by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

September 1985

An item in the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" informs me that the godly folk of Lorain County (west of Cleveland) have organized and are going to fire off, on the appointed Day of Prayer, a barrage of simultaneous prayers, not only from 300 churches, but also from the barrooms, bowling alleys, and other places where the pious may be at the appointed time. They want old Yahweh to bless Lorain County and especially to do something about its unemployment, which has reached 10.4%. Well, good Christians have been supplicating Yahweh for about two thousand years, and he hasn't heard them yet, but if he's up there and was just having a good snooze on a cloud, it may be that all those sound waves from Lorain County may wake him up and get him busy at last. If that happens, it will be interesting to see whether he will be able to do anything with the gang in Washington that created most of the unemployment by forcing a shut down of the steel plants and other industries in the county so that the American boobs will be forced to buy what steel and machinery they can still afford from foreign producers to promote "international understanding" and the "one world" that Yahweh's Chosen want.

According to a letter that came to hand a short time ago, the once profitable pineapple plantations in Hawaii are being destroyed by their owners, who are trying to replace them with other crops. They are being forced to do this by the dictatorship in Washington, which has decreed that the American boobs must get their pineapples from Brazil, Central America, and especially Africa – not from Hawaii. That may seem odd when you remember that Hawaii was made a state so that the United States would have a horde of Polynesian, Oriental, and mongrel "citizens," but you will understand when you learn that most of the pineapple plantations are owned by white Americans, members of the only species of mammals that ever voluntarily degraded itself to serfdom and eventual extinction. If Yahweh's fans in Lorain County get some action from the Lord of Hosts, the white men who are being impoverished in Hawaii might try the same method of getting his attention. But when I remember that fierce old Yahweh promised the Jews (Exodus, 23.27) that he will destroy all the nations they invade, I am afraid Americans, whether in Lorain County or Hawaii, haven't much chance of getting him to change his mind.