by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

January 1986

Apropos of my comments in the May issue of "Liberty Bell," p. 23, a reader sent me an account of the experiences of a close relative who was an officer in our Air Force and stationed in West Germany from 1973 to 1978. This man and his fellow officers had frequently to fly to West Berlin and thus fly over a part of Germany that the Americans gave to the Soviet Union in 1945. As is well known, the Russians permit American planes to follow only certain prescribed narrow paths in the air, and, of course, the lick-spittle Americans are grateful to the big-hearted Russians for permitting them to fly in those paths rather than simply forbidding them to fly over the land that America gave the Soviets as part of her program of self-abasement.

The American pilots had to cope with many attempts to lure their planes away from the prescribed path so that the Russians could have the fun of shooting them down. "The technique used was to cut in with high-output transmitters and thus override our Air Navigational Aids and thus lead aircraft out of the corridor to be then shot down by Mig fighters. These fake signals were a fairly common occurrence," but, so far as the American officers knew, "no aircraft were lost as a result of the attempted deception" – not, at least, before 1978, when my correspondent's kinsman was transferred out of Germany. Presumably, the American officers were wary and too acute to be deceived by the Soviet tricks.

My correspondent suggests that the Soviets, perhaps with improved equipment, successfully lured the Korean airliner, on which Congressman McDonald happened to be a passenger, from its prescribed path so that they could enjoy shooting it down. That, of course, is possible, although one would suppose that the Russians would have chosen an American plane to have a better laugh at the Americans, whom they justly despise for their cowardice and servility.

It is also possible that the Soviets wanted to test some new missile or other military device. Some of my readers will remember that in 1963 the "Thrasher," one of our newest atomic-powered submarines, was inexplicably lost in the Atlantic, and that a group of officers in our Navy were certain that the "Thrasher" had been destroyed by some of the Soviet submarines that were tracking it to test some device that can be used to eliminate our submarines whenever desired. That was officially denied, but everyone knows that the government in Washington would naturally cover-up for their colleagues in Moscow almost as readily as they cover-up for their Jewish masters, as, for example, after the Jews failed to sink the U.S.S. "Liberty" and were thus estopped from blaming the Egyptians for it, as had been planned. What is more, some of the naval officers believed that Washington had done more for the Soviet – had actually set up the "Thrasher" as a target for the experiment. The assassination of the government's mouthpiece, Kennedy, later in 1963 prevented further inquiry into the destruction of the "Thrasher," and so far as I know, there is no actual proof that the Russians used our submarine for target practice, although they certainly would have done so, if they had a weapon to test.

Although I think negligence on the part of the Korean pilots a little the most probable of the several possible explanations of the destruction of the airplane, I certainly grant that it is entirely possible that Soviets did lure the plane from its prescribed path, as they so often attempted to do in Germany, and they may have done so to test an improved means of electronic deception or a new missile – or just for the fun of it and to hear the Americans whine. Cur dogs sometimes resent being kicked, but Americans never do. They just cringe and babble that the kickers are not nice people, are, well, rather brutal.

That, however, is not the most interesting thing about the destruction of the airliner and hundreds of similar incidents. A bundle of patriotic jabber that reached me today laments the shooting down of the Korean plane and says it proves that Communists don't love everybody and are, in fact, brutal, so we really hadn't ought to trust them overmuch.

That reminds me that I have never heard anyone assess the guilt for the destruction of the plane, to say nothing of a thousand similar incidents. On whom does the real gravemen of guilt fall? To that, there is but one answer, although you may not like it.

It is a settled principle of our racial ethic that guilt for a crime falls first on the prime mover of it. If an arsonist piles incendiary materials in the basement of an apartment building and then ignites them, he is morally and legally guilty of murdering all the persons who die in the fire or as a result of it. If a man puts a hungry tiger in a kindergarten, he, not the tiger, is responsible for the death of the children who are eaten. So who is primarily responsible for the death of the passengers on that plane? Obviously the people who put the Soviets in their present position of power. And who are they? They are the American people, who are morally guilty of every crime committed by the Soviets since 1939.

Of this, there can be no possible doubt. It is universally admitted. It was the United States that saved the Soviet Union from defeat by a civilized nation that was trying to save our world from feral barbarism. To save the Soviets, who were known to have committed every possible crime against civilization since 1917, the United States squandered the lives of many of its best men and forever ruined its own economy and society, and having done that, the United States lavished all its resources to equip the Soviets for further depredations against all mankind.

Now, of course, you can blame the fetid monster in the White House and the Jews whose filthy instrument he was, but the fact remains that it was the people of the United States who did the deed. They are therefore morally responsible for it. They were deceived, no doubt, but again it was their responsibility to know what they were doing before they ruined the world in which they wanted to live.

Such is our guilt, our inescapable guilt.

We were deceived? We didn't intend to kill the many thousands who have died and will die in Afghanistan last year and this year and, no doubt, next year? We didn't intend to murder so many Romanians? Perhaps we didn't even intend to murder the Sudeten Germans? We didn't intend to inflict outrage and suffering on many millions of our race and hundreds of millions of others in the world?

Well, when an Aryan has committed a crime of which he did not intend the consequences, he feels remorse, an instinctive reaction that has nothing to do with superstitions about ghosts in the sky. He tries, as best he can, to atone for his blunder.

When an intelligent man of any race has mistakenly committed an act that has brought dire consequences on himself, he tries to learn from his blunder and make certain that he will not commit it again.

What damns the Americans is that they do not show the slightest remorse for having created the Soviet beast and loosed it on the world. It never even occurs to them to atone, so far as that may be possible, for their crime against their own civilization and their own children. In terms of the morality or our race, they have become morally imbecile.

What dooms the Americans is that they do not show even the slightest velleity to learn from their appalling blunder. Instead of execrating the folly that brought calamity upon them and execrating the masters of deceit who induced them to commit that folly, they grin mindlessly and compound their folly every day for their own destruction. That is why they are going to disappear from the earth.

There is no proverb more true than the one that says that even the gods themselves would strive in vain to save fools from their folly.

That is why Americans so blithely send their young children into the boob-hatcheries they so lavishly endow with their taxes, in which expert "educators" inject the one-world pus into the defenseless child's mind to coagulate the part of the brain that carries the instinctive wisdom of our race, incidentally making the youngster feel guilty because his parents are not providing the niggers who multiply like flies in Africa with all the luxuries they cannot afford to give their own offspring. White children come out of the menticidal machines with feelings of factitious guilt that are racially suicidal, but no one ever tells them about the awful burden of real guilt, moral and mental, that is their inheritance and will be their doom.

If there were angels, they would weep.