by George Lincoln Rockwell


This was such a gross violation of all civil rights and justice – to throw a man out of the service after almost twenty years of honorable service in two wars – that I considered how best to dramatize the outrage. I decided to use the American Civil Liberties Union – an organization supposedly dedicated to protecting ANYBODY'S civil rights – but which often seems to fight mostly for Communists. By publicly asking their help, I put them in a tight spot, and insured publicity.

They also had an interest in helping me. They considered me, at the time, a mere gad-fly, a nasty little mosquito on the body politic – and had something to gain by defending me and then pointing to the fact as evidence of their absolute dedication to the principles of civil rights, regardless of their hatred of the individual or his ideas.

It was while I was discussing the Navy situation with the ACLU that the struggle in the street occurred. So, on the next occasion, the matter naturally came up. The Jewish head of the Washington office, Lawrence Speiser, asked if I wanted counsel. When I said "Yes," he assigned me a particularly Jewy looking Jew, by the name of Shapiro.

The hanging jaws of the other Jews as we marched into the crowded Prosecutor's offices that morning with Shapiro leading the way for his Nazi clients were worth the whole fight – just to see. And old Shapiro went to bat for us with a will and typical Jewish cleverness. He succeeded in having the charges against both parties dropped. Meanwhile, out in the corridor, I was explaining to the newspapers that it might be necessary later to gas Shapiro too, as he was suspiciously active with the Communists.

The whole thing was too much for the papers to suppress. Out it came, as we had calculated, and the Party had once again achieved a major victory without funds and with nothing but guts and brains.

Little by little, the publicity began to bring us more men, and we put these to work on the streets, too.

I had managed to promote a job in a little print shop under an assumed name, and worked like a madman for almost nothing, just to survive. But it didn't last long. I had brought my own photo and art gear to the shop, and one night hoods broke in and ripped and smashed it all. Somebody had found out I was in there. The next day fifty special policemen were assigned to watch the place. Needless to say I had to leave.

I worked for awhile in a sign shop, but again somebody learned of it and all hell broke loose.

However, our fighting exposures of Jewish treason were beginning to bring in a trickle of support again, and we redoubled our distributions and activities.

Finally, in December, Floyd Fleming, the most faithful of all American patriots, was inspired by our successes to make a down-payment for us on a new headquarters – even closer to the White House than before – in Arlington. We were BACK "on the banks of the Potomac."

Warner was doing a good job of organizing our mailing list and getting material to the sympathizers. The funds began to come in in a steady but small amount.

On official party stationery, which is extremely impressive, I now requested a permit from the Department of the Interior to speak on the grounds of the Washington Monument on April 3 – the earliest the weather would be warm enough.

They denied this, but did give me the information that I could speak without a permit on a ground almost as good on the Mail, between the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument – right beside the Smithsonian Institute. Millions of tourists pass by this spot, and we got the Interior Department to set a roped-off area for us. We built a speaking stand, got a PA system on credit, – and organized our men in a defense force.

The first attempt at speaking in the wide open as NAZIS was pretty terrifying. We kidded each other endlessly as to who would run first, etc., but prepared for April the third with iron determination.

When the great day arrived, we had Nazis from as far away as Detroit and Florida.

And then it rained!

I think our reaction is the proof that we will win our goal of power. Human ingenuity and will is, as we have stated before, the mightiest force on earth.

I knew the "silent-treatment" which had been prepared for our speeches on the Mall by the Jewish dominated press. The Jews endlessly reminded each other in their private sheets-which we got – that we were like all the other little rabble rousers and would dry up and disappear if denied publicity. So they were not to mention it if we set fire to the White House or ran through the streets.

But they couldn't resist reporting our "failures." I remembered "Fiasco for a Fuhrer."

So I arranged a "failure" for them.

We went down in the rain without any of our shiny paraphernalia, stood in the downpour like drowned birds, and I gave a sad little talk to our tiny audience of troopers.

The Washington Evening Star took the bait hook, line and sinker,

They printed a three-column cut of my soaked speech and wet Nazis, and ran supercilious little story on the big Nazi "flop." They even wrote up an editorial showing the good citizens what failures we Nazis were.

So the next week, when the sun shone, we went down there and showed what Nazis really are. I had never made a real oration before, and was lousy at first, mostly because of nervousness. It is bad enough to have to have to make one's first speech, but when it must be made in fear of one's life and fear of arrest or other catastrophe – it becomes quite a problem to stay cool and in command of the situation.

We played the Star Spangled Banner and the Horst Wessel song, then I launched into my speech. For two hours, I exposed the full villainy of the Jewish conspiracy, and documented fact after fact which have been hidden from our brainwashed people. At first the crowd was sullen and hostile, but as I drove home point after point, there was more interest, and I could feel the hostility melting in the warmth of wonder and amazement at the astounding facts which once amazed me too.

Our first rally was a huge success, even though we had less than a thousand people, and we went back to the headquarters to sing the Party song until our lungs fairly burst, and celebrate our entry into the speech-making business.

But in spite of the success and the fact that uniformed Nazis and storm troopers were making speeches in the Nation's Capital, the Jews clamped on their hooded censorship, and we remained unknown, except for the isolated rantings of Drew Pearson.

We had to FORCE the jews to take notice of us, and on a national basis.

I had to come up with another publicity miracle somehow or other, since we were still relatively unknown outside of the East Coast. I applied the tested and excellent formula again, and decided to make the boldest possible move.

Union Square in New York City is the traditional stamping grounds of the Communists and jew traitors. Hundreds of them scream filthy threats at our people and our government there every day, year in and year out. It is the pulsing heart of Marxism in the U.S.A.

So I demanded a permit from New York City to speak there too.

That was all that it took.

At first there was little reaction. The word went out as the Jews always try first, "Ignore Rockwell and his provocations!".

But Jews being Jews, and, as I have demonstrated, psychopathic paranoids, they are constitutionally incapable of ignoring anybody who brazenly defies them and their repulsive claims to be God's chosen people with the sole right to insult and wreck everybody else while they themselves are sacred and holy. And when one announces coldly that he intends to try those suspected of treason, and then kill them in the gas chamber when they are convicted – their psychotic personalities get the better of them and they become the ancient, hate-filled, vengeful jews of the Old Testament – the same gang of "Pharisees" who got the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ.

The Communist Worker launched a protest when they heard the Commissioner of Parks planned to give me a permit, in accordance with my plain rights.

Then the Jewish New York Post let go with a blast. The Jewish papers began to howl, and finally the dignified and disguised Jewish press, including the New York Times, began to mutter darkly about the matter. And all this time, Communists were openly preaching destruction of this Country in that same Union Square, without a peep of protest – just as we knew would happen.

Within a few days, the full Hebrew chorus let loose, and New York made its Jewish character plain for all the world to see, as they went WILD. Jews ran to all the Jew judges and demanded everything from injunctions to electrocutions. The papers raged and argued. The Civil Liberties Union, caught in an impossible position had to stand for my rights to preach the trial and execution of such of their own members as might be convicted of treason. This enraged the Jews beyond all bounds, and they ranted and screamed at each other in a most satisfying and ludicrous manner. For the first time in history – exposing each other!

Finally a gang of these lovers of free speech and tolerance got a temporary injunction against my appearance in Union Square and there was to be a hearing on the matter in New York Supreme Court.

I decided to go up there and use my newly found legal abilities to fight for my rights.

When I arrived at the Court House, it was surrounded by herds of jews, acres of them, howling and screaming and waving picket signs. They didn't recognize me as I walked past all of them and into the court room, where I sat down quietly.

When the clerk announced the case, pandemonium broke loose. In all the courtrooms I have ever been in, I NEVER saw anything like that! At least FIFTY lawyers all ran up to the bench to demand I be run out of New York. They still didn't know I was there. But somehow, the TV people found out, and asked me to give an interview after court. I agreed, and then stepped up to the bench among the pack of snarling Jewish lawyers. When the judge asked if anybody else wanted to be heard, after all the jews had yelped their pieces, I spoke up – and the hot hate which then turned on me was something you could feel – and SMELL.

Immediately one of them demanded I be committed to the insane asylum. The judge pushed that outrage aside, and I got a chance to speak my piece. Then they lit into me. Who were my associates? Backers? Their addresses? How many troopers? Where? They were making up their black lists. They read off selected excerpts from our "gas chamber" literature. They told sob stories of concentration camps, showers, tatoos, and scars. The judge tried his best to keep order but it was almost impossible with that wild mob at the bench.

A rabbi in the audience fell on his back with his arms and legs sticking up like a dog playing dead – and actually FROTHED at the mouth! He was carried out.

Finally the judge called a short recess and the TV people asked me to step into the great marble rotunda of the courthouse for an interview. As I emerged out there, I was blinded by the huge lights they had set up, and discovered I was solidly surrounded by Jews and jews and more jews.

The interviewer asked me if I intended to gas the Jews, and I told him that was ridiculous, we intended only to gas TRAITORS, Jews and anybody else who was convicted of treason under a Constitutional provision. Then he asked how many Jews I thought that might be, and I truthfully told him I could only GUESS from the number of Jew spies, etc.but I thought it would probably be about eighty percent of the adult Jews we would have to gas.

That did it!

They began to scream, "Kill him! Kill him!" – a shout reminiscent of certain passages in the New Testament – and they closed in on me with insane rage. They got hold of me and knocked over the TV cameras and men, and I struggled to stay on my feet in the wild melee. Two husky New York City detectives forced their way through the mob and began to work me toward a dead-end hallway. We made it, and barricaded it off as we battled the bloodthirsty mob. They hustled me and Roger Foss, the trooper who had come with me, into a back room as more police and the riot squad arrived.

Finally sufficient order was restored to start the court hearing again, and I was guarded by squads of officers as we finished up. Then they asked me what I wanted to do, and if I planned to go to City Hall. The police were thoroughly respectful of my rights, courteous and courageous in the face of that murderous mob. They offered to enforce my rights anywhere in New York I wanted to go and for as long as I wanted to stay – even offering a police guard if I took a hotel room.

But I knew the Jews and I was proved right in a very few days. They would use ANY pretext to lock me up for good and to hell with my rights, etc. My best bet was to get out of New York, and that's what I told them I wanted to do. They gave me a heavy escort out of the building, but even so it seemed impossible we could get through. I expected to have to battle – but the cops held back the mob except for one jew who managed to spit into the car as we drove off.

We got on a plane at LaGuardia Airport – and the first great political battle was over. The Jewish-dominated press, of course, headlined that I was given the "bum's rush" by the cops – an outright lie!

We had won millions and millions of dollars of priceless publicity; we had demonstrated that it is possible to defy the jews and survive; we had pointed up the glaring inconsistency of the Jewish hysteria about us in Union Square compared to their silence about the Communists; we had gotten the Jews fighting desperately among themselves as to how to handle us, and we had made the American Nazi Party the most dynamic, powerful name in the right wing in only a few months.

But I knew that we would have to pay the cost of the victory. We had yanked the tail of the tiger, and he would soon bare his yellow fangs at us. I warned my lads not to get overconfident and cocky, over and over again. We had learned to hold them at bay on the mall.

I had gained more and more skill as a speaker and had even learned to hold them with the power of voice and will alone. When they would scream and heckle and threaten to attack, I would point them out to the watching gentiles and embarrass even those brassy Jews so much they would subside. Once I had one of the boys put on a big plastic nose and eyeglasses, and come down and pretend to be a heckling jew – which drove the long-nosed genuine variety almost out of their minds with helpless rage. They can't stand to be laughed at – and the nose bit is too much for them. They claim they are only a religion, so, of course, they can't take official offense at the phony beaks, without giving the game away.

After New York, however, I knew they HAD to get us, one way or the other. Sure enough, on the 3rd of July, they arrived in huge force, over two hundred and fifty of them – and the story of that riot is on the first pages of this book. I never got to say a single word, before they began their filthy howling and shrieking. And where the police had once been fair and square, they now retired, to allow these monsters full play. Even so it took them over an hour and a half to get up their courage to attack the nine of us!

All nine of us were arrested, along with a token sprinkling of three or four jews, and offered the chance to forfeit ten dollars collateral. We demanded trial, and were released on posting our ten dollars each.

We went immediately out to Glenn Echo Amusement Park, where the jews and Negroes were picketing for admission into the all-white park, and picketed NAACP and CORE troops. We were all torn, bruised, bleeding and bandaged – from the afternoon's battle – and our exhibition of courage and will won us a huge group of young men who came and saw and understood what it is to be WHITE MEN and FIGHT for survival.

The next day, our usual Sunday, the Jews, I am sure, were relaxing in the certain belief that we would not try to speak again. But to make doubly sure, the head of the Department of Parks called me and advised me not to go down, lest we all be killed this time. He said they couldn't guarantee our safety – a travesty after the Park Police exhibition of the day before. I told him we were coming anyway. So then he told me there would be no speaking stand. I said OK. Then he said there would also be no ropes. No cops either, I presumed. He was dumbfounded when I said I would speak even if alone on the bare ground! The jews are so sure anti-Semites are the craven cowards they always depict on their TV propaganda shows they couldn't imagine a man who would go down after a riot, beating and jailing, with no protection or police, and try it again! I told them I would be there at the usual time.

At two o'clock on the button we appeared with a red oil bucket for me to stand on. We set it up against a tree so they could attack from only three sides. Ten or twelve of our men gathered around me and I had just started to speak – when a delegation of police arrived with a paper still wet from a photocopy machine. They handed it to me and I read it while the mob watched. It was a brand new order closing the park to speaking, I asked the officer what other areas were available for speaking, and they told me of a park near the municipal court. I told him we would proceed there and speak. He tried to dissuade me because of the "high feeling" but I started to the new place.

When we arrived, it was already jammed and crammed with the same mob of murderous, screeching jews! HOW they let us know this would be IT – we would get it for sure today!

The authorities showed me where I was to speak, and I stood up to begin with the circle of troopers around me. The jews began the old tactic of howling "Sick! Sick! Sick!" and other endearments to drown me out, and began to move in closer and closer. The day before, there had been the claim that we had provoked these villains, so I determined that this time we would force them to be so obvious in their terrorism, if they dared, that no policeman could stomach it. I resolved to put the obedience and courage of my men to the acid test.

I ordered them to TURN AROUND with their backs to the same raging mob of thugs and hoods which had attacked and injured them just the day before.

Every man obeyed, although there were many wondering glances up at me as I stood there on my bucket with my arms folded. I lit a cigar to dramatize the fact that I was not even TRYING to speak or provoke the jews, and we stood thus for what seemed hours while the jews howled and threatened and raved.

It worked!

The police moved in between the worst of the jew attackers and our boys, and the jews began to feel the full emotional wave of disgust everybody else there felt for their savage antics. Little by little they lost cohesion as a mob. Some jews began to yell "Let him speak," as they realized THEY WERE DEMONSTRATING BY THEIR ACTIONS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO PROVE, BETTER THAN IF I HAD SAID IT! They began to quarrel among themselves like a pack of rats.

After an hour of this, I ordered my men to face forward once more. Silence spread as I took command of that mob with the force of will, even without saying a word.

I began to speak. There were sporadic outbreaks of hysterical yelling, but it I beg was mostly by women and hangers-on. The brutal terrorists themselves were beaten and they knew it.

I made my speech successfully – with TV and movie cameras grinding away – and we marched out of that park victorious.

Our friends who were seeded in the jew crowd told us afterward of the bitterness with which these lovers of free speech approached each other for their cowardice in not attacking us as planned!