Legal, Psychological and Political Warfare  by George Lincoln Rockwell

This 26 lesson "survival" course was written in 1965 – the turbulent sixties – when the "Make love, not war" crowd was in full hedonistic swing; when "peace-creeps" set themselves on fire while others were fighting and dying in Viet Nam; when our odd present-day President left the country to avoid the draft; when Blacks were rioting here and there and made the slogans "Kill Whitey" and "Burn baby, burn" popular.  It was a decade of flagrant political incorrectness where young people were urged to rise up and kill their parents. "Trust no one over the age of 30" was a popular phrase. Our present federal government has its roots in this pot-smoking, LSD gulping, orgiastic generation. That explains a whole lot. At least people weren't afraid of expressing themselves way back then. It was a more free decade. Aryan Book Center       POB 212       Decatur  IL  62525-0212
is a source for National Socialist material and many Rockwell reprints. I was told that they have a web-site but I am not aware of the http. Anyone know?

National Vanguard Books  is another excellent source for similar books.