by George Lincoln Rockwell


NOTE: The foregoing chapters of the book were written in September and October of 1960 for delivery to a publisher in Chicago in November. A full year was lost as the publisher and others were intimidated into abandoning publication by threats, mostly from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and other Jewish organizations. Finally, publication of the book was undertaken by Parliament House in New York in September of 1961. But this firm was not able to get the book printed and produced anyplace except on our own little Davidson 221 office duplicator.

Even then, the efforts to stop publication did not cease. "Volunteer typists" came to help set the book on our IBM – only to sabotage the work, as the typographical and spelling errors in the first chapters will show, in spite of all the diligence we could exercise. They actually set fire to the press room in the middle of the night and disaster was saved only by the alert duty officer. My printer and layout man were maneuvered into quitting at the crucial moment so that I wound up producing almost all of the book myself with unskilled help from loyal officers and troopers, except for IBM typing by a faithful woman member of the party.

I have consequently rewritten this last chapter in December of 1961 to bring the book up to date. The reader is again reminded that the book was written and produced under actual combat conditions, with bullets, Molotov cocktails, phosphorous bombs and rocks flying at the headquarters and printshop, along with the more subtle attacks by Jewish agents. As I write, two of my lads are in prison, one just got out, and I am under sentence to prison in New Orleans and Arlington, pending appeal. The Jews in the Justice Department are combing every facet of my life (including this book, copies of which were just picked up by the FBI yesterday, December 1, 1961) to find some grounds for a "prosecution " which would stick. Finally, our operating funds are so pitifully minute that we were printing and working in bone-chilling cold up until ten days ago because we couldn't pay the gas bill since last April.

For all these reasons, we hope the reader will forgive technical failings in production of this work, and remember that content is here, regardless of the form, which is a temporary matter. Later editions will equal and surpass the tons of Jewish productions which fill our book shops now. In their case, the form is certainly there!; they have the millions to pay Gentile craftsmen to produce masterpieces of the book-maker's art – but the content is lacking as with most things in our "modern" lives today – the age of plastic. We are already shifting from operation on sales of our production, and, with iron determination, we shall soon enough have the money to produce This Time the World in the style to which it is entitled.

With the victory in the Arlington courts and the smashing victory over the "mental-health" attack in Washington, we were well launched into the first Phase of our struggle to power. The world has read in the papers of our exploits since then.

That first phase was the fight to become known to the masses, at all costs, as the fanatical champions of the White Man and enemy of the Jewish traitors.

There are many who think as we do but who haughtily condemn our wild and wooly tactics as "undignified," etc. These know-it-alls cannot understand that being "dignified" or "refined" or "reasonable" has not helped any of the right-wing movements so far to success.

The left-wing is not dignified or reasonable, but it is succeeding. It has power! It is winning because it understands the fundamental source of all political power, which is in the common, ordinary masses of people.

Ultimate political power does not reside in "conservatives" or "liberals" or intellectuals or goon squads, but in the millions upon millions of plumbers, carpenters, laborers, taxi-drivers, bartenders, etc. And these millions are never won by argument, but always by the extremes of emotion. They love and they hate. They play like kids and they fight like animals. They despise weakness, especially in leaders, and love strength even when it tyrannizes over them. Roosevelt was a devilish example of that. They do not want to see an intellectual discussion between lofty political ideas, but the crushing victory of their side and the utter annihilation of the enemy, whomever he may be.

The Jewish promotion of the idea of democracy is a monstrous fraud to hide their own power over these masses, which consists of control of all media of mass communication and popular entertainment. An ordinary man cannot know personally the men and issues for which he is allowed to "vote." He gets to 'know" these things, in a "free" democracy like America, only as they are shown to him on TV, in the newspapers, magazines, etc. The candidates and issues upon which Americans, and all citizens of democracies, vote are the images of men and issues painted with supreme cunning by the "hidden persuaders," the scientific mind-manipulators, who consciously and ruthlessly use emotional-engineering techniques to build "father images" and all the rest of the tools of their power. "The other side" is simply not permitted to exist, let alone express itself.

Who ever heard of an anti-Semitic national TV show? Or a crime show with black criminals? Or even a John Birch TV program revealing, for instance, Ike's red record?

The result is that poor, ingenuous, ordinary and decent little John Doe, American, truly believes much of the crap poured into his head twenty-four hours a day from his press, TV, etc. The images he develops in his mind of "Jews," "agrarian reformers," "deprived Negroes," "sick criminals" – all the rest of the liberal images – are not real, as anybody who has read a Jew paper or been mugged by a black criminal knows. But these synthetic images have, immense power to influence the masses emotionally so that they will vote for an insufferable spoiled popinjay like the millionaire Roosevelt, for instance, as a, "man-of-the-people"!

The problem of building a political organization with the ability to move these masses the other way, in spite of the enemy's utter mastery of all means of communicating with the masses, is, thus, first the problem of reaching the masses – any way at all.

It does not matter how you reach them at first, so long as they come to know of you and the fact that you are at the opposite pole from those in power.

Our "Nazi" tactics force the Jews to blast us, in spite of their efforts at "silent treatment," as "monsters," "hate mongers," hoodlums, terrorists, etc., etc. In spite of themselves, the Jews must build, on their own TV, an image of us which is just as phony as the images they build of their own marionettes – but an image of us nevertheless, and an image of emotional impact which reaches the masses.

Ask the man in the street about Rockwell and the American Nazi Party and he will probably tell you that this is the outfit that wants to "kill all the Jews and niggers."

That this is a foul Jewish-promoted lie does not matter. In fact, it is preferable that the image of us, at this stage, is monstrous.

The masses think like an electronic calculator. They have no modulations, but only plus and minus, black and white, absolutely good, and absolutely bad. Pavlov proved with his dogs that fundamental behavior patterns are basically determined by physical conditioning – and the Jews and Communists have proved with their "brainwashing," that human beings follow the same laws of mechanical psychology as Pavlov's dogs. With proper techniques, every living being, including humans, can be manipulated.

Only the hot-house intellectuals want their fiction to be "modulated" with "greys," as in real life. The common man wants heroes and villains, and no mistake about it. He cannot fathom or sympathize with a "nice" villain or a "bad" hero. An examination of the pulp magazines and comic books he prefers will quickly establish the truth of that statement. If "Superman" got drunk and made an ass of himself, or turned coward once in a while – as real "heroes" do – he would be out of business in a trice.

The Jews, therefore, do exactly what we want them to do when they keep their Nazi atrocity lies pouring out over America in such oceanic floods. Right now, and for yet a while longer, they are the shining "heroes," and we are the 100% rotten "villains." Never mind, we have reached the masses with an image as the all-out opponents of what is going on. As long as John Doe is reasonably satisfied with what is going on and his own lot, he will continue to accept that image.

But the Jews and all their poisonous lot of liberals, queers, race-mixers, etc., cannot keep poor little John Doe happy for much longer with what they are doing to him. No amount of the most masterful TV brotherhood shows can keep a man whose wife is brutally raped by a gang of rampaging blacks from being rudely awakened to the phoniness of the Jew-image of the "down-trodden" and "innocent" Negro. All the poetry of peace and co-existence cannot keep Mr. Doe blind to the fact that Communism is conquering the earth, with one third of the world's people already enslaved, and the rest softened up, while it now has a beach-head 90 miles off Florida!

At present, the "common man" is luxuriating in the products of a super-phony war scare and manipulated economy, and his ears are deaf to pleas that he examine the basis of this false "prosperity." But when the house-of-cards rally comes crashing down, as it inevitably will in eight or nine years, John Doe will suddenly wake up! And he will be mad!

With race riots all over America as hungry blacks and whites fight for non-existent jobs, all the pretty notions of brotherhood and sweet reasonableness will be gone in a few moments of agonized recognition that his "friends" have been his enemies all along and his enemies have therefore been his friends.

The liars are now convicting themselves before the jury of America, and the more they lie and swindle the jury, the more that jury will howl for the liars blood when they discover how they have been taken. We are content – nay HAPPY – to be advertised as the would-be murderers of all Jews, even though that is not true, since we thus (1) reach the masses with simple ideas, and (2) stand forth as the uncompromising enemies of what we know the masses are growing to hate, and will hate with a passion in a very few years.

We have almost completed the first phase of our struggle to power, now. Both our name and our fanatical opposition to Jewish Communism-Zionism and race-mixing are known all over the world, albeit with misunderstand and burning hatred by many. That was our first aim.

The next phase of the struggle is to begin to drive into the brainwashed minds of the masses a few simple ideas of what we really are – instead of what they say we are. This book is the first major step in that direction, although the masses won't read it. But it will inevitably win over some intellectual fighters who will help us in the battle of propaganda. Most important, the book will stand as a crushing refutation of the Jew lies about our true nature and ideas, which can be judged in itself, with fearful results for the liars. Even when I am railroaded to prison, to another round of the bug-house, which is more than likely in spite of our scrupulous adherence to the law, as the Jews in the Justice Department get more and more desperate, the book will be preaching the truth and salvation silently to thousands, and perhaps millions.

We are still too weak to force our right to hire a hall and start public meetings. We couldn't rent the loft of a whore house for a meeting today. But that will not be for long. As income from the book begins to put blood into our veins at last, instead of the trickle of water from the contributions of a few hardy pioneers, we will go into court and fight for our right to hire a hall like any other American – as we fought for the right to have a public park in New York and won.

And when we can hire a respectable hall and hold a public meeting, we shall be well launched on the second phase of our struggle – the phase of education by propaganda. We shall drill into the minds of the public a few simple unforgettable slogans and ideas which will replace the diabolically clever slogans of the Jews now being driven into the minds of the people: "brotherhood," "you can't judge by groups, only as individuals," "tolerance" (for everything left, but hate for the "hate mongers."). When these lovers of free speech howl about Nazi "slogans," etc., let the thoughtful American consider the nature of the campaign being waged by the Jews and "liberals." And do they not also use slogans and the most monstrous of emotional propaganda?

With these scientific and powerful methods, we shall slowly begin to make the masses understand what we really are. And, again, the lies of the Jews will backfire on them, just as they do already in a small way when people come to interview me and find me intelligent, literate, courteous, reasonable and many report, personally likable. The shock is apparent on their faces when they do not see the horns on my head nor smell fumes of the fire and brimstone. Over a period of five or seven years, we will convert thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and finally millions to our ideals and to belief in our masculine, straight-forward leadership toward the things Americans and White men really want.

In the meantime, we shall start running for every available political office and insist on our rights to buy TV time when we get on the ballot even for dog-catcher. The wild howls of the Jews as I appear before a swastika banner on TV and drive home the truths the people ache to hear will be music to my ears, and the death song of the sneaks and traitors. Sooner or later, we will start getting elected – first to small offices, and then to large. As the Jews continue to drive and push and hound the honest people of Virginia with forced integration and subversion, pornography and communism, I will inevitably be able to win enough votes to be elected governor.

And that will mark the start of the third phase in the fight to win back our American heritage and enforce the Constitution for the benefit of the White Christian people who built the country. With the prestige of public office, in spite of all the lies and terrorism of the Jews, we shall demonstrate what honest, fearless government is like and organize the people we have won. We will build our trained, hardcore of present Nazis into a nationwide mass organization which will be inflamed with a holy zeal such as fired the American Revolutionists – and which has been lacking in our people since the civil war. By this time the "conservatives," with their stale dishwater programs and their battle cries of "back to the good old horse and buggy days!", will be discredited and beaten by the Jews they now pretend not to notice. The enemies of America will be running wild over our liberties, our traditions, and, most of an, over our white race. Goldwater is almost sure to follow Kennedy – when the latter has crammed four years more of insufferable betrayal down the throats of Americans.

And Goldwater will be the last straw for the good and patient people who have tried so hard to believe the Jews and their lies. When he, too, betrays the people there will be no place left for them to turn. The phony "contest" between the Republicrats and Democans has already disgusted millions, who now hope to get something done as "conservatives" against the "liberals." And when these poor innocents find that the foxy Jews have once more pulled off their old trick of leading 'em – when they couldn't beat 'em (as they did – when they put Ike in) – they will be at the end of their sheep-like patience and ready for all-out, uncompromising fight with a deadly enemy they will finally see. Especially the rich "conservatives" will flock to our banners after Goldwater has slipped them the final dose of brilliant betrayal. Just as the industrialists of the Ruhr finally backed Hitler, once they realized that there is no half-way method of beating the Communists who were reaching into their wallets, so the rich American reactionaries will back us when they, too, learn that the Jews and Communists are about to seize their cash.

With growing funds, not only from the people, but from scared reactionaries, by 1968 we will be able to start the fourth phase – the winning of power! We shall make the presidential race which will in turn, insure tremendous national TV coverage. We won't be able, to beat Goldwater or any other Jew – or Jew stooge they put up, yet, but we will smash their machine if invincible terror at the top levels, even as we have done it down herein the gutter.

The key factor in our planned rise to power will be our solution to the Negro problem – a problem which has already become completely intolerable to both white and black.

The common working people of America are fed up with what they call "niggers" and are only prevented from taking violent action in the matter by the by the most extreme measures of brainwashing and the use of armed force, including the U.S. Army, as at Little Rock. This is not a Southern problem; the situation is even more explosive in Northern cities like Detroit and New York.

At the same time, the blacks are understandably fed up, too. Every human being on this earth must find some way to consider himself "valuable" and worthy of his own self-respect. Otherwise, he is forced by iron laws of psychology to (1) go insane (2) commit suicide (3) evade the Problem by becoming a drunken, dazed bum.

Constantly being told he is "equal" by white hypocrites who pretend to love him (but who send their own kids to private schools so they won't have to mix with the blacks, etc.), the Negro in America is being increasingly frustrated in his search for the all-important feeling of worthwhileness.

A hundred years ago, when "equality" was unheard of, the situation of the blacks seemed less hopeful, but, in the respect being discussed, it was far, far better. The Negro lived and moved only in his own exclusive black circle. Sure he was looked down upon, almost as an animal, but his psychological existence was 100% within his own group. He never even considered the possibility of a white wife, for instance, or even of association with whites. He gained his feeling of worthwhileness solely by his status within his own group, and here, he could excel and become, perhaps, a "great man." The Negro who succeeded in being the best banjo player or story-teller, perhaps, among the other Negroes, was a very real success.

But with the rise of the modem hypocrisy of "equality," the Negro has constantly set before him the idea that he is not a success and is not worthwhile unless he succeeds in white circles He is no longer satisfied with a Negro woman, but, as is shown by the fact that almost every Negro who gets enough money and prestige marries a White, he dreams of getting white women, getting white jobs, and being accepted 100% as the same thing as Whites which he can never be.

The "liberals" make light of the argument, of course, but it is the most fundamental part of the problem that even the most "liberal" whites are only talking with their mouths about equality, and only so long as it doesn't affect their personal lives. They have no intention whatsoever of mixing sexually for procreation with the Negro race and, so long as this is denied the Negro, how can he really believe the slop that he is the same as white people except for the color of his skin?

The honest Americans draw the color-line at their front door – and the dishonest "liberals" draw that same color-line at their daughter's bedroom door. But the line is there, and always will be. And it hurts. You can be sure of that. Only a fishy-cold "liberal" prattling of "humanitarianism" could fail to realize the terrible hurt he is inflicting on the blacks by giving them the false idea that 100% equality is only a matter of time, sit-ins and sleep-ins.

The common working white people of America, on the other hand, cannot be blamed for beginning to hate the black man who is becoming increasingly obnoxious in his pushing, as he is inflamed by the Jews behind the "Negro" organizations. Even if there may be a few scummy liberals who actually are prepared to offer their own daughters on the altar of Negro "equality," as did Sir Stafford Cripps, the unspoiled, healthy white working man will go all-out for naked violence before he will permit wholesale violation of his sacred instincts and nature's laws.

The Jewish power of money is presently holding this army of irritated White men in check through loss of jobs as fire and police departments are integrated and monsters like Sammy Davis, Jr., are paraded with their white wives in all our press and magazines, etc. But when the money and jobs are gone, as they surely will be, as the phoney economy collapses when it can no longer be patched up by Berlin "crisis" and similar frauds, then there will be nothing to stop the enraged millions of White men.

The result is that all the makings of a nightmare of violence and bloodshed are in the works. The hypocrites and Jews keep telling the Negro he is equal and that he should push. And the Whites – in the North as well as the South – are kept from violence to stop the infernal pushing only by the fact that they lose their jobs and perhaps go to jail. Calling them "bigots" will not stop them forever.

Most Americans who can't figure this all out intellectually know it by instinct. Everybody can feel the terrible, deadly tension as the Negro pushing continues.

It is by intelligently solving this unspeakable situation that we shall win most of the votes to put us in office.

When economic catastrophe hits, race riots will be the inevitable result, all over the USA. The race problem, which is unanimously ignored, or aggravated, by all our politicians, from Stevenson to Goldwater, must be solved by intelligence, honesty and goodwill, or it win be solved by massacre and bloodshed.

The American Nazi Party recognizes that the Negro can never be happy in White Society because he can never gain that all important feeling of worthwhileness and self-respect as long as he is constantly reminded of the color-line, whether it is at the honest man's front door, or the bedroom door of the liberal's daughter.

Only on his own piece of geography, among his own people, can the Negro find the "status" he must have to exist as a contented human being.

Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and all of our early leaders recognized this fundamental truth, and helped set up Liberia in Africa for our Negroes whose capital was named Monrovia after our President Monroe.

Not too many years ago, Marcus Garvey, a Negro, led a Back-to-Africa movement which obtained four million Negro signatures on a petition seeking return to Africa. But this fact is not permitted to reach the public because the Jews want the Negroes here for three rotten purposes:

(1) They use the Negroes as a balance of power in politics. They have gotten the Whites almost evenly divided into two meaningless teams of Republicrats and Democans so that their votes neatly cancel each other out (the main reason for the huge Jew-led drives to "get out the vote," which keeps the suckers imagining they are participating in their government). only by winning the black vote, today, can a politician get elected and the Jews control the Black vote. The Negroes, being relatively ignorant and simple-hearted, are easily led by the sly and foxy Jews like Marvin Rich and Arthur Spingarn. And these Jews of the NAACP, CORE, etc., peddle the votes of their black herds to whomever offers the Jews and Negroes the most, and to hell with the country, the Constitution and the White Christian majority. It is an utterly vicious scheme!

(2) The Jews prey on the economically helpless Negroes financially. One has only to visit the Negro section of town and look at the names on the shops or see who collects the huge rents on the roach and rat-ridden black tenements, to see how the Jews milk their black cattle. See who is selling rot-gut wine and whiskey to the blacks. Or observe the municipal court records to see who is garnisheeing the Negroes' pitiful wages for easy-payment debts created in selling trash and plastic junk to the childish blacks.

The third reason the Jews keep the Blacks here is more subtle. They, the Jews, use the Negroes as a battering ram to smash down White Gentile society for the benefit of Jews, without making it obvious that it is a Jewish operation.

By preaching equality for Blacks and enlisting the soft-heads and fat-heads like Eleanor, who imagine they are intellectuals, but who won't think when they can feel, the Jews break down our society and our morale with Negro invasions, which are promptly exploited by the Jews who move in behind them.

In short, the Negro is as much the key to Jewish power in America as is the 100% Jewish-run TV and movie business.

That is the reason why any effort toward a real solution to the Negro problem is hounded and driven out of existence by the Jews – as Marcus Garvey was thrown into jail and his movement broken up.

But, just as the Jewish outrages always produce a counter-force among the Whites, as they did in Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.,and as they are doing in the USA now – so they have at last produced a real leader among the Negro people, Elijah Muhammad, head of the "Black Muslims."

I am aware that Mr. Muhammad at one time preached massacre of the Whites. I can't say that I blame him. Were I a Negro, I would feel the same way. But Mr. Muhammad was, and is, faced with the same problems as we are – total hostility by the Jews and all their satellites, including the government. The Jewish press does its' best to ignore him, while writing paeans of praise and adulation for the "black" organizations and activities led by Jews, such CORE and NAACP. Under the circumstances and remembering the simple hearts, ignorance, and sorely oppressed status of most of the Negro people, he may be forgiven any kind of preaching necessary to gain the strength to do something constructive to solve the problem, just as we have to use some pretty powerful methods to outwit the Jew press liars ourselves.

But Elijah Muhammad has taken a million or more of the lowest kind of people on earth-lazy, drunken, dirty, filthy-mouthed, nasty-minded black bums and criminals, the repulsive creatures called "niggers" – and turned them into disciplined, self-respecting, sober, hard-working, courteous, clean-talking and clean people. Let the White men who tax me with being a "nigger lover" for respecting Elijah Muhammad show me the White leader today who has demonstrated any such masterful ability to lead!

As Muhammad has grown in wisdom and stature, he has also become more moderate and statesman-like in his program and demands. He knows how the Jews are using and abusing his people and he does not fear to say so, like so many of the Southern Whites who damn me for praising Muhammad and then whisper in the most cowardly manner about the "shhhhhh! 'j-e-w-s'".

He used to demand American territory for his Negro nation. And I will say that, if there were no other way of solving the Negro problem and the alternative was the mongrelization of the White race, which is inevitable if the present mix-pressures are continued, I would even be willing to give the Negroes an area of their own in America (New York City, perhaps, where they could enjoy the company of their Jew "friends") before I would see our White race degraded to a nation of brown mongrels such as swarm in South America.

But that is not necessary.

When economic catastrophe hits, as it will in six to eight years when the phony war-scare economy runs out of Berlins and Laos, we will need no CCC camps of "PWA" to pump up or prime our economy. By ceasing our disgusting efforts to buy friendship and "neutrality" from our enemies with "foreign aid" and allocating that money and the money now wasted on civil rights and Negro crime to our own Negroes to build and construct a modern industrial nation in Africa, we can not only make the prospect of their own modern Nation so attractive that our Negroes will flock to migrate, but we will pump eight or ten billion dollars a year into our own free economy – our contractors, technicians, service organizations, businessmen, banks, etc. And this will put millions more Americans to work on a constructive project to solve a problem, not add to it.

Many people object that it would be impossible to move fifteen million Negroes to Africa. These people forget that we moved many more people than that in World War II – under combat conditions! With the proper will and spirit, it will be easy.

As for winning the Negroes, it is truly child's play, with modem methods of sales and public relations. The lot of most Negroes in America is incredibly rotten. The vision of glorious "equality" and a "little taste of honey" (ie. intercourse with a white girl) held out by the Jews to the Negroes, is rapidly disillusioning the blacks, and will do so with increasing rapidity as the pushing continues. Only the rare "professional" Negroes really hate anything, and they are in the overwhelming minority. The great mass of American Negroes are wretchedly poor, frustrated, exploited, given the bum's rush through our courts and prisons and generally have little to live for.

With any kind of funds for public relations work at all, we will sign up these down-trodden creatures by the millions for a genuine break at long, long last. A man will charge the massed bayonets of the enemy on behalf of a vision in which he really believes, as every war proves on both sides. Our Negroes now have no vision at all, except the hypocritical hope of "mixing," which bitterly frustrates them, especially the poor ones who can't afford a white prostitute, professional or amateur.

Savage Africa has almost no skilled workers and leaders so that our American Negroes would jump at once from the status of inferior -and oppressed second-class citizens here to pioneering heroes and much sought-after experts in the new land. Attractive window displays in the Negro sections of all American towns with literature and petitions inside, TV programs, public rallies, and all the rest of the tools of modern mass sales techniques will fire the imaginations and hearts of the frustrated millions of America's Blacks, as the hopeless dream of 100% equality can never do.

And Elijah Muhammad is the obvious and proven leader to organize and direct this mighty movement, which is almost exactly the parallel of the way America itself was civilized by people who were persecuted and hounded in other lands.

In spite of the stupid howls of "nigger lover" I must suffer, and the understandable fear of us in the heart of Mr. Muhammad, we have confidence that we will be able to reach a position of mutual trust and cooperation toward the great goal of a genuine solution to the Negro problem. His lieutenants have already made contact with us and assured us of any help they can give and we have given them a similar assurance.

As we grow in power and influence, we will be able to work in dignity and separately, but in mutual helpfulness, toward the day when our American Negroes will at last have the real self-respect and decent environment we owe them after three hundred years of slavery and exploitation and our White men will have the pure White Christian civilization won for them with the blood of their ancestors.

And even the soft-heads and liberals will one day vote for us when we have solved this monstrous problem to the satisfaction of all honest people, black and white, except the Jew plotters.

In 1972, with Nazi senators and representatives in every state and millions of Nazi voters, we will be able to sweep to power in the elections. And then will begin the fifth phase of the struggle – the clean-up! With an iron broom (but always within the law and the Constitution) we shall sweep the hordes of traitors out of office and into the gas chambers – not because they are of any particular race or "religion," but because they are proven in courts, before juries, to have been traitors to the most wonderful people and system of government ever devised by the mind of man.

In one term in the White House, we will be able to finish the great mass movement of Negroes to Africa or to reservations here so that our cities will be sparkling WHITE and relatively free of the rampaging criminals now making our own national capital a vicious jungle of murder and rapine. The people, who have been endlessly told what tyrants we are and how we wish to murder and rob people, will have seen what we can REALLY do with power and will know at first hand the pure white-fire of our idealism, just as courageous and honest Germans can tell you what a paradise Germany was in the "Great Days," even for honest Jews – but especially for Germans. Americans will once again revel in their wonderful, blessed America, spotlessly clean of the queers, pornography, hot-house sex atmosphere, hypocrites, false Christian pink preachers, and – most important of all-traitors and liars.

Then will begin the most dangerous of times for our movement and our people.

The Jews pulling the strings in Moscow and Jerusalem and in the banking houses of the world (including the Vatican, where the Rothschilds have now got Pope John deleting passages of Holy Scripture which do not please the Jews who had Christ crucified!) will once again work with devilish ingenuity to plunge the world into another bloodbath to save their rotten secret empire of blood and gold, just as they plunged us into World War II to make the world safe for Marxism again, when Hitler had it on the run.

Hitler, never having traveled, was an incurable isolationist and chauvinist. He imagined he could create a spotless and clean little "bubble," disinfected of Jewish filth and phlegm, right in the middle of the filthy Jewish world empire. He managed the miracle for a time but his task was as impossible as trying to create a hospital-clean and antiseptic little area in a sewer being flooded with roaring torrents of excrement. He was overwhelmed by the flood of Jewish hate and poison which surrounded tiny Germany.

Had he started from the beginning, not with a GERMAN movement, but with a WHITE MAN'S movement encompassing all White men in the world, as the movement encompasses all Jews, without regard to nationality or even "religion," and as the Communist movement is international, he would have taken a lot longer to win – but he would have been sure of winning. You can't beat an international movement with a national movement any more than you create a nice clean place in a sewer.

We have not made that mistake. From the beginning, I have worked just as hard to build international solidarity of ALL White men, regardless of religion or nationality, as I have to get the party set up in the U.S.A.

The method is incredibly hard – I am banned from most countries and can contact our people in other areas of the earth only by mail – but it is SURE. In England, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Denmark – even in Japan – and dozens of other countries, we are working to set up the World Union of National Socialists as the fight-to-the-death counterpart of the world Marxist Comintern and Zionist organizations. Today, the Nazi parties in these countries operate with front names just as I direct our Nazis in many American cities to operate under other names until they are strong enough to survive the Jewish terror attacks. But they are growing strong and pure. Nothing can now stop them.

The Jews are now doing to the entire world what they did to Germany in the 1920's. The Jewish moguls have even decreed that women's fashions must look like those of the insane '20's, as a look at the fashion ads will show. They monopolize everything, and they are spreading their filth and decay into every nook and cranny of this staggering planet. Their red United Nations is planned as the final graveyard of all national liberty, and, as it becomes increasingly colored and black, the ultimate graveyard of the White Race.

As we grow and win power here in the U.S.A., there is the terrible danger that the Jews will decide on the ultimate insanity of another world war to stop us – a threat they use now to drive the world crazy with their interminable alternating threats and handshakes, just as Pavlov's dogs were driven to such states of anxiety by mechanical alternations of torture and care that they became living zombies willing to do anything commanded by their manipulator, exactly as our people are beginning to do en masse. The Jews have no intention whatsoever of blowing themselves up in the hydrogen bomb war they keep depicting for us in frightening full-color articles and on TV, etc. The "cold war" is strictly to make money in the war-scare economy and keep the suckers busy watching with horror "over there," while the dirty work is being done over here – and to keep us spending ourselves to death, as Lenin commanded.

If, however, it appeared that the Jews were on the verge of total exposure – and the consequent punishment they have so diligently earned – they would try at the last minute to pull everything down about everyone's ears, in the hopes of escaping retribution in the catastrophic confusion and misery.

This we have guarded against by the fundamental idea of our movement, which is the unity of the White Aryan Race – regardless of the location on the globe of the members of that race. This unity includes the White Aryan Russian people, who are as much victims of Jewish Communism as we are, even the Russians who go along with the thing, like our own fat-headed "liberals," not knowing the nature of the fiends who are using them.

At the same time we are working and growing here in the U.S.A., and our fellow Nazis are working in the other Western nations, we are doing what we legally can to prepare a Nazi movement in Russia, too. We have no desire to go and murder Russian White men, as we once went forth to murder our German brothers because we were told they were "enemies." We do have a burning desire to massacre the Bolshevik traitors to humanity who have turned the earth into a slaughter house in World War II for their own rotten and selfish ends and who now openly boast that they will "Bury us"! We are not ashamed to hate them whether they speak Russian, Yiddish, or English with a British accent like Mr. Acheson. And the way to see that they meet the fate they have earned is to help the Russian White men throw off the tyrants – not hate the Russian people, as we are being taught. Sure they are ignorant and perhaps hateful to us now, but so are many sincere "liberals" right here in this country. They are like poisoned children who vomit on the living-room rug. Who can curse and hate them for being poisoned, knowing the cunning and infinitely devilish genius of the poisoners?

In the 1920's, the Jews thought they had everything going their way and they did. The Western world was burning itself up in a wild and immoral orgy of speculation, sex, jazz, crazy fashions, idiot pastimes, poisonous negroid "culture" and all the rest of the Jewish arsenal of destruction of the racial will to survive. Our intellectuals flocked to the red banners and our literature, for the time, is almost openly Communist. In Germany, the Jews were arrogantly and openly Communist with seven million red hoodlums marching and beating people up in the streets of Germany and figured they had it made. Germany was to be the hub of their world revolution, and they almost succeeded. But, as is happening in the U.S.A. now, their vicious attack forced the rise of a counter force from among the people itself – Adolf Hitler. At the very last minute, the despised and persecuted Nazis rose up and smote the traitors down.

Today, the Jews are doing all over this earth exactly what they did in Germany – the same wild orgy, the same mad speculation and spending, the same build-up of Communism, the same immorality and pornography, the same wild crime-waves, even the same fashions. We are rapidly approaching the point of total decadence and confusion which is the planned prelude to red revolution.

Perhaps most deadly of all, this time the Jews, with their Communism and "democracy," have inflamed almost the whole of Africa, South America, India and Asia with savage and mutinous rebellion by the colored swarms of the planet against the White man – and therefore against civilization which is the product of White ideals and genius. If this frightful mutiny were eventually to succeed, as it is doing by leaps and bounds, the result would not be paradise for the colored races who would overwhelm and run riot over the Whites. The result would be the same regression to savagery and squalor which has taken place every time the White man has been driven out of negroid areas such as Haiti.

The reason that America is mecca for the world is not that it is richer in resources and wealth. South America is infinitely richer in natural wealth, but is nevertheless sunk in squalor and typical, unstable, tyrannical "Latin-American"-style revolutions and mustachioed musical-comedy type "leaders." Only as the population becomes WHITER, as in Argentina and Uruguay, does the civilization become more idealistic and orderly.

The soft-headed "liberals" who are so hell-bent to hand civilization on a platter to pygmies and cannibals fail to comprehend that the very ideals which motivate them and which they worship, depend for their existence in this world on the White Race, and that their efforts at equality will not only not help the inferior races, but will operate exactly like taking the parents away from helpless and innocent children. The results of withdrawing White domination in savage Africa are already apparent and will soon become catastrophic. As the colored mutiny is spread by the Jewish "democrats" and Marxists, the White Man will not find the colored races raised up to his level of civilization and the ideals which can maintain civilization, but rather his own civilization and ideals will be pulled down toward the level of the savages and finally obliterated in a roaring black flood, as we are witnessing in bloody Africa – and New York's Harlem – today!

But, again, just as in Germany in the '20's, these villains have driven into existence a counter force. In the '20's it was local – in Germany, Italy and Spain.

But today, as they again approach the same crucial moment of their seizure of world power – they are not faced by only one little isolated nation which woke up. Like the sorcerer's apprentice, they have chopped the "broom" which they couldn't stop all to pieces – and now the pieces are coming to life.

An almost imperceptible quiver here ... A little movement there ... A few swastikas smeared on a Jew wall ... A high school group in Kansas meeting by candlelight underneath the leaders picture! The Horst Wessel song in hoarse, choked voices in a tavern in Berlin! The British Spearhead fighters rushing the platform and smashing up a meeting of red traitors in London! The fighters of the Rikspartiet in Sweden and Norway attacking Jewish Communist traitors in Stockholm and Oslo! The prime minister of South Africa warning the Jews publicly that he will not tolerate anymore of their open and infamous revolutionary racial agitation!... A police official in a great city privately confiding that most of the department understands at last what we are trying to do, and is all for us!

Japanese Nazis fighting bloody battles with the arrogant, snake-dancing reds set up with the encouragement of our own State Department! ... A"swastika flag flying from a fraternity house in Maryland! ... The sound of Nazi drums and marching boots in Cologne, before the brave ones and their swastika banners are thrown into the Jew dungeons ... The holy light reflected in the candle's gleam from the shining eyes of a boy from Texas as he is sworn in at Headquarters as a new storm-trooper for the White Race! ... The little swastika pennants fluttering from the taxicabs in Mexico City! ... The reverent, secret meeting of the faithful in Argentina! ... The sacred "Blutfahne" ("Blood flag") of Adolf Hitler, lovingly folded in a safe deposit box in Chile, awaiting the Great Day!... The young Icelandic Nazis, marching in the grey and drizzling streets of Reykjavik to the graves of Nazi pilots with their swastika banners flying bravely! ... The roaring, defiant voices of forty young American Nazis marching under the Swastika to speak in Washington, D.C.!... "We march and fight, to death or on to victory! Our might is right! No traitor shall prevail"... the glorious red-white-and-black banner of the White Man whipping and snapping in the wind beside the Stars and Strips as we march in defiance of the screaming hate-contorted Jew terrorists!

From all over this planet the little movements are gathering, the courageous little bands of persecuted heroes are joining up! The defiant ones of the Hitler jugend lift their bloodied heads again and again under the blows of the Jews and their toadies. A Nazi will not die! Die Fahne Hoch! Die Reihen Fest Geschlossen!

The sound of their brave singing is heard! We are coming, brave comrades!

Your White Aryan brothers in England, Sweden, Nigeria, Iceland, America, South Africa, Italy, France, Denmark, Argentina – EVERYWHERE – hear you! We are COMING! MARCHING! FIGHTING! The Great Day of JUSTICE DRAWS NIGH!

THIS TIME the traitors will not be able to find any group of White Men anywhere who will listen to their lies and go and murder the Jews' enemies for them. There will be no place to place to start their eternal game of friendly subversion of their unsuspecting place to generate their infernal hates and fratricidal wars ... no place to set up their anvil of capitalist exploitation and their hammer of Communist revolution and slaughter.

THIS TIME the traitors will have only one place left in which they can at last find respite from the insane hate-monster which has been eating out their diseased hearts for six thousand years! ... And we shall provide that final solace. With deadly, incredible irony, fate is now repeating what happened in Germany – on a world – wide scale!

THIS TIME we shall not be soft-hearted and gentle like the Great Man who refused to use his tanks to slaughter the helpless British at Dunkirk because he believed even Churchill had some honor and loyalty to Britain and the White Race left.

THIS TIME we shall not be content with "minding our own business" here while the Jews stir up another, world war to wash us away in oceans of irreplaceable White blood!

THIS TIME we shall not permit traitors to "escape" so that they can move in and betray them as the German Communist Jews did to America. None shall pass or escape retribution, not one!

THIS TIME we shall not put our faith in anything or anybody but ourselves, and our unshakable will, impelled onward by an inscrutable destiny which has already demonstrated its determination to resurrect the good whenever it is crucified by evil, as it is now all over the wretched planet.

THIS TIME we shall not rest nor lower our arm until the very last human rat and red snake is beaten to death, no matter how they squirm and crawl from pole to pole or from mountain top to jungle swamp!

THE LAST TIME our leader showed the way to victory in one single area of the earth. "Today Germany!" he predicted "TOMORROW THE WORLD!!"

Now it is TOMORROW! Now is the time, White Men!