by Professor R. P. Oliver

April 1987

In the February issue I reported the origin of the colossal statue of Eleutheria (Libertas) that stands at the entrance to the harbor of New York and is defaced by tawdry verses, composed by a Kikess named Lazarus, in which the goddess is made to say, on behalf of the American people, "Give me...the wretched refuse of your teaming shores," thus advertising the United States as a dump for the world's anthropoid garbage. I am glad to see that at last a new organization, America First, Inc., launched a campaign for removal of the obscene inscription in its little Newletter for April 1986, which has an appropriate cartoon, entitled "Liberty Enlightening the Refuse," that shows the statue covered with crawling humanoid vermin.

It seems almost incredible that the American people should have, for a century and more, tolerated that obscene advertisement on a statue they adopted as a symbol – not only tolerated it but took a complacent pride in being insulted by it. Even vehemently conservative and conscientiously patriotic Americans mawkishly swallowed the poisonous bait, and the late Ruth M. Curtis, in her review of Robert Dilley's "Message for America" in "American Opinion," November 1965, had to reprove the author for quoting "the degrading Statue of Liberty inscription about giving us the world's 'wretched refuse.' Trash did not build this country."

Dilley, who correctly identified our "Welfare State", the "United Nations," and the idiotic squandering called "Foreign Aid," as proto-Communist subversion, did not see that what he rightly deplored was a direct consequence of the noisome pollution of our Aryan nation by incompatible and often enemy races, imported according to the policy stated in the alien's verses he quoted with self-satisfied unction. If he ever read the brilliantly realistic works of Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard, his mind was insulated against biological facts.

Dilley's strange incomprehension of what should have been obvious was typical of generations of Americans whose minds were fettered and deformed by a grotesque superstition that denied manifest reality and taught them that it was righteous to close their eyes and believe that all anthropoids were made equal by being sloshed in "the blood of the Lamb," i.e., by being sprinkled with magic water and given periodic sips of Jesus-juice in "communion" services. It was admittedly a superstition devised by a Jewish agitator who enlisted as his satellites a passel of unwashed and illiterate "idiotae," chosen from the very dregs of Jewry; and even the nonsense about "all mankind" had been superimposed by the Christian witch-doctors on a text in which the would-be christ specifically stated that he was interested only in arousing Jews, who are God's Race.

As we all know, the Jewish poison sank deep into our vitals and so enfeebled the minds of our race that even when men could no longer credit nursery tales about pregnant virgins and crucified gods, they babbled about "equality" and "all mankind," unaware that they were still drugged by the deadly residue of the superstition they thought to reject. Miracles, they told themselves in their delirium, could be wrought by "education" and "democracy" instead of Jesus-juice. And the Yiddish parasites snickered with satisfaction as they told their crazed victims how "intellectual" and "humanitarian" they were. And so, with the exception of a few whose minds had not been alienated by the residual superstition, even educated Americans made no protest while their country was filled with refuse and with aliens come to despoil it and to reave it from them.

Lately, when hordes of Vietnamese "refugees" were brought into the now overpopulated country that once was ours, Americans took pride in showing how big were their hearts and how tiny their brains. And today, as swarms of vicious mongrels pour across the Rio Grande every day with the almost open connivance of the alien government in Tel-Aviv-on-the-Potomac, it is not astonishing that so many of the sleazy shysters in the salvation-racket welcome them and offer them sanctuary, but what is noteworthy is that we hear no protest from the majority of men accredited as biologists. They profess to accept biological evolution, the only rational theory that accounts for our existence, but they evidently believe that old Yahweh or some other spook stopped the evolutionary process a few thousand years ago to bless the anthropoid mammals with stinking equality. And they practice verbal magic, believing that nature can be fooled and facts cancelled by denying them. Or perhaps they have discovered that magic pays better than science.

All this we have long known, but you may still be astonished by the full measure of our racial insanity. The "Los Angeles Times," 30 October 1986, very prominently featured news that a deformed boy of twelve from Cambodia was welcomed at the International Airport by "a tumult ["sic"] of television cameras and microphones." And the paper printed a picture of the joyous occasion, showing the yellow urchin with his grinning and obviously prosperous uncle, who looks more like a Laotian than a Khmer. And the deformed boy was taken home to be cuddled by his other uncles, his aunts, his doubtless numerous brothers, and his grandmother and grandfather, all of whom entered the United States as "refugees" imported at your expense, and all of whom are now battening on the country that used to belong to the Americans.

His swarm of relatives, no doubt, began the boy's education by telling him, with Mongoloid grins, "See, White Devils all gone crazy. Pretty soon, no more White Devils."

What made this slight addition to our afflictions so noteworthy? Your money, of course, was spent lavishly to import it, but that is commonplace. The rejoicing was occasioned by the fact that the deformed youngster couldn't be imported as a "refugee" and so was brought in "under a federal program that allows entry to ""disabled, sick, or mentally ill people"" who are not officially classified as war refugees." (My emphasis.) And it is hoped that the young Mongoloid cripple "will be the first of many" deformed, diseased, and imbecile pests who, under the new "humanitarian program," will be rushed in "from the camps [in Cambodia]" to increase the already unbearable pollution of our environment.

Twenty years ago, in a speech ("Conspiracy or Degeneracy?," recently reprinted by Liberty Bell Publications) that an audience of two thousand applauded and presumably approved, I asked the blunt question, "Have we, the men of the West, lost the will to live?" The answer now seems obvious. We and perhaps our entire race everywhere have lost not only the will to live but even the modicum of intelligence requisite to perceive that we have lost it.