originated among niggers and was communicated by them to other races, evidently including our own. What we do not know, it seems, is whether the disease is like syphilis in that it can be endemic among some races that have an innate tolerance of it and are not made seriously ill by it. We know that the virus of "AIDS" is endemic among at least one species of African monkey and harmless to them. It is therefore possible, as I suggested above, that Congoids, natives of Africa, have a similar tolerance that at least reduces the consequences of infection, but my conjecture in the October issue that the persons classified as Black in the statistics I quoted might be mulattos was obviously only a conjecture, suggested by the fact that the persons classified as "Hispanic" were really mestizos.(6) It is possible to form quite different conjectures, and I have had letters from correspondents who have done so.(7) So long as the Jews (with, of course, their "Liberal" stooges) forbid study of ethnology, we are likely to be left with a painful and dangerous uncertainty.

What is certain is the geography of the dire disease. That has been made clear by the research conducted by Dr. Peter Piot of the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp and having the high degree of probability that prudent business men accept as certainty in making their decisions. Dr. Piot found that there was a high incidence of the disease in the capital and largest city of the Congo, known as Leopoldville while the country was under civilized rule and now called Kinshasa in the festering savagery now called Zaire (the name given to the great river by the Portuguese explorers in the Sixteenth Century). Thousands of niggers from Haiti (8) lived in that city from the early 1960s to the middle of the 1970s, and then dispersed to their homeland or directly to parts of North America and Europe of which the feeble-minded inhabitants were eager to demonstrate their freedom from "racism." From Haiti infected human vermin poured into the United States and especially into Florida, where they were welcomed by all big-hearted boobs and the degenerates who contracted the disease from the immigrants, if they had not already contracted it in Haiti, a favorite resort for perverts and "do-gooding" churchmen. That was the principal channel through which an incurable disease generated in Africa was disseminated to an estimated million or two million inhabitants of the United States, most of whom have yet to die of it after infecting millions more.

It is indubitable that the disease originated among niggers and that the ever growing epidemic was planted in our population by White males who were not homosexuals but so depraved that they copulated with niggers, doubtless taking pride in the demonstration that they were too noble and intellectual to be "racist." That, of course, is the ideal that is rammed into the minds of all young Americans by the public schools, the colleges and universities, the churches, the alien government in Washington, and the Jews' newspapers and boob-tubes.(9)

The disease thus brought upon us is incurable, because, according to A. D. J. Robertson, of the Research Testing and Development Corporation, in the"Wall Street Journal"(31 October 1985), the virus first incorporates itself in the genetic material of the brain cells, whence it re-enters the blood stream to multiply itself. "As the virus replicates itself it evolves rapidly so that there are always many immunologically different strains present in an infected individual." Obviously, even if vaccines could be found, it would be impossible to administer a vaccine for each of the many strains, and even if that could be done, it would be futile, because no conceivable treatment "could destroy the retroviral DNA incorporated in the genome of brain cells without destroying the brain cells themselves."

He estimates that in the United States "about two million are now infected and will remain infectious until they die of the slow encephalopathy typical of lentiviral disease." He estimates that, at the present rate of increase, there will be in this country at the end of 1990 some 448,000 persons who are dying of the disease, and some 64,000,000 who are permanently infected and awaiting the appearance of the symptoms that will indicate that they have begun the slow march to their graves.

If this projection is correct – and no information now available casts doubt upon it – it should be obvious that before 1990 there will be cataclysmic social convulsions in a nation that is now hopelessly bankrupt and in the last stages of decadence, having committed suicide to please its implacable enemies. The impoverished people of a debtor nation with an intrinsically worthless currency could never build and staff enough hospitals to care for the dying, let alone the far more numerous persons in whom the terminal phase has not yet appeared and whom it may be impossible to identify as already infected. And let us not emulate the Americans' patron saint, Pollyanna, and ignore reality. If the projection is correct, and if the nature of the virus has been accurately determined, the cataclysm seems inevitable, and it would seem scarcely worthwhile for our enemies to do anything to exacerbate it or even to exploit it. Before we reach 1990 with its 64,000,000 cases of Acquired Immunity Deficiency, our people will either have resigned themselves to perish in a delirium of religiosity,(10) or some will remember that decades of experience with comparable lentiviral diseases in livestock have shown that there is only one way to prevent the infection from becoming universal: ruthless slaughter of all animals that are or COULD HAVE BEEN infected. That is not a pleasant prospect, but men made desperate by fear of death become ruthless. And if they do, one may at least hope they will not overlook the true authors of calamity.

The future thus portended is indeed frightful, but the readers of this magazine belong to the tiny minority that is willing to think instead of emoting. We can consider the terrible prospect rationally.

All viable races believe in their own superiority. Our race, however, has been infected for fifteen centuries by a Judaic superstition that gradually etiolated our racial instincts and paralysed the immune system of our race. Few indeed are the Aryans today whose minds have not been rotted by the psychic virus of which babble about "one world," "all mankind," and "equality" are the deadly symptoms. The great majority of Aryans are now so prostrated by the infection that they love their enemies and hate their own race. They are not fit to survive. They will not survive.

Our concern is for the few Aryans who have not lost the will-to-live. And there is one encouraging difference between psychic pathology and physical pathology: minds that have retained some native vigor can often overcome the spiritual virus and recover their racial vitality.

That is the cardinal fact we must keep in mind when we think about the years ahead.

To an historian, there is nothing more dismaying about a calculation that in 1990 some 64,000,000 inhabitants of the United States will be doomed to a lingering death. The great Plague in the time of the Antonines destroyed at least half of the population of the Roman Empire. The Black Death that came to Europe from the Orient in the Fourteenth Century killed at least half of the total population of Europe – some estimate three-quarters.

The United States today is terribly overpopulated. It contains at least 250,000,000 individuals classified as human beings, and the total may be horribly greater. (The census of 1980 gave a total of 226,504,825, and a rate of increase which would give c. 243,000,000 today. To this total must be added the swarms our enemies have imported illegally and to which"their"Congress in Washington is about to give 'amnesty' and citizenship, numbering at least 17,000,000 and perhaps as many as 48,000,000.) An optimum population for the United States would not exceed 100,000,000. The elimination of the enormous surplus would greatly benefit us, assuming, of course, that the valuable part of the population survived.

The boobs like to jabber about "preserving our freedoms" and to give themselves a thrill of complacency by reading stories about the horrors of life in the Soviet Union. They have not even noticed the noose about their necks, because it has thus far been tightened only a little each year. As a matter of fact, Americans have much less freedom than do the denizens of the far less efficient Soviet states; the difference is that thus far the owners of the Americans have not openly exercised many of the powers they now have – but there are indications that they intend to accelerate enforcement of their control over the stupid creatures who"gave"themselves into slavery.

Americans are now helpless. The governmental power to which they have enslaved themselves can destroy any American or any number of them whenever it wishes.

An epidemic of the magnitude projected for 1990 and following years would shatter the power of the despotism that now has us by the neck. The computers on which every American's income, expenditures, and activities are now registered would whir in vain. The terrorist arms of government would become demoralized and incompetent. And it is most unlikely that Aryans who had retained some virility could be kept in a drunken stupor on Jesus-juice. They would act. And I am still willing to bank on the intelligence and courage of uninfected Aryans in the social cataclysm that the epidemic will cause. That is why it is so important to ascertain the racial distribution of Immunity Deficiency and of mortality from it.

In sum, then, the virus that the niggers of central Africa bestowed on us does not justify an unmitigated pessimism. On the basis of present knowledge, we may foresee not only social convulsions horrible to the participants but also a chance for Aryans to recover their racial health. And if they do not take that chance when it comes – dare I say it? – the new Plague will only have aided them on their way to extinction.


(1) This is the estimate made by Belgian physicians who visited the Congo (called Zaire since it was handed over to the savages); so far as I have noticed, the only figure given in the press in this country is 5%, and this was used in the article in "Time." In Northern Rhodesia (now called Zambia), British physicians found that of seventy-one niggers suffering from a wasting disease peculiar to Blacks, sixty-three had the virus of Acquired Immunity Deficiency, but they were uncertain whether the virus had merely made the sixty-three more susceptible to a quite different but lethal disease, as it commonly does, or the remaining eight patients were also infected by the virus, of which no trace could be found in their blood. A correspondent informs me that the World Health Organization refuses to admit that "AIDS" has been found in Africa, doubtless to prevent the taxpaying animals in the United States from feeling less love for the dear savages whom they work so hard to pamper.

(2) The causative agent is now described as an extremely minute virus, and one hears nothing of the 'prions' I mentioned in "Liberty Bell," May 1985, p. 2. None of the articles about Acquired Immunity Deficiency that I have seen mention the analogies between that disease and kuru. Kuru, by the way, is similar to, if not identical with, a disease of sheep which can be controlled only by promptly destroying all sheep that COULD have been infected in any region in which the malady appears.

(3) Certain of the "miracle drugs" that are being constantly devised by the drug-industry have been found to inhibit the multiplication of the virus, but they also paralyse or destroy the immune system itself, leaving the victim no better than before, although, if he is kept in isolation from all possible infections, such drugs may make him die more slowly, a dubious benefit, except to the various individuals who will profit from prolonging the victim's life at the expense of the taxpayers. You will see why the Immunity Deficiency may be the kind of malady that can be cured only by killing the patient. This research, however, has directed attention to the highly important question of the extent to which some of the drug-industry's creations may permanently damage the immune system, promoting recovery from one disease at the cost of leaving the patient more vulnerable to others.

(4) A correspondent assures me that he has personal knowledge of cases in which the virus was introduced into the victim's body by drugs that incorporate elements taken from blood which had been sterilized by both heat and formaldehyde.

(5) As I write, the press reports that Margaret Heckler, Secretary of Health and Human Services, who has been quoted as boasting that "through the development of our blood test, we have been able to exclude all contaminated blood," is about to be replaced with a bureaucrat who has not yet told such whoppers. An observer of activity in that department of "our" government sees indications that it may be preparing an improved "swine flu" hoax by claiming to have a vaccine that will give immunity to Acquired Immunity Deficiency; the concealed despotism that owns the Congress will then have administration of the "vaccine" made mandatory. The taxpaying animals will be herded to "clinics" in which they will have injected a "vaccine" which, like the one devised for "swine flu," will cause an epidemic of what it purports to prevent. Thus the entire population, or, at least, the Aryan part of it, can be infected with the virus of Immunity Deficiency, thus assuring equality and preventing the sin of discrimination. Surely, Americans, trained in their schools and churches, will not be so bigoted as to object to such social justice!

(6) I am told that, as seems reasonable, there are very few sambos among the hordes that, with the connivance of our enemies in Washington and the active cooperation of treasonous churchmen, pour across the borders from Mexico in preparation for their take-over of the southwestern part of the United States and the expulsion or massacre of its White population. I do not call to mind at the moment the ethnological terms for the products of interbreeding between sambos and mestizos and between sambos and Whites; I suppose they are not numerous, but I know of no statistics.

(7) One correspondent says that a survey of 272 persons in Baltimore, Maryland, who have died or presumably are now dying of Immunity Deficiency shows that fully 80% of them are niggers, while the remaining 20% is composed of mestizos, Jews, and Whites, in diminishing order. He adds that most of the Aryans whose pictures have appeared in the press as having died or being about to die of the disease were infected by blood transfusions in hospitals. From this he draws an inference that is the opposite of my conjecture, viz., that our race may have some natural resistance to the virus when it is not introduced directly into the blood-stream. He also notes that infected perverts are eager to communicate their disease to the general populace (and another correspondent quotes an editorial in a magazine for homosexuals urging precisely that, evidently with knowledge of the unreliability of the blood-tests of which Washington boasted). He therefore foresees, on a somewhat different basis, the official action predicted by the observer whose opinion I cited in note 5 above.

(8) Here again a racial question is possible. As is well known, the niggers in Haiti, incited by British missionaries, full of Jesus, and French Jacobins, full of Jewish drivel about "equality" and "human rights," and eventually aided by the British navy, exterminated the entire white population that had made that French colony a civilized region. (For a detailed history of events that delight the secret hearts of all true "Liberals," see Lothrop Stoddard's "The French Revolution in San Domingo," published in 1914 and now available from Liberty Bell Publications.) After they had exterminated all the White population, the full-blooded Blacks naturally turned with zest to exterminating the mulattos, who were then quite numerous. This domestic fun continued intermittently until the occupation of Port-au-Prince by American troops in 1915. At the latest estimate (no believable statistics are available), the percentage of mulattos in the total population ad fallen to less than 4%. It is possible, however, that mulattos, being the more intelligent and energetic part of the population, formed a large part of the thousands who rushed from Haiti to the Congo to get their pickings from the harvest provided by the "anti-colonialism" of Aryan imbeciles and traitors.

(9) Canada, by the way, is in the same plight as the United States, for its simple-minded Anglo-Saxons were persuaded by Jews and traitors to show how big-hearted they were by importing anthropoid vermin from the "Third World." The Canadian organization, Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (P. O. Box 332, Rexdale, Ontario), published in its report on immigration for Autumn, 1985, an article by John Morgan on the disease that "first spread from Central Africa (Zaire) via Haiti and the U.S. to Canada," giving the usual description of Acquired Immunity Deficiency, but adding the point that the vaccines that are commonly used against other diseases (smallpox, measles, poliomyelitis, etc.) are deadly to persons whose immune system cannot react with them. He also calls attention to a factor overlooked in many discussions. Since a male who has been infected sexually by a male in turn infects females with whom he has normal sexual intercourse, and since in Canada, as in the United States, "educators" have labored mightily to excite bi-sexual promiscuity in adolescent children, many of the children who were thus demoralized must now be infected. (Robertson, in the article I cite below, especially apprehends contagion "on the playing fields of schools and universities," i.e., among athletes and their admirers, among whom notably intensive and indiscriminate promiscuity is now normal.) Mr. Morgan quotes a study by Kevin Orr, who found that in the city of Toronto the incidence of "AIDS" doubles every six months, almost twice as rapidly as in North America as a whole, where the geometrical increase apparently takes from ten to twelve months. Thus the future of Toronto's population may easily be calculated. He adds, "We can take no comfort from the fact that for more than fifteen years many of us have been vilified for repeatedly speaking out against the permissiveness in our society which has encouraged homosexuality as an 'alternative lifestyle' and which has brought an influx of Third World immigrants, some of whom have brought leprosy, AIDS, and other dread diseases."

(10) The dervishes seem to be uncertain about the best way to exploit the coming epidemic in the salvation-business. By automatic reflex, of course, they identify every disaster as proof of old Yahweh's irascibility, and experts in "Bible prophecy" promptly start looking through their favorite storybook for a passage in which Jesus or his daddy threatened or promised to do what he has just done. We may expect the "creation scientists," who deny all biological change, whether by evolution or mutation, to come with proof that the old bungler who created the heavens and earth in 4004 B.C. designed the virus of Immunity Deficiency on Saturday (or was it Friday?) night, just before laying off work, and we may suppose that he was proud of his ingenuity in devising that special way of tormenting the wretched creatures he had just created, omnisciently foreseeing their surprise when he sicked it on them six thousand years later. The holy men are naturally soliciting funds so that they can cheer up persons dying of the disease by telling them that, if they can believe the impossible, Jesus will be waiting to welcome their ghosts, but so far as I know, none of God's salesmen has as yet claimed that he could cure the disease by prevailing on his boss to do it, as, of course, an omnipotent god could do instantaneously, if he turned his mind to it. Such a promotion should be highly lucrative as the epidemic increases, since the dying, if gullible, would pay handsomely for a chance of salvation on earth, and when the victim dies, it could be explained that he was, after all, so sinful he couldn't work up the faith of a mustard seed. In British Columbia one of God's men seems to have gotten off to a bad start, probably while trying to distract attention from the public schools and other agencies that made homosexuality so fashionable. He says that it is damnable to "discriminate" against perverts: they were ALL born as homosexuals, i.e., Yahweh made them that way, whence it follows that we must love them and their diseases. The argument is perfectly logical, of course, and should be cogent to True Believers, but I feel certain that the experts on Madison Avenue would say that that kind of advertising doesn't create the right kind of "image" for a flourishing business.