by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

September 1985

A despatch from the United Press, published in many newspapers (e.g., the "Chicago Sun-Times") on 19 March 1985, reported an article by Professor B. J. Bernstein in "Technology Review," according to which two Jews, whom the unspeakable Roosevelt had put in charge of the development of the atomic bomb, planned in 1943 to murder the population of Germany by poisoning German food with strontium. The godly project, which was delayed by the technical difficulty of making sure that millions of Aryans died simultaneously at the first poisoning, seems to have been abandoned for that reason. It was, of course, in keeping with the Yiddish idealism of Theodore Kaufman's famous plan to exterminate the German people. (See his "Germany Must Perish!" of which a reprint is available from "Liberty Bell," $3.00 plus postage.)

The Jews have boasted (see the "Toronto Daily Star," 9 March 1968) that Jews working in the bakeshops in Germany killed more than a thousand officers of the SS by surreptitiously poisoning their bread with arsenic.

In the Middle Ages, Jews were often accused of poisoning the wells, especially in Germany, but everyone knows that God's innocent darlings would never do anything wrong, so the reports must be false and just another proof of the wickedness that makes the inhabitants of EVERY country infested by Jews hate those righteous beings. Or does the wickedness lie in thinking that it is wrong to poison "goyim"?

Farmers in South Africa try to poison the baboons. So why should not the Master Race, to whom old Yahweh by the famous "b'rith" deeded the whole universe, poison Aryans? The cattle, though stupid, are an unsatisfactory species and, as happened in Germany and could happen wherever there are herds of them, sometimes become so bigoted as to imagine that they do not belong to the herdsmen to whom Yahweh gave them. It's time to replace them with a more reliably docile breed, and why should it matter how they are eliminated?