by George Lincoln Rockwell


I had already sold Russell Maguire, the publisher of Mercury Magazine, an article about U.S. follies in Iceland, so I now planned to propose further work for him. I called and arranged an appointment in his lavish Park Lane apartment in New York.

I had never met him and was happy and relieved to find him the opposite of my recent employer in Memphis. He was small, intelligent, unassuming and seemed utterly dedicated to the cause of America and the White Race. We talked over the 'movement', as patriotic leaders inevitably do upon meeting and agreed that what was needed was what he called a "hard-core". I told him I thought eventually we would need a Nazi Party, and he agreed, but said it would have to be done with extreme secrecy. At the time, I didn't know enough about it to argue him out of that idea, as I do now, so I went along with that, too.

Then he offered to put me on the payroll in his Fifth Avenue offices as his assistant, to help promote Mercury Magazine, his beloved project, and to begin quietly setting up the 'hard-core' he wanted. Even if this had not been what I dreamed of, I would have taken it at the handsome salary. Here was the opportunity praised for by many a young American I knew: getting paid for fighting treason! I reported for work almost immediately and had the trailer hauled by a moving company to a trailer park in Moonachie, New Jersey, just across the river from Manhattan.

For awhile, it seemed too good to be true. I 'broke my neck' for Maguire, and he seemed to appreciate it. He was willing to listen to suggestions and accepted them. It was heaven after the office in Memphis!

But then I began to get into the office intrigues, which go on in every office in the world and my position, which had no title, became difficult. Sometimes "R.M.",as the staff called this tiny multimillionaire, would send me over to pounce on all the mail at his Mercury office on 50th Street and search through it in order to see if the staff over there – including his own daughter who was the boss at Mercury – were filching from or messing up the mail accounts! This did not endear me to that staff, nor did I gain any popularity when I discovered left-wing sympathies in some of the editors and presented the evidence as was my duty, to the boss. Part of my job was also to filter the thousands of requests for financing which plague every wealthy man and throw out the scoundrels, the fakes, the boobs and quite a few decent people with whom R.M. simply did not want to be bothered.

Meanwhile, I was busily searching out and rounding up the talent for Maguire's 'hard-core'. In the process, I came across a man named DeWest Hooker. When I met Hooker, once again, my life changed permanently. Hooker already knew Maguire and Hooker had been the nearest thing to a Nazi since the Bund. He was a graduate of Cornell, exactly my age, with the same temperament, same ideas, and infinitely more experience. He was handsome, so handsome that he made money as a professional model, whom I still see in cigarette ads. His rugged, aristocratic face was framed by perfectly groomed hair, greying at the temples. His build was athletic and tall, and he walked with a bounce and spring in his step which is rarely seen among our beat people. He was a descendant of the Hooker who. had signed the Declaration of Independence, with millionaire parents and a millionaire wife.

But, most important of all, Hooker was a Nazi! He was not a 'patriot" or a 'right-winger' or a 'conservative', but a fighting, tough, all-out-Nazi. He had gone into the streets of New York City and rounded up gangs of tough kids and potential juvenile delinquents, and converted them to fanatical loyalty to the United States, the White Race and Adolf Hitler. He called this gang of little hoods the Nationalist Youth League, and I was deeply impressed when I saw what leadership and guts will do to make decent, dedicated Americans out of little lost baby gangsters. Hooker had those kids worshiping him! He was an obvious aristocrat from a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, who wore a Homburg and a Chesterfield with supreme dignity, and he led those little New York gutter kids out of despondency to form picket lines against Jewish Communism, right in its filthy stronghold: New York City!

My first meeting with Hooker was on a Thanksgiving Day, when he was due at a family dinner, but we got so totally absorbed in our discussion that he kept his wife waiting hours, until she was very angry at him. As we talked, he told me one amazing thing after the other.

Wes explained the Jews to me more clearly than I had ever figured out before. He described, with dramatic gestures, how they operate like a snake with different skins, which they crawl out of or into as the strategic need may arise.

When Jewish Communism begins to get too 'hot', as it has here in the U.S., because of the millions who saw the parade of Jew Communist spies, they slide out of that skin and become Zionists. And when this also gets too hot, then they molt and become 'anti-communists' or something else. In the excitement, nobody ever seems to notice that it is always the same snake.

Even more enlightening, he gave me a sparkling clear picture of the mess I had come to know on my own as the 'movement' – the cowards, the loud-mouths, the hobbyists, the ADL agents, the 'prostitutes' who make money out of it – the whole depressing lot of them.

This energetic young genius then told me the astonishing and accurate inside story of Joe McCarthy, completely winning me with his way of fathoming and presenting the vital information about enemy operations which had so far baffled me. Every step of the way, he showed me documents, newspaper clippings and photostats to back up the story about how Joe McCarthy got started, rose, and was finally ruined.

He told me that Bernard Baruch had started it all, when too many Jew spies were becoming prominent. Baruch called Joe up to his New York apartment – here, Hooker showed me a clipping from The New York Times – and told him that there was need of an anti-communist crusade, but that there was an unfortunate idea getting around that Communism was Jewish, because of so many Jew spies. Would Joe conduct a good, exciting Red hunt, being a little 'fairer' by digging up some non-Jewish spies? If Joe would do this, Bernie would see that there was good publicity and advancement in it for Joe. McCarthy could smell the aroma of this deal, but, like many a shabbez goy before him, he imagined he could out-fox the Jew. When the time came, he would use the publicity and backing to drag out ALL the Communists, Jew and Gentile alike.

So Joe agreed to conduct the great hunt and began in Wheeling, West Virginia. He promised to identify the "master Red agent" in America, and made a lot of charges about Communism in the State Department.

Then he was approached by his 'good' Jew ' friend, George Sokolsky, the columnist, who warned him of the danger of being accused of an 'anti-Semite', because of the 'fortuitous' presence of so many Jews in the Communist apparatus.

"Why not guard against this by taking a 'good' Jew on as head of your staff?" wheedled George. "Then they couldn't say you were anti-Semitic!

Joe thought this advice was pretty good and George just 'happened' to have in mind the right Jew – Roy Cohn. The matter was soon arranged and Cohn the Jew became the organizer of 'McCarthyism'.

Then Cohn approached fighting Joe and suggested that, since they needed contributions and more help, and wanted to be doubly sure they would not be accused of 'anti-Semitism', it might be wise to hire a wonderful, rich young Jew friend of his, Dave Schine, for the staff. Again, McCarthy went along with this brilliant stroke.

When all was in readiness, McCarthy duly brought out his 'big red fish', as promised, which turned out to be a college professor named Owen Lattimore – a Gentile! Nobody had heard much of him, before or since, but in the middle of the trials of more than twenty Jewish Soviet spies, Lattimore was dragged back and forth in the press as the real red herring, a Gentile herring, with suitable screaming back and forth by both 'sides'. Bernie had done a fine job.

McCarthy, through all of this, figured he was smarter than his manipulators and, when a Republican got into power, he would then go after ALL the reds, Jew and Gentile, and let the chips fall where they might. However, for the moment, he rested on his laurels as the man the Jew papers and the Communist Daily Worker were screaming about, the man who had been set up by a Jew, advised by a Jew and staffed by two Jews.

The loyal and hard-working staff now set about displaying 'McCarthyism' to the world. Cohn and Schine, the two Jews, made a whirlwind tour of Europe, visiting libraries of the U.S. Information Service which are, as a matter of fact loaded with red and pink propaganda. But they did not do a responsible job exposing and stopping this rotten use of U.S.' taxpayers' money to spread Marxism. Instead, they threw tantrums for the press, threw books on the floor and acted like two idiots. Nobody noticed that they were two Jews, but everybody came to equate 'McCarthyism' with insanity, thanks to the wide press coverage these two received!

The presidential election was now in full swing and McCarthy went to bat for Ike, dreaming sneakily of the day he would not have Truman to stop him – the day he could really dig out Communists, no matter how many of them were Jews! Sure enough, Ike was elected and McCarthy pulled the plug, floored the accelerator, touched off the boosters and let go with all he had.

He went to Fort Monmouth, to our most secret radar laboratories and discovered 41 people with atrocious security records and red backgrounds. Of these 41, 39 were Jews! Then he found a Jew dentist named Irving Peress, who had been caught red-handed committing perjury in denying his red record. McCarthy asked the Defense Department to look into it and report the circumstances. Instead of doing this, the Anna Rosenberg-dominated Army promoted Peress and mustered him out, beyond reach of court-martial – in one day!

McCarthy, righteously lusting for blood, went after Irving and demanded to know who promoted this Communist. He would have eventually found his way to Anna, the writer of articles for The New Masses and a member of a Communist John Reed Club. Perhaps the trail would have led him up to Secretary Marshall, who boasted that he personally disarmed the Nationalist Chinese with a stroke of his pen, thus turning China over to Communism.

So McCarthy's two Jew 'assistants', Cohn and Schine, went into action again. Schine was drafted into the Army and Cohn, in McCarthy's name, called and tried to obtain favors for him by influence. This corrupt action was a perfect red herring to take the heat off those who promoted a Communist Jew dentist, guilty of perjury, and who mustered him out before he could be court-martialed.

Once more, the two Jews who had created 'McCarthyism' and given it a bad reputation – not Joe McCarthy – were the source of dirty dealing which caused the downfall of a truly brave and great-hearted man.

When Hooker had finished this utterly devastating and unanswerable display of the manipulative genius of the Jews, and his own genius at figuring it out, I was staggered by the enormity of it all!

I discovered Hooker hated Maguire, for whom I was working. Maguire, he said, was rabid only on one thing, the Mercury, his pet project – and the hell with the cause itself. He told me that Maguire was utterly ruthless financially and would weasel out of any deal he could, if it cost him money. He even claimed that Maguire had tried to hire him, Bill Evans (for whom I had obtained the loan from Snowden) and another man to kill key Jews at $10,000 a head, but that he became so difficult to pin down on the money question, they felt he would never pay. In fact, some of the boys wanted to shoot Maguire instead. Hooker said Maguire would talk forever about his 'hard-core', but would never do anything.

Meanwhile, in our trailer in Moonachie, my wife and I were very happy, considering the restricted living-space. She was once more pregnant, but we had money in the bank and our family grew daily more loving and united. With the pay coming in steadily and Maguire promising me raises for a job I wanted very much to do, the future seemed ideal.

I spent a good deal of time with Wes at his place in Greenwich and in New York. He had been driven out of business and political activity by the Anti-Defamation League and Jacob Javitz who was at that time New York Attorney General. The Jews had even obtained a permanent injunction against him in New York, as they are trying now to do in my case. He had to move from Larchmont, New York, to Greenwich, Connecticut.

Hooker was convinced that the 'movement' would never succeed in the U.S. because, he said, "The 'fat-cats' are too selfish and greedy ever to support a movement the way the Jews support their boys." He was disgusted, and I couldn't blame him, after I heard the series of experiences he had had with the 'fat-cats', as he called them – experiences which I have since 'enjoyed' myself.

These creatures would pay any amount for some little pet project they had in mind, but they would not pay any money to the human talent necessary to get a fighting, efficient organization together, as the Jews do.

I still felt then that they could be persuaded to back a responsible plan and responsible people, and talked West into holding off on his plans to quit the movement and go back into business to make money, as he had previously done in TV, for instance, where he had made $40,000 a year. I told West I was working for Maguire with specific instructions to organize such a group. He scoffed and said Maguire would welch. I felt differently and stuck up for Maguire all the way. I felt sure I could bring these two good men together eventually, in spite of the wild talk and charges.

Hooker has the genius which is desperately needed by the dead right-wing, and I felt sure I could get Maguire to back him eventually as a leader. I had to run back and forth between them, as you would between two pouting school girls who had turned their backs to one another. But little by little, I got them closer together. Finally, Maguire agreed to a secret meeting between Hooker, himself, Fred Willis (Maguire's oldest and best friend), and myself at Maguire's Park Lane apartment.

Hooker put his full faith into the effort and came up with complete list of all the people and 'leaders' in the movement, their records, their potentials and their drawbacks. He also had an accurate list of the spies and agents of the Anti-Defamation League which had Maguire itchy-fingered. Although it irritated him and went against his nature, I even got Hooker worked up to the point where he called Maguire "Sir", as I did.

We presented a complete plan for a slow, secret Nazi build-up under Hooker throughout the U.S.A." using the personnel and leaders already so well known to Hooker, a front group with an 'almost' Nazi flavor and – financing by Maguire. Eventually, we felt that most of the other rich men would help, if they could see something first. Maguire seemed entranced with everything we presented. Hooker wanted to give him the complete list of ADL and other Jewish agents, plus the evaluations of all right-wing leaders, but I had suggested holding off until we got some kind of commitment. This tactic got results.

"All right!" said Maguire, with the air of a man suddenly decided on an immense step. "I'll back it! The country doesn't have five years left! We've simply got to do it! I'll put in a thousand dollars for the first year! "

Hooker looked at me with his mouth open. I looked at Hooker, then we both looked at Maguire's old friend, Willis. Here was a multimillionaire with over $80 million, sitting in an apartment which was costing him at least $1500 a month, to say nothing of his fabulous palace on the waterfront in Connecticut – and he was telling us that he was going to 'back' a national political movement of gigantic proportions to save America, with $1000 a year! And he was going to do this great thing because "we only have five years left!"

Hooker and Willis were all for giving Maguire hell right there and then. Willis was worse than disgusted and said so, but Hooker kept quiet at my request.

I tried again. I knew Maguire spent hundreds of thousands of dollars per year printing Mercury and reprints from the magazine, plus all kinds of material for his four or five offices. I reasoned that if he were too stingy to contribute, perhaps we could get him at least to trade with us as printers, and thus finance the movement. We had dozens of young men who would learn the printing trade overnight and work like horses for nothing – which would make all the printing profits pure gravy for the fight. Scrambling wildly in my mind to put this deal together while keeping. peace at the meeting I made the pitch to Maguire and he accepted it. He agreed to give us the printing and the 'fabulous' thousand dollars a year!

We parted at the canopied door on Park Avenue. Willis seemed too disgusted to talk any further. After hearing Maguire moan and groan year after year about the utterly desperate situation of America and the White Race, after hearing him admit that the only way to save ourselves from the Jews was with a tough, hard core, it must have been galling in the extreme to see him sitting on his money bags and offer to toss us a few-coppers for going out into the streets to have our heads bashed in by tyrants.

Hooker and I went to his club (Cornell), right around the corner and sat in the library trying to calm down and get our bearings for further action. In spite of the setback, it seemed to me at the time that I had rescued things with the printing deal. I wanted to plunge full speed ahead with arrangements. Hooker was understandably sour and predicted that Maguire would simply welch again, but I wheedled him into going along on the deal. He admitted that I had had more success than anybody so far with Maguire, just by getting on the payroll and arranging the meeting. Maguire, he pointed out, usually refused to see more than one person at a time, to avoid witnesses. So, West had a flicker of faith in my own enthusiasm and we went to work setting up a printing plant.

We got a press, a little store, started the boys frantically reading manuals on printing, held meetings, planned financing, raised money and generally did all the things necessary to be ready to handle our end of the business deal. Then I went to Maguire and said we were ready to start with some small printing orders, perhaps office forms.

It is probably an insult to the reader's intelligence to state bluntly what happened. Men do not suddenly change their habits – Maguire welched. There was no printing to be had at any of his offices. Not only did he welch, but I now became a source of great discomfort for him. My presence was a silent, unspoken, even unconscious rebuke to him for his faithlessness. It was hard for him to go through the "we've only got five years left" bit with all his visitors, as he did every day, with me at his elbow.

Maguire had hired a fine young Catholic boy named Gridley Wright for Mercury. Wright was 100% pure in heart, and over at Mercury, he discovered the same incompetence and left-wing sympathies, as I had. He told me about some of the amazing and horrifying things that were going on over there. Three or four of Maguire's supposedly hand-picked staff were not only violently anti-Hitler, but were actually sneaky liberals. They would sneak an anti-Maguire article into his own magazine almost every issue. Once, we caught a pro-Negro article by a Black who was married to a White girl, and then an article by a Jew, promoting the red idea of universal equality in mental capacity. I duly brought these items to Maguire's attention, along with other evidence of disloyalty to him in his own offices. His reaction appeared to be favorable, but blood is thicker than water. Maguire's daughter was the boss at Mercury, and it was not long before I discovered an indefinable blockage to everything I tried to do in the office. I thought at first it was his daughter, Natasha, but found out that the old man himself was behind a few louse-ups. One day he called me from his office and told me to meet him two floors below. He didn't want us to be seen conferring. We met in the men's room and he told me that his wife was giving him a hard time about me. She was a White Russian, he assured me, and on 'our' side, but didn't want to jeopardize the luxurious life she had attained with her husband, nor risk the security of her children. It was the old story, but I never expected to hear it from a multimillionaire. Maguire told me his wife was so upset that he was taking her on a Caribbean cruise, a pattern I have since learned that he follows whenever things get too hot, as they did recently when the New York papers blasted him at the instigation of the ADL for being "anit-Semitic",which the sly little fox denied!

He told me his wife had heard of my efforts to organize a 'hard-core' for him, and was "terrified". He whispered on and on so disgustingly about the pressure on him, and kept referring to the possibility of "cutting the thread", meaning my employment, that I naturally offered to resign. He accepted before I managed to get the words out, assured me that he would secretly support me with cash, instead of the salary, to keep up my work, and "soon" would give us the printing business to launch the movement. Needless to say, none of this materialized.

He did, however, buy two of the articles I did when the Marine Corps was under attack by the reds for its eliteness and aristocratic, tough traditions. The Corps gave me free access to everything at Parris Island, where I spent a week learning how the little Brooklyn reds were coming down and raising all the stink about "brutality" and the mean old D.I.'s who were actually standing like iron to save the last bastion of our fighting manhood, the U.S. Marine Corps. But that was about the last I ever saw of Russell Maguire or his money. He is probably still telling people we have only five years before it is all over, so we must hurry and subscribe to Mercury! We are, I suppose, to beat the Jews to death with baled copies of this non-anti-Semitic journal. Since this was written, he has sold out altogether and run.

Many right-wingers are sincerely concerned, I know, about my battles with men such as Maguire, Snowden, et al. and my revelations of what they really are. "They are doing good," I am told, "why not let them go about their business their own way. They are helping. Don't hurt them."

I maintain that they are only giving the appearance of helping. They are the ones who are actually hurting. Before a mass of people will rise up and do anything effective and forceful about a tyrannical situation, there must be built up a certain emotional pressure. A firecracker has not the force of a rifle bullet because it explodes harmlessly in all directions. But the gas from a rifle bullet cannot escape, except by forcing the bullet out at terrific speed,because it is confined and directed into useful channels.

As long as Maguire and all the rest of his ilk, rich and poor, can give themselves the illusion of fighting the Jews by exploding the pressure inside of them verbally and harmlessly – in all directions – without hurting a single Jew traitor, they keep the all-important pressure from building up sufficiently so that we will get mad enough to fight. The Jews know this and so permit these hundreds and hundreds of harmless little right-wing organizations to spout incessantly and unheeded, behind the Jewish 'paper curtain' of silence. These organizations don't reach any significant number of people outside their own group and when they do, their approach is so feeble and wrong-headed that they recruit only a few odd-balls. They never, never get out into the public, into the streets, in order to reach the masses with an inspiring and driving, masculine movement, which alone can win their hearts!

If just one tenth of the cold cash which has been pouring for decades into such 'firecracker' movements were to be contained, directed, and channeled behind an ideological bullet in the form of fighting men with a fighting message, the Jews would stop at nothing to crush and destroy that deadly 'bullet'. Even without the large amounts of this figurative 'gunpowder, but with force and direction, the bullets we have been firing have earned the all-out attack of the Jews – the only sure sign that we are firing something far more effective than the usual right-wing 'gas' at them. The Jews know that our brand of sniping will eventually destroy their illegal, tyrannical power.

I do not mean that we must work ourselves up into a 'pitchfork and barricade' mentality or engage in violent revolution. This old-fashioned attack won't work, as our side learned at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, but we must stiffen the backbones of enough people so that they prefer to lose their jobs, as we do; so that they prefer to be unjustly jailed and fined, as we are; be railroaded to the insane asylum, as we are; or even to be beaten, as we are – before they will permit Jew tyrants to advance one more fraction of an inch into our last bastions of racial pride and national freedom.

As long as the hordes of tricky little 'patriot' societies all over America allow our oppressed and harassed people to blow off the pressure caused by this filthy tyranny once a week in harmless 'wind' and 'gas', there will never appear in America that holy and awesome power of aroused masses, the raging fires of social upheaval, which alone have always toppled the greatest tyrants, and for which there is no substitute. There are plenty of people already awake in America, They are afraid and they are frustrated by their inability to do anything about the terrible evil which they see growing.

Mercury Magazine does indeed 'inform' a lot of people. But we don't need any more informed people who won't stand up and fight to oppose tyranny. Such things as Mercury also keep the 'steam pressure' of emotions down in millions of Americans who are already informed and who feet that as long as Mercury is published, 'something' is being done. Such Americans are also fooled by the constant advice to 'write your congressman', as if we can somehow petition or talk our way out of tyranny. But worst of all, Mercury, and a thousand other little projects like it, are financial leaks which keep the right-wing bled to death. There simply is no money for the battle, no money for the bullets and powder, because it has all been spent on firecrackers, uniforms, the band, pictures of the enemy, exciting rallies and bed-time stories for the troops.

It is impossible to get these myriad stamp-licking and squawking societies together, as I found out, and as every experienced 'patriot' knows. And even if you could succeed in uniting them, they would be worse hitched up together than they are squabbling separately. As Hitler puts it so masterfully, "eight lame men walking arm-in-arm do not make one gladiator."

The false right-wing, leaders who, for forty or fifty years have been preaching a million different tricks to avoid the desperate, dangerous fight, which is always the price of any victory, are approaching the end of the road. They cannot much longer pretend that we can save ourselves with their sugary nostrums and, when the patient feels the death rattle in his chest, as White America can feel it now, our people will become disgusted with the quack physicians and their sugar syrups and pill and will flock to us with our rough and tough, but powerful, medicine.

It is for political reasons, not personal animosity, that I consciously and calculatingly expose these political frauds. The doctor cannot cure as long as the patient is chasing after quacks and imagines himself 'getting better'. The patient, our White Race, is dying! The situation is desperate, and it is viciously criminal to be a millionaire and then take the dimes and dollars of sincere little people in exchange for sugar syrup!

The right-wing cannot be wheedled together, but it can be driven together. This is our naked purpose. We intend to make it impossible for the fakes to keep up their medicine show, no matter how they pound their drums next to our office. Sooner or later, our mastery of the right-wing is assured. We have faced and beaten the worst the Jews have. We will have little trouble conquering and organizing the feeble right-wing. Exposing the simple truth about such men as Russell Maguire is part of that cruel but utterly necessary conquest. No matter how we are cursed and hated by the short-sighted, we will win all sincere Americans and White Men, when they see that we have done what they have so long prayed for: united the right-wing and driven steel into its backbone. The process is never easy or pleasant, but we mean to save Our Country and Our Race. The hurt feelings of a few millionaires, hobbyists and incompetent leaders will not deter us from our holy mission.

In addition to trifling with a deadly danger, as these people do, the phony and feeble leaders and tightwad millionaire 'patriots' also have a fearful effect on the real leaders who might otherwise lend their talents to the effort to save ourselves. DeWest Hooker is now working in Italy with a bottling company. He is disgusted and discouraged. His experiences with Maguire and the others, the same experiences which have made life so miserable for me and my family, have driven him back to the arms of the Jews and their money. We can't afford this, Americans! Every day I am told breathlessly what an indispensable leader I am, and how the movement needs me, and how terrible it would be if anything happened to me. This is indeed true. To the devil with phony modesty! Without me, there would still be only babbling and whispering and sneaking and publishing and hoping in America, while the Jews counted their money, pushed the Blacks into your schools and homes and made token gestures of attack from time to time as such feeble 'anti-Semites'.

Three years ago, I wrote the prediction that a spearhead 'Nazi' attack would revive the whole right-wing, by giving it courage – and it has! The Jews are revealing that we have given them the 'heebie-jeebies' by spewing forth more anti-Nazi lies and hoaxes than ever before!

But Hooker is one of the men who could have led fighting young men, as I am, in a fight to save America! The 'nice' people who back such 'wake up America' 'patriots' as Maguire drove a great White leader into the arms of the Jew money-masters! How many more Hookers there are is a tragic, unanswerable question.

No, America, it. is not wicked to expose and attack Maguire and his ilk. Such phonies have been wrecking the movement they are supposed to be creating for many, many years. Until these 'patriots' pitch in with their money, their brains, their guts and their blood, they are frauds, and I intend to drive them out of our way.

Our motto here is: White Man, stand and fight for survival with us, or stand out of our way!