by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

June 1986

The American Republic was doomed when the rather stringent limitations on the suffrage, taken for granted in the Constitution, were first relaxed and then abolished, permitting what is called "majority rule," which means, of course, rule by the confidence men who prey on that majority. In this country, as in Britain, government is a theatrical performance that provides entertainment for the populace and conceals the reality of the rulers' power.

Americans, however, take a particular pride in their "two-party system," which, every two years, gives them a chance to play guessing games. First, in primaries for state offices, and then in national elections, they are given an opportunity to guess which of two evils is the lesser. That seems to amuse and content them, particularly since the advertising experts in the press show real skill as they create the impression that there is some significant difference between the two, and that it really matters which is chosen – matters, that is, to anyone except the performers, who naturally each covet the top billing in the show, and to persons who have placed bets on one or the other.

Very rarely, however, it happens that the performances are marred by embarrassing slips in the action. Something happens on the stage that was not in the script, and the audience reacts in an undesired way. That is most disconcerting to the directors of the show.

In 1984, for example, there was "one" interesting election – in the 15th Congressional District of Michigan.(1) There Gerald R. Carlson, who brazenly asserted that White men had rights, won the Republican nomination by a quite comfortable majority. That so dismayed the producers of the biennial comedy that they gave the show away.

The public is not only told that there is some real difference between the "Republican" and the "Democratic" gangs, but it is standard procedure to cozen discontented individuals by talking about "party loyalty" and a hope of a lesser sell-out the next time. But the bosses of the "Republican" gang were so dismayed that they did not stop to reflect that if Mr. Carlson were elected as a representative of the Americans, he could not accomplish anything of real importance as a lone man in the great den of thieves, embezzlers, counterfeiters, and traitors who, together with their Jewish masters, form what is called the Congress of the United States.(2) He would, at most, have been a minor annoyance until the machinery for ruining him was put into operation. They had doubtless ascertained that he was so odious a reactionary that he could not be bought, but, since I do not know Mr. Carlson personally, I am not sure that if they had accepted him, as the much publicized principles of the great American farce obliged them to do, they could not have neutralized him, at least partly, with the old hokum about "party loyalty" and a plea, "let's get behind old Ronnie and push," supported by "inside information" that at heart the old hoofer really favored the Americans, although it was not politically expedient for him to admit it.

Instead of behaving with ordinary political prudence, however, the "Republican" bosses in Michigan, perhaps frightened by frowns of their Yiddish lords, went into a tantrum and begged the stalwarts of the party to defeat their own party's candidate and get votes for the candidate of the ostensibly opposing party, fat-faced Gerald Ford, who pontificated that it was "un-American" for Americans to think that they were entitled to be represented in the Congress of the United States, thus giving away the rest of the "two-party" fraud.

Although Carlson had only a tiny budget and was denied access to the normal channels of publicity, having to rely almost entirely on handbills and personal appearances, while Ford was lavishly financed by both of the supposedly opposing parties and the prostitutes of the press brewed their best venom, the result of the election shocked and alarmed professional con men throughout the country. Carlson received 40% of the votes, and some observers in Michigan even report that Ford's success was made possible only by frantically mobilizing 90% of the niggers to vote against the White man who thought that Americans should be more than tax-paying animals.

Nothing is more amusing and instructive than what happens when the people actually try to select for themselves the candidate who is to be "the people's choice," and it need not be over an issue of racial survival, as it was in Michigan. When the serfs do not behave as the were scheduled to do, the big show becomes a riot, and the stage-managers have conniption fits.

In Illinois the other day, two candidates sponsored by Lyndon LaRouche's organization won the "Democratic" nomination for Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State, because the tax-paying animals had the temerity to think they had a right to chose candidates in a primary election. The "Democratic" boss-men and their Jewish supervisors behaved like a crowd at a circus when all the tigers have escaped from their cages before feeding time.

It must not be thought that I intend to say anything good about Lyndon LaRouche, whose strange career and stranger financial sponsors would call for very extensive discussion, and whom I remember for books that were manufactured to prove that all of the world's distress comes, not from Yahweh's piratical brood, but from the wicked Anglo-Saxons in England, who not only operate the trade in narcotic drugs everywhere on the globe, but are engaged in a frightful conspiracy to destroy civilization.(3) And I express no opinion concerning his candidates, who, although given the silent treatment by the alien-owned and controlled press, were able to make personal, privately sponsored appearances before small audiences, especially in the part of the state that lies outside the stinking wasteland of Chicago and in which native Americans still form a majority, although they are not supposed to behave as though they knew it. I am here interested only in the consequences of the astonishing behavior of voters in the "Democratic" primary who dared to chose candidates they were supposed to ignore.

LaRouche's candidates, persons utterly unknown to the public, clearly won the nominations because they dared to speak about forbidden topics: the imminent danger of the ever growing epidemic of Immunity Deficiency, the continuous robbery of Americans by the great thieves of cosmopolitan finance, and the progressive liquidation of American farmers.

The "Democratic" candidate for governor was Adlai Stevenson, the son of old "Auntie" Adlai, who is remembered for one of the cleverest publicity stunts in American political shows. (He was photographed with a foot raised to exhibit a hole in the sole of his shoe.) Young Adlai, having himself photographed with a visage that would have suited a lush who had just been cleaned out by the roulette-wheels on the Strip in Las Vegas, announced that he could not endure association with fellow candidates so "hate-filled" they thought the tax-paying animals had a right to work for themselves instead of their international lords, and vowed that he would form a Third Party. He should have waited for his cosmeticians and "public relations" experts. His daddy would have been prudent enough to do so.

The enemy press vomited all over its dirty paper, regurgitating swill about the Ku Klux Klan and the wicked Germans who didn't worship God's Masterpieces. And "Democratic" straw-bosses beat their chests as they confessed to having been "caught off guard," thus permitting the damned American voters to chose for themselves, as they should never be allowed to do.

The most ludicrous performance of all was staged on the boob-tube by the Jews' Defamation League. The Yids, perhaps indiscreetly, wailed that "'international financiers' means Jews," and they intimated that the nomination of the two candidates foreshadowed a dire future in which the Americans would start stuffing millions and millions of Yahweh's Precious Darlings into gas chambers and ovens. That seemed odd, since one of the successful candidates is a Jewess(4) and the other is suspected by some (perhaps his enemies) of being partly a Jew.

Some optimists hope that these local "contretemps "are an indication that some Americans are becoming weary of the biennial stage-show that held them enthralled for so long, and may even be beginning to think for themselves. The professionals of politics(5) doubtless reflect that things are managed much better in the perfected "democracy" of the Soviet Union. And there are cynics who surmise that all the hurly-burly is just part of the show, an episode introduced to make it less boring to the audience and to ensure the reelection of a governor who is zealously importing talented Orientals(6) and has recently boasted of his success in inducing some financiers in a great and wealthy industrial nation, Communist China, to establish branches in primitive Illinois and thus provide menial jobs for impoverished peasants, kulaks who are being driven from the farms they once owned, and for some of the other ignorant Aryan natives, who are too shiftless and technologically backward to have industry of their own.


An Associated-Press despatch, published in many newspapers on 21 March, reports that Dr. William D. Edwards, a pathologist on the staff of the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has published in the prestigious "Journal of the American Medical Association" a "new medical analysis based on historical [sic] records" which shows that "Jesus Christ's execution on the cross was 'gruesome and disgraceful' with extreme suffering."

I do not usually read the American Medical Association's solemn trade-journal, but I shall now watch eagerly for the article in which the great pathologist will give us a medical analysis of the suffering of Odin when he was lashed to the world-tree, or of Zagreus when he was dismembered and devoured by the Titans (before he was resurrected), for both of which events he has equally good historical sources.


(1) The Presidential election in 1984 was without interest; despite the efforts of press and boob-tubes to make it appear that there was a contest, it was apparent that the Jews had picked old Ronnie as their "shabbat goy." There was no clear indication whether or not it was intended that he live out his full term in office. The Jews, with very little attempt at concealment, spent millions to defeat incumbents in the House and Senate just to emphasize the lesson that American curs must not whimper in the presence of their owners, but that was scarcely so novel as to be interesting. What made Carlson's campaign interesting was that the Americans had a chance to vote for a candidate on their side and even to elect him to Congress.

(2) Financial analysts report that $1000 invested in 1940 in what were once eminently safe investments, such as bonds, now has a value of only $40 to $45 in terms of the dollars of 1940; thus the Congress has stolen $960 of 1940 from such investors, to say nothing of the corresponding theft of a comparable part of the interest on their investment. As everyone knows, the Congress devised an actuarial scheme called "Social Security" and soon embezzled the premiums that had been collected by force from the coerced participants. The Congress is also the accomplice of the counterfeiting ring called the Federal Reserve, forcing Americans to accept worthless paper in place of money. And of many acts of overt treason, it will suffice to mention that Americans were stripped of their Panama Canal to provide another link in the Communist encirclement of the United States, and that the Senate recently enacted the "Genocide Treaty" in preparation for rule of the American serfs by open terrorism, as in the Soviet Union, although it is not yet clear whether the Jews plan to impose the Reign of Terror gradually or suddenly, perhaps using a war, such as their Ronnie is now trying to provoke, as a suitable occasion for putting the Americans in the place the fools made for themselves.

(3) The cleverest of these books is impressive at first sight, "The New Dark Ages Conspiracy, Britain's Plot to Destroy Civilization," by Mr./Mrs./Miss Carol White, complete with fulsome encomia of the great genius of our age, Lyndon LaRouche, and published by his Benjamin Franklin Press in 1980.

(4) So it is said. According to a report which I have no means of verifying, her father was a Jew, but her mother was not a Jewess; according to the strict Jewish definition, therefore, she is not a Jewess.

(5) Nothing more clearly illustrates the workings of what Americans call "democracy" than the degradation of this word. It was around 1940, as I remember, that the publishers of a British dictionary of international biography had to explain to an American that they had not used 'politician' in a derogatory sense and had intended no libel of persons so described. The primary meaning of 'politics' is that given in the dictionaries, "The art and science of government," i.e., political philosophy. An educated Attorney General was wont to play on the dual meaning of the word today when he advised his acquaintances, "Never talk about politics to a politician: he couldn't understand and wouldn't be interested anyway." And a friend of mine insists that a careful writer of English will never use the phrase "a corrupt politician," since that is an offensive tautology, like "wet water" or "cold ice."

(6) Business men say that in some departments of the State government, especially the ones concerned with highways, the engineering staffs are composed entirely of Hindus, imported, no doubt, because the natives of the state, Aryans – or are they Ainu? – do not have minds that can cope with such complicated work. – Schools in Illinois must now teach in some twenty-two foreign languages, including Spanish (for the mongrels swarming in from Mexico) and "French" (for niggers from Haiti); Arabic (doubtless of several dialects) and Syriac from the Near East; Hindustani, Urdu, Gujarati, and Bengali from India; Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese from Indo-China; Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, and Japanese from the Far East. The great problem in Illinois is that of finding instructors in all those tongues; there is no problem about finances, of course: just suck more blood from the dumb brutes who pay taxes. Needless to say, it would be much less expensive to ship the alien scum back home, but what would Jesus say? Only a vile "racist" would imagine that Americans could have a right to a country of their own!