Prof. Revilo P. Oliver

January 1986

It is a matter of common knowledge that the United States, after using the Nationalist government of China as an ally in the war against Japan, by an act of blackest treachery turned China over to the Communists. The infamous traitor, General George Catlett Marshall, who was one of the Roosevelt fiend's principal coadjutors in contriving the destruction of the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, once boasted that he had delivered China to the Bolsheviks with a single stroke of his mighty pen. By this time, the world knows there is no act so vile that the United States will not commit it as it serves as the principal weapon of the Judaeo-Communist assault on Western civilization. But one may still be astonished that Roosevelt and his masters were able so quickly to efface the moral sense of our race.

The "Chicago Tribune," 20 December 1985, reports a reunion of the veterans of the Far Eastern service of the old O.S.S., which was known in informed circles in Washington as the Office of Soviet Stooges. Although it enlisted many Americans who did not understand the ends they were serving, it had two principal functions: to provide commissions for Jews and comfortable berths in which they would not risk abrasion of their tender hides while waiting to torture Germans after Germany had been defeated; and to conduct guerrilla warfare abroad, chiefly by organizing and hiring the criminal classes in nations with which the United States was openly or secretly at war. In at least one operation, the American officer in command of a clandestine landing by parachute in enemy territory was murdered by his Communist subordinates so that the gold and arms destined for a "resistance group" could be delivered directly to openly Bolshevik "partisans." The facts became known and excited indignation in military circles, but the assassins, naturally, were protected by the Revolutionary Tribunal that sits in the building built for the Supreme Court, when we had one.

At the reunion, it was disclosed that the active branch of the O.S.S. in Burma had worked for two months on an attempt to murder General Chiang Kai-shek, who was at that time being lauded fulsomely as America's "noble ally" in a "fight for world peace and freedom." Chiang Kai-shek was so cautious that the assassins were frustrated – or perhaps we should credit the caution to the yellow Jewess who was his wife. The pretext for the attempted assassination was that Chiang was not fighting the Japanese hard enough in 1943, but the obvious purpose, whether or not the commander in the field knew it, was to turn China over to the Communists even before the end of the war. It was the fixed purpose of the government in Washington to install the Communists in China, but it was not until 1971 that the United States shamelessly betrayed the Chinese Republic on Formosa (Taiwan), in preparation for the time when the tax-paying animals in the United States would be put to work to subsidize Communist China, financing for their enemies industrial establishments of all kinds, including munitions-factories, and giving to them the technical knowledge and facilities for manufacturing wholesale nuclear bombs that can eventually be used on Americans, should the stupid creatures become discontented with their enslavement.

The world, as I have said, has long known there is no depth of infamy to which Americans will not descend at the behest of their Yiddish masters, but even so, an attempt to assassinate an ally at the very time at which he was being exhorted to make every sacrifice of himself and his nation for the "common cause" may be thought noteworthy.


The December 1985 issue of "Spearhead" roundly accused the present government of Little Britain of treason. That, of course, was not news to anyone who has, year after year, watched the government in London gratify its alien masters by betraying its race and even its own people in Rhodesia and elsewhere throughout the world. The immediate occasion for the charge was a treaty with Ireland that had just been signed for the obvious purpose of encouraging the terrorists who are harassing and murdering the Anglo-Saxons and the Scots of Ulster in a campaign to drive them from their country and force them to seek refuge in England, where, needless to say, they will be extremely unwelcome, if, indeed, they are grudgingly admitted by a government that welcomes only niggers and wogs, who can be counted on to help put Englishmen in their place as the serfs of all their enemies.

What is a little interesting is that the same number of the magazine transcribes a speech by Enoch Powell, the member of the British parliament who represents the British people. In it, Powell, evidently from his own personal knowledge, assured his listeners that Maggie Thatcher, the "shabbat goyah" who is the British counterpart of our Ronnie, had been averse to the treaty and had opposed it until forced by pressure from the United States (i.e., from the aliens who rule the country that was ours until we gave it away) to accede to a policy that she knows will be disastrous. If the poor woman does have a conscience, we may pity her, but in any case, if Powell is right, we are given an insight into the workings of politics in a "democracy," i.e., ochlocracy. And it is only natural that the government of which Maggie is the nominal head is preparing to mobilize nine thousand British soldiers to shoot the British in Ulster if those lowly Aryans are not content to be the victims of the world's Master Race and the traitors whom it hires in all countries in which our race has not yet been liquidated.