by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

June 1985

In their confidential bulletin for March 1984, the Syndicat National de la Presse Independante mentioned a"petite brochure"by a certain Professor W. L. Horowitz, published in the early years of this century but now become extremely rare ("aujourd'hui introuvable"). Neither the title of the booklet nor the name of the publisher is given, and I have been unable to locate a copy of it. If any reader of these pages has access to a private library that includes a collection of publications on the Jewish question, and has seen this booklet, I should be grateful for information about it.

Horowitz, a Jew who was a biologist, evidently collected data on the biological degeneration of the offspring of a union between a male and a female of incompatible heredity. He warns his fellow Jews that since they belong to an Oriental race that is genetically incompatible with Aryans, the progeny of a union between a Jew and an Aryan will necessarily be genetically degenerate. I infer from what is said that if the hybrid thus produced does not himself exhibit physical, mental, or psychic degeneracy, that will unmistakably appear, in one form or another, in his offspring by a similar hybrid. It follows that the assimilation of Jews by a European people, suggested by some wishful optimists, is biologically impossible.

What I cannot determine from the notice is whether Professor Horowitz found no difference between the offspring of a White woman by a Jew and the offspring of a Jewess by a White man. This is, of course, an extremely important point, since Jews believe that Jewishness is transmitted exclusively through the female, presumably by cytoplastic heredity. (If you are interested in that problem in genetics, I trust that you did not overlook the work on mitochondrial heredity reported in the "Scientific American," October 1983, p. 95)

Professor Horowitz also cited the well-known rule in animal husbandry that if a hybrid and its descendants are bred with pure specimens of one of the component races, the heredity from the other race will be bred out in four generations. If he believes that rule applicable to Jewish-Aryan hybrids and to cover mental as well as physical characteristics, his view contradicts the later work by Dr. Alfred Nossig, which I have so often cited. Dr. Nossig was certain that even the slightest taint of Jewish blood would pervert the minds of Aryan descendants through many generations.(1) That is obviously a matter of crucial importance in our thinking about the possible causes of the drastic deterioration of our race which has become evident in recent decades, and about the chances our race will survive and have a future on this planet.

Needless to say, I cannot appraise Horowitz's work from the half-page mention of it in the bulletin for members of the French press association. That is why I shall be grateful for help in locating the booklet.


(1) "Integrales Judentum (Berlin-New York, 1922), p.76: "Erst neuere Forscher wagen es, auf die, frueheren Generationen so unbequehme Tatsache hinzuweisen: das Halbjudentum sei so verbreitet, dass es beinahe als Merkmal der Kulturvoelker betrachtet werden muss... Ein einziges judisches Bluttroepfchen beeinflusst die Physionomie ganzer familien noch durch eine lange Reihe von Generationen. Es bedwirkt die Befeuerung ihrer Gehirnganglien und impraegniert diesen Geschlechtern vielfach den juedischen Drang zur Entwicklung zur sozialen Gerchetigkeit, zur Voelkerannaeherung." If Dr. Nossig is right, our race will perish from an acute case of blood-poisoning.