by George Lincoln Rockwell


As I sat in our trailer across from Manhattan and contemplated another debacle in my political career, I realized that the chances of supporting two families, as I had been doing, while also working in politics were less than slim. I would have to find some source of business income immediately. At the same time, I had no intention whatsoever of abandoning my entire purpose in life. I wanted some job by which I could make the money necessary for the two families with extra exertions, and over short bursts of time, leaving me free to work toward my political goals.

While in Washington, I had met a Nazi sympathizer named Ed Strohecker who was in the management engineering business, and he had often invited me to join him. He described it as exactly the kind of thing I needed now, a business wherein I could earn substantial money without getting tied down to an office desk and support my two families by extra hard work over shorter periods of time. When Ed heard of my situation, he got in touch with me and offered me a job working under him for a New York firm of management engineers. I accepted.

The idea of the business is that most firms can save money and do better business by modern management engineering techniques which are not usually available or known to smaller businesses. For healthy fees, the company provides these techniques. My job was to walk into offices 'cold', ask for the president of the firm and then sell this dignitary on the idea of having a survey of the business done for $100. For this fee they would receive some suggestions, but the 'survey' was mostly a sales pitch for the expensive engineers to follow.

The reward to the management engineering firm, for almost no investment at all, is relatively astronomical. Consequently, competition among management engineering firms is terrific and the salesmen, therefore, operate more like wolves than businessmen. A lot of small firms are understandably cool to the idea, especially if they have had a 'survey' or two at a hundred dollars a clip. I was once thrown bodily down a stairwell by an outraged president when he discovered the true nature of my call. Thus did the management engineering salesman have to be far more aggressive and 'inventive' than any other kind of salesman, who is pretty aggressive as it is. Not only is the 'product' an intangible and often invisible, but the prospective client usually has been driven mad by hundreds of other such salesmen who have been at him almost daily, year after year, with the same pitch. Just getting to see the president, who is the only man you are allowed to have sign the sale, is usually a matter of master strategy and colossal impudence.

It will not be hard to understand that New York City and the surrounding area would be a bit tough for this kind of business. Most of the businessmen are Jews and the ones who are not Jews have fought their way up through the Jewish jungle. They have battled their competitors and the helpless public like a pack of ravenous and bloodied rats, so they are anything but 'softies'.

Strohecker and his company were happy to find a man willing to tackle this area, in which they had nobody. I went forth with blood in my eye and ten hungry mouths yawning in two homes, waiting for me to feed them. I forced, argued, sneaked and fought my way in to see those tough Jews. And I got in! I was able to see about two thirds of the men I went after.

And when I got in, I was able to sell! I discovered, as I had in door-to-door selling of vacuum cleaners as a kid, that such selling is not so much convincing as it is a battle of the wills of the opposing parties. You must make a convincing pitch, of course, but even then, in the closing, your prospective client wills not to buy and you will that he buys. The sale or loss of it depends on whose will is the stronger, not on your arguments. In a business like that, as well as in door-to-door work, you have to be prepared to be tough, mean, obnoxious, and literally impossible without the victim succumbing, so that he gives up meekly and signs, even if just to get rid of you.

I knew the psychology of Jews. They are mostly bullies and they are impressed and sold by a bigger and tougher bully. So I sold Jews! My first week, I went out and sold three of them! One sale of this 'product' is considered par and a living, but I sold three and earned $300. The salesman in this case receives the entire $100 for the survey contract, which is strictly the entree for the second salesman, the surveyor.

I discovered the deep respect these Jews have for forcefulness and for a salesman's willingness to do anything to get the sale, so I pushed them around arrogantly and unmercifully. They loved it, even while they groaned.

One greasy character ran a plastics factory in New Jersey, and he kept putting the contract form away in his desk drawer, telling me he would think it over. I kept opening the drawer in front of his fat belly and putting it on the desk in front of him again, with the pen ready. Finally, talking a mile a minute, he put the contract in a side drawer, locked it with a key and put the key in his middle drawer. I opened this drawer, got the key, opened the other drawer, slammed the contract down in front of him again and told him he was only putting off what he had to do. He looked at me in astonishment and said, "Son, I wish I had just one salesman like you!" He signed, saying that he wanted no part of the 'survey', but went along out of utter admiration for such unheard-of sales technique.

With things thus apparently going well, I devoted every spare minute in the day, including evenings and week ends, working on my political plans and writings. It was a wretched life for my wife. My mind was a million miles away from immediate affairs, and living in a trailer with three children running in and out of the inevitable mud, plus a baby, while I sat hunched over a typewriter the seven or eight hours a day I was home, and all day on week ends, was pretty discouraging for a thoroughly sociable young girl like my wife, but Thora was loving and encouraging. She even listened dutifully to my political lectures and the readings of my political treatises; She understood little of them, but always reassured me and showed respect for my opinions. She and I agreed that a good wife should not be a political battler. It was best if a wife was not a rabid politician. She believed in my politics because I believed in it. No man ever had a more understanding, long-suffering or loving wife.

I already had all the facts of the political situation I needed to think my way through to an organized plan of action. I' knew most of the people in the 'right-wing' and through Hooker, I had a complete and revealing report of those I did not know. I knew the general scheme of the enemy's operation and most of the facts about his subversion, treason and secret tyranny. I knew the pettiness, the meanness, the weakness, the small-minded fanaticism, the bigotry, the stinginess and downright madness of many of the right-wing 'patriots' – and their worse-than-useless 'tactics'.

I knew that all the talk in the world meant absolutely nothing, that all the fine plans and schemes were empty words without power, without the necessary force to realize the plans and ideas. I therefore devoted every minute of thought toward the attainment of political power, the power vested in the legal government, which was being manipulated cleverly and secretly by the Jewish money-masters, the usurpers.

I saw with an icy clarity that the entire right-wing was proceeding on the fallacy that if enough people could become aware of what was going on in our national life and in our government, the evils would somehow stop. At the same time, I heard right-wingers whining that they were unable to reach the masses because they were being given 'the silent treatment' by the Jewish dominated media of public information. No matter what they did or said, there was no report of it in the press, radio or television – while the sly operations of the Jews and their 'liberal' tools were broadcast endlessly and brilliantly to brainwash the public.

I realized that the only reason the Jewish 'paper curtain' or 'silent treatment' was effective was because the victims never fought, never went forth into the streets with handbills, picket signs or speeches because they might be beaten, arrested or killed! The right-wing confined itself to 'safe' efforts in private, talking to each other endlessly – never forcing the Jews to notice or report their activities, because they were never sufficiently newsworthy to make it obvious to the public that the Jews were censoring the press, by not reporting some generally acknowledged activity.

I also noticed the pitiful financial situation of even the richest right-wing organization. The Jews have budgets of many millions of dollars for their 'Anti-Defamation League', American Jewish Congress and American Jewish Committee. Even the richest 'champion' of our side, Gerald L..K. Smith, had no more than a half a million a year. And, were we to have five times the funds, they would never be sufficient to compete in a brainwashing battle with the multi-billion dollar propaganda network of the Jews. Using TV alone, the Jews could put on Edward R. Murrow, for instance, and forcefully, emotionally drive home a subtle idea to many millions of people in a single dramatic hour! Under such circumstances, it is madness to imagine we can distribute enough handbills, make enough personal public speeches or do anything else, ever, to influence public opinion significantly, with our own tiny facilities.

Only by forcing the Jews to spread our message with their facilities could we have any hope of success in counteracting their left-wing, race-mixing propaganda!

To do this, we would need two things: (1) A smashing, dramatic approach which could not be ignored, without exposing the most blatant press censorship, and (2) a super-tough, hard-core of young fighting men to enable such a dramatic presentation to the public, in-spite of the inevitable Jewish violence.

I examined the tactics of the Jews in dealing with all previous approaches to the problem, and found they had a sliding scale of increasingly vicious attacks on those who tried to expose and oppose them publicly.

The first and instinctive weapon of the Jew is economic. If you are an 'anti-Semite', then you and your family must starve, if it is in the power of Jewry to accomplish this – which it almost always is, since they supply, control or patronize all businesses. The whole weight of Jewish business is brought to bear on anyone who dares to oppose these lovers of free speech. Usually this is enough to terrify and reduce any man, especially one with a family, to humiliating and disgusting submission to Jewry.

But if that doesn't work, they go after his reputation and social life. He is smeared and blasted and lied about in the Jew-controlled media of entertainment and information. He is called a 'bigot', a 'hate-monger', a 'failure' and finally, when all else fails, he is damned as a 'Nazi'.

If there is still life in the would-be exposer of Jewish treason, they then reverse the field, for fear of giving him publicity, and give him instead the 'silent treatment'. His meetings, speeches, distributions and resolutions are simply ignored, no matter what he does. This is a particularly frustrating experience and usually discourages even the toughest battlers, with the mere passage of time.

If the rising 'anti-Semite' survives all this, they next try their jail bit. The police are pressured until they crack and are willing to harass and persecute the 'offender' for all sorts of 'violations'. And if the Jew-fighter persists regardless of the fines and other penalties incurred for not having a properly licensed dog, for distributing literature in a disorderly manner, etc., they prepare a 'frame' for him, as they did to Emory Burke in Atlanta. The patriot is found with dope in his possession, or it is 'discovered' that he has been giving 'kick-backs' to his employees, or his tax returns are not in order, etc.

Failing this tactic, the Jews hit their man with their newest masterpiece: 'mental health'. The patriot must be 'sick', so he is locked up 'for his own good' in the bughouse.

If this also should fail to stop such a 'mad anti-Semite', then the Jews resort to the eternal weapon of all tyrants: naked violence. The would-be opponent of Jewish treason and tyranny is beaten up by hoods, his place is attacked by fire and missiles, and he discovers that his life is in danger, unless he stops doing whatever it is that offends the Jews.

During all their direct attacks against the staunch patriot, the Jewish 'lovers of sweet reason' employ two equally dirty indirect plays: They build up sincere, but harmless anti-communist outfits, like the John Birch Society, by showering them with publicity to draw off the growing hordes of maddened Americans from any real and therefore dangerous activity and, secondly, they open up a heavy media bombardment of lies about Hitler and National Socialism, in order to destroy by discrediting 'Nazis' like ourselves, without giving us any publicity.

There is no question that a man who has survived all these attacks will be killed, if possible, by the Jews or their agents. The Jews have no choice. They are too guilty to permit anybody to expose them and organize any effective resistance against them. Traitors cannot survive such an exposure. With such as the Jews, it is kill or be killed.

That I could develop the organization and strength to take care of most of these tactics, I had no doubt. It had been done before, but the problem of the dramatic approach which would force the spreading of our propaganda by their media was something else. I was determined, of course, to set up a program which was essentially National Socialist – Nazi – but for a long time I toyed with the idea of 'disguising' it, as do most other right-wingers, by using some other name and a slightly different symbol. At that time, an openly 'Nazi' party seemed too fantastic even to think about.

But then I began to reflect that the ultimate smear of the Jews was always, "You're a Nazi!" And I wondered what it would be like to answer, "You're damned right we're Nazis, and we shall shortly stuff you Jew-traitors into the gas chamber! "

At once I had the answer! By being an open, arrogant, all-out Nazi, not a sneaky Nazi, but a Nazi with the Swastika, storm-troopers and open declarations of our intentions to gas the Jew-traitors (after investigations, trials and convictions), I would not only make an end of the filthy 'silent treatment' – for they could never ignore Nazis with Swastika armbands and talk of gas chambers – but I would also force the Jews to publish my propaganda in their press! Every time they would howl that I advocated 'gas chambers', people would be shocked, but they would also lose a tiny bit of their 'fear of the Jews' as the Bible calls the filthy terror inspired by these 'apostles of tolerance'.

If millions of people kept reading in the Jew press about a man who was not only an 'anti-Semite', but an open Hitlerite, a Nazi – and survived as such – the myth of Jewish invincibility would be smashed. The timid little people all over the country who have been silently and fearfully reading all this material designed to 'wake them up' all these years would begin to creep out of their closets. While the Jews were desperately busy combating me, the little fellows would become bolder and would begin to act more like their American forefathers.

By being a Nazi, with the Swastika, I would also gather the only kind of people I wanted around me: the tough, dedicated idealists ready to fight for those ideals and give their lives, if necessary. And even more important, I would automatically scare off the millions of blabber-mouths, cowards, fools and crackpots which infest the rest of the 'movement'. The Swastika would probably not bring me many supporters, but those who came would be men.

The Swastika would bring me still another bonus: For years the American judicial system, including the Supreme Court, has been pushed, shoved and twisted for the benefit of the Jew-Communist subversives and traitors. One decision after another has been rendered, making it safer to preach treason and subversion. The American Civil Liberties Union has worked tirelessly and effectively to break down the resistance of our government and officials against the inroads of Communist arrogance, while the public has been taught to 'turn the other cheek' and be so tolerant that the vilest traitors must be accorded every 'right', including the right of spitting in the eye of Congress with their 'Fifth Amendment' impudence.

Thanks to the efforts of the Jews themselves, it is impossible simply to grab Nazis and throw them into jail without some kind of proceedings, otherwise they would expose their tyranny for all to see. The self-same court rulings which enable the Jew-Communists to drive their daggers closer to the beating heart of America enable us to preach and to organize the gassing of the traitors, according to law. Freedom of speech for Jew-Communist traitors means freedom of speech for 'Nazis'!

In addition to these overwhelming arguments in favor of open Nazism, there is the effect the Swastika has upon the Jews themselves. I had long ago come to the conclusion that most Jews are 'sick'. The standard symptoms of paranoia are delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution, and here was an entire race which made a religion of these classic symptoms of paranoia! They claim to be 'God's Chosen People', which Gentiles tend to take as a joke, but which Jews really believe in their hearts, even when they are not religious. In addition to this widely-held belief among the Jews are their wailings and outcries that "everybody hates them". These two beliefs the Jews have carried with them down through the centuries of recorded history.

It is notable that people once hated the Irish, the Scottish, the Slavs, the Italians, the Greeks, Chinese, Japanese and other minority groups as they arrived in America, but they all rolled up their sleeves, pitched in and managed to make their way in this country without making a fetish out of being 'hated'. It is only the Jews who are forever telling us that they are being made into 'scapegoats', when they are in reality holy and innocent little lambs. Everybody, they say, is 'discriminating' against them, persecuting and hating them unjustly! In an individual, such personality traits would be a one-way ticket to the nearest madhouse. Think about it! But the Jews have made their paranoia the fundamental, if disguised, tenet of our so-called 'Americanism', and of our Christian religion. If you do not share the Jews' madness and deny that they are 'chosen', then you are a heretic. If you should go beyond this point and deny that the Jews are unjustly persecuted and expose their sins as you would the sins of any other group, you are then labeled as 'un-American', a 'hate-monger' and a 'Nazi'. In short, the Jews are nuts!

They display the usual brilliance and apparent rationality of the paranoiac. They are the world's champions at 'explaining' their madness as the most fundamental reality and the very proof of sanity. If you don't love the Jews, then you are nuts! But it is the Jews themselves who are flying in the face of reality, and the effort costs them more mental illness per person than any other race or group! They are simply mad, and the Swastika therefore has a special side-effect which is worth the whole effort of using this dangerous symbol.

For fifty years, the Jews have been planning their attacks on our America, our freedoms, our traditions, our culture and our people. They are ruthless, subtle, daring and brilliant in the fulfillment of their plans. They always count on the good-natured docility, the sheep-like tendency to follow, the ingenuous credulity and the liking for the underdog which are so characteristic of the typical American. Not until he has been goaded far beyond endurance will the average American 'look for trouble' or fight for his rights. Americans simply wish to be let alone in their enjoyment of the ordinary things of life. So long as they are not too seriously disturbed in their 'grazing' in the pastures of life, they do not overly concern themselves with the wolf which is sneaking toward them.

The Jewish wolf has seen his stealth rewarded. Not only has he left the sheep undisturbed while he stalks them, but he has been able to devour the shepherd and build a big fence around the sheep so they cannot escape his fangs when he attacks. He can do just as he pleases, so long as he is not too obvious about it.

The sheep continue to graze happily on their beautiful lawns, two cars, fine homes, hi-fi's, TV's, etc. The only thing which would cause them to raise their empty heads would be some kind of loud noise – the frightening sound of battle!

Under these conditions, the Jews have been able to derive a formula for success which has been so far infallible. Because they have the initiative, being the attackers, they are able to select targets and time their attacks for maximum advantage to themselves. Moreover, they have their opponents' tactics down pat, because -they know in advance what we are going to do. Why is this? Because our side has been doing the same thing for fifty years, every time the Jews attack! Thus the Jews simply add to their plans an element designed to destroy their opposition in advance. As long as our opposition to the Jews is exactly what they have calculated, we are doomed to worse than failure. We are doomed to looking ridiculous.

As I have set forth, the Jews are brilliant and clever in their attacks, but they are fundamentally irrational in their paranoia. Knowing this, I reasoned that an attack upon them which was unexpected, unreasonable and terrifying to them, because of their treason, would produce reactions from them which would be involuntary. With the Swastika, we could seize the initiative for the first time and wreck their clever plans! Instead of them planning their attacks to include our stupid reactions, we would be planning our attacks – and taking into account their insane reactions! Even the grazing sheep would notice the wolf frothing, raving and baring his fangs.

Finally, of course, the Swastika is the Symbol of the White Man, and has been for thousands of years. It is also the symbol of the sun and of dynamic force – the force which has been stolen from our modem, Jewized Americans.

All these arguments occurred to me in deciding what course to take in launching my movement to oppose the downfall of Western Man. These are tactical reasons, but there is a far deeper reason for the use of the Swastika. Men cannot survive the cataclysms of history, the mighty ideological and sociological upheavals which move all men, without some kind of Polar Star, some sacred symbol, which becomes 'holy' and greater than any man. Religion formerly supplied these 'holy' things, but the day of general belief in miracles and supernaturalism is over. Millions of human beings on this earth today have no religion whatsoever, which is part of the cause of the current unparalleled chaos. Men are 'milling around' in the dark, without direction, without hope, without understanding. Only if I could succeed in restoring to our people some kind of rational 'Polar Star' could our people be saved. Only when I could make them see that the individual is not as important as the race – as Nature intended – could I succeed in terms of history and humanity, rather than immediate politics.

Therefore, even if all the tactical reasons for the use of the Swastika did not exist, I should still have decided to stand forth with that deadly insignia emblazoned on my shield as I hurled my challenge at the Destroyers of Mankind. I am, and must be, above all things, the Apostle of Adolf Hitler, who was the greatest world savior in two thousand years. I must, like Saint Paul before me, now spread what I once misunderstood, hated and fought. I must, like the early Christians, drive out the 'evil spirits' of materialism, greed, selfishness, short-sightedness and cowardice, and stand defiant, even in the midst of the 'lions of the Colosseum', if that be my fate, to give the world once more that 'Polar Star' of direction, purpose, hope, loyalty and love which can no longer be supplied by the infiltrated religions.

Adolf Hitler carried the baton as far as he could. Now it was my task, since no other would do it, to seize it up and carry it, in my turn, as far as was in my power.

I believe in my deepest being that it is not without significance that the Swastika has already proved itself the key to unlock the Jewish 'paper curtain' and thus give me the prestige and notoriety to enable the publishing of this book. That symbol has been baptized in the only 'holy water' of any potency in this world: blood. It is the only symbol which can destroy its opposite, the symbol of death and disintegration: the Hammer and Sickle.

With these thoughts, I began the writing of a book called Battle Call, a new book of Hitlerism, adapted for America and today's world.

My work with the management engineering firm demanded fairly long trips all over Pennsylvania, New York State and New Jersey. I now took along my typewriter, and after topping at some state park or camping ground for the night, setting up my jungle hammock nd lantern, I would resume my writing, working far into the night. During the day, I would fight the Jews for money and at night, I fought them silently for survival and liberty. In those parks and camping grounds, I wrote the words and laid out the plans which were to burst forth upon America two years later in Arlington, Virginia, where the Swastika first flew in America after fifteen years of being trampled in the mud and slime of Jewish lies.