by Prof. Revilo P. Oliver

October 1986

Although American Conservatives hope to restore the American Republic, they generally oppose change in all other matters, and hold steadfastly to their old faith in "democracy." They must therefore derive satisfaction from the assurance that all is normal in their own ranks.

Last year the Ohio contingent of Colonel Roberts' Committee to Restore the Constitution seceded from the parent organization but continued to use the name until it was enjoined by the courts from so doing. The dissension was over questions of policy and strategy. Now the Illinois chapter has either defected or been eased out. It is not clear why, but there is a rumor that the initial disagreement was over the relative merits of two brands of Jesus.

The minuscule Populist Party was organized so late in 1984 that the electoral laws of most states made it impossible for a new party to obtain a place on the ballot. Now, according to the widely-circulated weekly newspaper, "Spotlight," the Party has multiplied itself by fission, having been sundered by diverse opinions about the proper use of its accumulated treasure. Needless to say, the schism was followed by reciprocal recrimination. And, furthermore, also according to "Spotlight" (12 May), the Party's National Chairman is trying to avoid paying a judgement of $274,000 rendered by the courts against him and in favor of a lady whom he diddled with a scheme to establish a new hospital in her home town.

And so it goes, just as it has gone for the past thirty years and more. Everything is normal, and there is nothing for you to worry about – assuming, of course, that you have made arrangements to escape from the United States and its future.