by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

April 1986

God's People whine about being persecuted as automatically as a mosquito whines about your ear before he alights to suck your blood. Whenever the Middle Ages are mentioned, we are told how the bigoted Europeans cruelly confined the righteous Jews to those awful ghettos. The truth of the matter is that the Master Race is like bees, which as individuals fly far afield, but return to hives in which they instinctively huddle together, seeking in common a warmth they do not have singly. That is why Jews always set up ghettos for themselves wherever they are sufficiently numerous to indulge their antipathy to goyim.

In Mediaeval cities in which the Jews had planted large colonies, they took over part of the city for their ghetto, in which they brought together and displayed to each other their accumulated wealth and could swarm without being observed by the population on which they were parasitic. The opulence of the ghettos was naturally combined with the squalor and filth in which the race seems at home.

In ancient Alexandria, the New York of the Classical world, the Jews appropriated a quarter of the city for themselves as a ghetto into which no goy would want to enter, and from which they issued in swarms to harass the Greek and Hellenized populations and push them around, because, the Righteous Ones said, old Yahweh objected to such wicked things as gymnastic contests and theatrical performances. And whenever the civilized people resented their pests, the Yids ran yammering to the Roman governor, lamenting how unjustly they were persecuted.

In the land the Jews have taken from the Semites in Palestine, they, instead of establishing families and homes, as Aryans would do, swarm into kibbutzim, in which they all huddle together and crawl over each other, like bees in a hive, and enjoy their common vulgarity and filth.

In their North American colony, as the honest Jew, Samuel Roth, admits in "Jews Must Live" (partial reprint available from Liberty Bell Publications), the Jews set up their own clubs and districts, in which no self-respecting goy would want to be seen, but when they hear that the despised White Americans have dared to have a club or village from which God's Own are excluded, the Jews, screaming they are persecuted, push their way in and take over until they have succeeded in stinking the place up so that "goyim" abandon it, whereupon they return to their own exclusive lairs and "togetherness."

And now the Jews are making progress toward establishing real, officially defined and recognized ghettos for themselves in what used to be our country. They are fencing off districts in cities in which they have acquired the land and houses. See the Los-Angeles area "Daily News," 11 May 1985.

The proto-ghettos are called "'erubim" and for the time being will be fenced off by "heavy-duty fishing lines" strung around the occupied area on the lamp posts provided by the "goyim." The effect of the boundary thus fixed will be to make the delimited area a holy enclave in which the Jews will be as much at home as inside their own houses. It will become a huge kibbutz, covering acres and square miles, and, needless to say, "goyim" who had the hardihood to remain in homes they didn't abandon when the Jewish influx started, had better remove their offensive presence from the communal home of their betters.

The Jews say they need to convert the entire district into a communal "home" because only thus can they avoid the inconveniences their god imposes on them on Saturday, the Sabbath. When Jews have to live like the nasty Aryans, who have only their house as a home, Yahweh's surveillance of his Chosen on their Holy Day can be quite a burden, they say. If, for example, he saw a Jew carrying an umbrella out in the rain, he would have a fit, just as he would, if he caught sight of house keys in the pocket of a Jew who is out of doors. But when the whole district is made into a ghetto ("'erub"), the Jew with the umbrella or keys in his pocket is deemed to be still inside his home, and old Yahweh either doesn't know the difference or doesn't care.

That, the Jews say, is why they already have more than 300 " 'erubim" spotted through this hapless nation, and are now setting up an 'erub of eleven square miles in the vicinity of Los Angeles, appropriating to themselves parts of the suburbs of Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and North Hollywood. The new holy land will supplement the now crowded 'erubim near Los Angeles, one of which takes in parts of Fairfax and Hancock Park, while the other encloses parts of the Beverly Hills and Rancho Park.

As a rabbi candidly told the press, "Enclosing the area [with a fishing line] makes it a private domain in a sense. It's like a symbolic wall around a city." Eventually, of course, the symbolic wall can be replaced with a real one, as in most of the Mediaeval ghettos, and policemen can be stationed at the gates to make sure that none of the Jews' dogs and cattle, whether Americans or of some other lowly race, get in and see how God's People huddle together when not out fleecing or bleeding their subjects or just having fun, kicking them around.

The Jewish flag will naturally be flown from the synagogues in the sacred enclaves. And old Yahweh will chuckle with satisfaction as he floats on a cloud above the ghetto, keeping his eye on the superior beings he chose to own the world.