by Professor R. P. Oliver

January 1985

In January 1981, "Liberty Bell" carried a leading article by Allan Callahan, "John Lemmon: Good Riddance," describing the psychic devastation of Aryan youth wrought by the calculated menticidal filth purveyed over the "electric Jew," as television is aptly called, by the deceased degenerate and his fellow Beatles, on whom – I should say more correctly, on which civilized men had failed to step in time. Lennon, it will be remembered, was condignly eliminated by pesticidal bullets from a gun held by one of his innumerable victims.

No one should have been astonished by an article by Jack Martin of the Copley News Service, which appeared in many newspapers on 22 April 1984. It was only natural for Lennon to fancy himself another Jewish messiah, come to destroy civilization for the benefit of his malignant race. According to one of Lennon's confederates, quoted by Martin in the article, Lennon convened a special board meeting of his gang and announced, "I have something very important to tell you. I am Jesus Christ come back again. This is my thing." Of course!

It is relevant and worth noting that the same issue of "Liberty Bell" contains a cogent article by an anonymous author, entitled "The Whiteman's Guidebook." Its grim realism is a lesson every man of our race needs to learn above all else. Look up that number of "Liberty Bell" in your file or obtain the offprint, which is still available from the publisher.